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Work In Progress / Doom mod - IDT community Project
« on: September 27, 2019, 02:46:15 pm »
So im not really working on this, hell im not even the biggest Doom fan ( i do like Classic doom but not any of the remakes). Anyway, this was a mod from someone named Uncy and i found it on one of my old HDD, i believe it was originally posted on the stratergycore site.

The sprites had issues and couldnt be loaded but Kevl came to the rescue and got me this far ( see image below, still have demon and lost soul to fix), i have started bringing these into OXC and i am only working on it really as a distraction from my other 2 projects :)

Anyway, i have this flagged as a community mod,A few of the other members from the IDT community have contributed some items or offered some help on this to but done expect it to be completed anytime soon as we are all busy :) I would like to do some Doom Mapsets, perhaps early next year, we will see.

Help / Learning to Mod
« on: August 25, 2019, 12:53:45 pm »
Hello All,
 Not sure if its PIN worthy, but i have been updating some of my old How TO guides for OXC to reflect the changes made over the past 5 years.

I will continue to update these over the coming months in the hopes of  encouraging more players to try there hands at modding. Also to any other experienced modders, if you feel like you want to contribute something to these notes, please feel free to let me know, also if you see anything that is wrong, please PM me and we can fix it :)


OpenXcom Extended / Request - Interception window, Button that shows UFO
« on: August 14, 2019, 01:29:05 pm »
Any chance we can get the pop-up box that shows what UFO you are fighting to allow some larger images? I wanted to use Mapview images as the UFO here ( to save me trying to draw the Front views of the ufos) but when i scale them down small enough to fit into this window it looks like crap.

Now below is a Example of what i am after ( and yes i know i shouldnt of used the TFTD UFO as the example as it already has correct images from TFTD but i was simply testing a Larger UFO in this tiny box, trying to see how crap it will look....and it looks very crap :) )

Request   - can we use end of month payment to issue items/units to xcom. My goal is to provide x amount of units or weapons based upon score (note the calculations for x and thr types of units and or weapons i would  like editable and dependent upon some research items)

Most likely in the too hard basket but i thought i would lf ask :P

Help / Fun with Scripts
« on: January 23, 2019, 07:17:02 am »
 So its pretty clear i have no idea what i am doing with script ( see below) but even if i get the LOGIC right, how do i link it to a specific unit type/ sprite? Perhaps i should say, how do i get the game to call and trigger the script, i must need to link it to something else in my rulesets right?

Code: [Select]
#*** Update units Health Bar graphic for each player unit***
      - offset: 1
        code: |
          # var int frame;
          # var int frameLength;
          # var int recolorPeriod;
          # var int desync;
          var int color;
          Var int HealthValue # see current health value
          Var int MaxHealth # See Max Health Value
          Var int HealthPercentage # Hold Percentage of Health values
          Var int ColourOrange; # Mid Health
          Var int ColourRed;  #low health
          Var int colorToReplace # how do i select this?
          var int newShade;
          var int temp;
          # var ptr RuleArmor armorRuleset;
          var int hpDamageDone;

          if hpDamageDone;
          unit.getTag Maxhealth =getHealthMax;
          unit.getTag HealthValue =getHealthMax;
          HealthPercentage = ( HealthValue/MaxHealth ) * 100

            if HealthPercentage <30;

            #turn RED
              get_color colorToReplace
              set_color ColourRed
              return new_pixel;

            else if HealthPecentage >30 AND <70;

            #turn ORANGE
              get_color colorToReplace
              set_color ColourOrange
              return new_pixel;



Resources / Alien Stats - in Excel
« on: January 04, 2019, 10:13:13 am »
 Has anyone taken the time and made a spreadsheet of all the alien unit stats in a excel spreadsheet? Going to need it soon and would like to avoid doing something twice if i can.


Help / Globe Terrain info
« on: January 01, 2019, 02:23:47 pm »
 Has someone got a link to a Ufopedia article or a forum post about modifying the world terrain, wondering if there are still limits on number of differnt terrain items and the sprites used to Texture them? I did a quick search but didnt find what i was after.

OpenXcom Extended / [Requests & Guidance] OXC - Factions
« on: January 01, 2019, 09:42:54 am »
Hello, 6 points i would like some feedback on:

1) - Can we have a way to force Aliens to pickup weapons if they dont have one (My Zombie problem)

2) - If i have several Factions in the ruleset, can we have the game pick X amount of factions randomly ( but perhaps with some groupings to ensure correct mix) to bring in game when "New game" is started OR am i best to create each faction as a separate ruleset and and have the player turn on which Factions he wants to fight ( obviously if the game does it, the player wont know who he is up against so this would create a different game every time)

3) - Sell Price,  Can we have adjust the Sell Price based upon difficulty level selected EG: Beginner - you sell everything at Sale price listed in ruleset * 1.4, on  Ironman mode you sell everything at price listed in Ruleset *0.4.

4) Linked to above question, can we vary the prices of items each month for both buy and sell By setting a price Range, each month the black market would change thus affecting your buy/sell prices

5) as per the below ancient post from Warboy1982, can we add a 4th group that is hostile to both Xcom and Aliens at the same time:,280.105.html  - Note: if point 6 ever go implimeted, this could change how this group works on a mission by mission basis.

6) Could some basic diplomacy function be implemented into the game so factions can track scores ( separately to council) and either align them selves with my faction or leave my faction? also some factions would need to HATE another faction so if i align with Faction A i can never align with Faction B or vice versa. Was hoping to have a separate button in Basescape where this could be modified instead of controlling this with research.

