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OpenXcom Extended / OXCE for iOS - IPA download & 3rd party app store
« on: June 13, 2020, 09:48:03 pm »
I’ve found a good third party app store and signing service. I’ve built the latest version and it’s hosted at the link below, OpenXcom be found once you sign up.

Also there's a free service where you install software on your home PC and your phone checks in with it and it signs apps on your device every 7 days.

Latest IPA can be found on GitHub at the link below if you want to sign yourself or use another service. I’ll try and keep pace with the latest official releases.

Mods can be a little tricky to get to working because many use GIF files as assets and apparently there is some bonk with Apple OS’s and GIF’s. Converting the mods to use PNG’s is easy enough and I’ve done a few of the popular ones already. I’ll post my method soon.

Big thanks to sfalexrog & Meridian for their good work bringing OpenXcom and Extended to iOS.



Hello all.

I've been working with a third party app store to bring OpenXcom to their platform. Thanks to a port by Sfalexrog found at I've been able to build and get it hosted there. I believe they use enterprise certificates to sign and install the apps, which Apple may crack down upon soon due to Facebook and Google naughtyness recently. You need to sign up and pay around $10 every year to use the store. They offer many other good emulators and apps so worth the money.

OpenXcom isn't listed on thier main app listing but can be found at the link below. Should work for iOS 8 and up. I've tested it on an iPhone 6 & 7, can't make any promises for other devices but should work well. Some mods work, I can share the ones I've tried. Some mods have graphical issues. This port is based on 0.9.

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