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I was wondering if the stock mods included in the base OpenXcom package (such as "Aliens pick up weapons", "Xcomutil: Improved heavy laser" and so on) could have language support added for them and be included in Transifex?

Sorry, if this has been discussed elsewhere already.

Translations / No string for '$1000's' in Transifex
« on: March 19, 2016, 11:26:21 am »
I noticed while testing my translation, that the "$1000's" text that appears above the graphs isn't in Transifex. Could it be added, please? :)

Translations / Soft hyphens
« on: March 18, 2016, 09:48:37 pm »
Would it be possible to add support for conditional hyphenation? A case in point would be screenshot1, which is the Ufopedia entry on the Gauss Rifle in Finnish. As you can see, the third row has very little text because the word on the fourth row (twin particle accelerators in Finnish) ;D can't fit on the same row, resulting in aesthetically very unpleasant layout.

But I wouldn't ask about this if it was only about the aesthetics, but this inefficient use of text space becomes a problem in longer Ufopedia entries, such as on the Medi-kit (screenshot2). I was only able to fit in the text after I had simplified the translation and adding a couple of hyphens on the words 'haavoja' and 'tajuttoman' (on rows 5 and 11 respectively) by typing 'haavo-ja' and 'tajut-toman' in Transifex.

Now even this won't be a terrible problem, as long as in the later builds there will be no adjustments in the Ufopedia text box dimensions. But that is a completely unreasonable requirement. As soon as adjustments occur in the text boxes, the layouts for these manually hyphenated texts will go out of whack, where in this case 'haavo-ja' and 'tajut-toman' appear completely stupid.

So, if it's not too much trouble, would it be possible to add conditional hyphenation, where OpenXcom will recognize a certain symbol in Transifex as a conditional hyphen that will only be added ingame, if the particular word won't fit at the end of the row? In this case I'd type 'haavo{chyphen}ja' and 'tajut{chyphen}toman' in Transifex, or whatever symbol we choose to use (just like there are things like {newline} and whatnot).

I know that this may not be a big problem in English, for example, with many short words, and where compound words have spaces in them, unlike in Finnish, where 'post office' would be written in the style of 'postoffice' with no space between the component words. Just look at screenshot1 again with the Finnish equivalent of the twin particle accelerators and you can see how that can be a problem. ;)

EDIT: Hmm, maybe I should have posted this in the troubleshooting section instead, or something. Maybe a mod could help me out with that? ;)

EDIT 21.3.2016: And maaaaybe I should have checked Wikipedia first before coming up with the original thread name "Conditional hyphenation". In Wikipedia conditional hyphens are called soft hyphens, so I renamed the thread to "Soft hyphens". You can read more about them on Wikipedia:

Troubleshooting / Line breaks in long strings
« on: May 15, 2014, 08:17:23 am »

I have a little suggestion to improve the aesthetics of line breaks in long strings. The problem is that when OpenXcom makes a line break in a long string, it adds the space to the new line instead of the previous line (see pictures) creating an unnecessary indentation. It's not that common in the English version, but a bit more common in the Finnish translation for the strings to wrap to another line, so it would be nice if someone had the time to fix the line breaking rules to include the space at the end of the word preceding the line break.

Thanks a lot for your great work on this marvellous gem, guys! :D

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