After many years of doing odds and ends, this will be my first Total Conversion ( maybe Total Conversion is the wrong words as you will see below), OXC Factions is an idea i have been thinking about since 2013 when i started making my first recoloured aliens and Civilians with Guns,until now, i was unsure as to how i would pull  it all together without upsetting people by breaking the X-com Lore but with inspiration from StarTrek, its actually really easy, this is a alternate timeline/dimension where the aliens won the war ( see Easy, if StarTrek can do it, so can X-com) :P I was going to keep this secret until i at least had all new maps built but its quickly becoming a bigger job than i realised and i may need help from the community moving forward, so lets go public.

Aims of OXC-Factions:
  • To borrow assets from TFTD and merge with Xcom in a new time period both above and below water
  • To be able to play with some alien units as part of your squad ( and eventually have a separate ruleset to play as a alien faction or Human factions)
  • To expand the game for replay-ability but still try to keep it as simple as possible for new players .

General Story line (its kinda rough at the moment as i am a mapbuilder, not a story teller but i am sure you guys will help me shape  the story as i progress):
During the First war, the Aliens noticed Xcom had adapted their technology to use against them and signalled for aid from T'leth. Forced to fight on two fronts, Xcom was eventually overrun and the Aliens took over the earth. Once in control they destroyed all major cities, rounded up and enslaved as many humans as they could find & started their Terra-forming activities on the earth. 50 years on ( give or take) the aliens loose all contact with Cydonia and any vessel they send to investigate is never heard from again. Without the orders of the Brain, the Aliens start fighting amounts them selves and form separate factions, each thinking it is there time time to rule the Solar System. In the ensuing chaos, a small group of humans rise up to liberate themselves from Alien Rule.

Note: i actually wanted this to be a Open game with each faction a separate AI fighting with each other over Geoscape and forming Alliances via screen (similar to Apoc just simplified) but without major code re-writes that can not happen, as such i will build what i can into the exisiting system and see how close i can make it feel.

0.1 - Create basic game for testing of new mapblocks ( i have Import most of the TFTD aliens,ships & weapons  but am having issues working out what sound is used for what and fixed it, if your a TFTD expert and want to help let me know)
0.2 - Create trial MCD & Map sets for each new map type ( lots of NEW alien Cities, Bases and new map concepts). Also Create new Geoscape World with Lower sea level, wreckage from first war ( downed craft,  Nuke waste land, destroyed cities ETC) & Alien Forests.
0.3 - Working out which aliens are part of which factions ( and which factions have Human Allies), and how many new sprites i need to create or borrow from others
0.4 - Finish building all maps ( including any Faction specific terrain & new Xcom Base layout) and create "Luke Expanded USO" for TFTD ships ( this will be 6 months work here at least).
0.5 - cleanup Rulesets and workout best layout ot move forward that allows future expansion of the mod with new Factions,weapons & craft.
0.6 - start building mission scripts
0.7 - Work on game Balance and Bug Fixes
0.8 - Research Tree & UFOPedia
0.9 - Bring in END game faction
1.0 - playable Mod
2.0 will have a separate rule file for a "Play as Aliens" option, including new Base and Missions.

Active Contributors:

OXC Factions also has a Channel on the IDT Discord server, please check it out below:

Help / Mapblock size rules
« on: December 28, 2018, 05:08:13 pm »
So for mapblocks sizes, i have always stuck to units of 10, can someone confirm if this is a set rule or more of a general standard?

I ask i want to rework my xcom base but blocks of 10x10 dont give a lot of room for creativity and making each square 20x20 is a little excessive so was wondering if something in the middle would cause issues.

Also can anyone confirn, will the gane accept the larger map blocks for xcom base defence mission or is it locked to 10x10?

Suggestions / Mixing up the BASE
« on: December 19, 2018, 06:14:38 pm »
Hey just want to make a Suggestion,
 I would love to have a option to increase the size of the Base from its current size to at least 8x8 ( or 10x10). I would also like the option to have some blocks on baes build be un-usable ( so you can never build a base item there).

this would force me to finally use some different base layouts & i would be able to add hallway blocks to the game to mix in with my Security blocks for better Defence/layouts.

Help / Custom Animation Scripts
« on: December 16, 2018, 12:31:42 am »
 So is it possible to create custom animation scripts in OXC?  Or would this be a case of i would need to build it and then  harass/beg/bribe a programmer to add another entry "drawingRoutine" :P

Help / Read all UFOPEDIA articles
« on: December 14, 2018, 08:36:14 am »
So i need a refresher on some Xcom Lore, whats the easiest way to be able to review any data that i want?

Resources / unit sprite help
« on: December 08, 2018, 04:14:57 am »
Hey, i have a several unit sprites from 2012 that i need to update to PNG with working pallets, can someone make  or link me to a tutorial on how to do this with Irfranview  or  Asprite, would love a OXC specific tutorial if its possible not a generic online one :P.

Trying to move away from GIMP due to pallet issues BUT dont have the spare cash for Photoshop :) 

Help / Instant Battle Options
« on: December 08, 2018, 03:46:24 am »
Is there a Ruleset somewhere to configure the Instant Battle screen? I deleted the Soldiers from my OXC game via a mod i am playing with  and now i cant use instant battles at all as i can only see TANKS, i just want to add my new units to instant battle.

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