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The X-Com Files / German Translation at 100%
« on: August 27, 2021, 03:45:42 pm »
The German translation of the X-Com Files on Transifex is now at 100% (Unreviewed)! I assume this means the next update will have that translation (minus, of course, the strings changed in that update) but I don't know how it works on the dev end. I may be able to whip up a language file before that if anybody is interested.

I think I translated just under 5000 of the 7724 strings, but of course I used the X-Com, TFTD and Final Mod Pack strings where applicable. Thanks to all the other participants!

This doesn't mean the translation is really done, of course. Given that I didn't have a proofreader there are going to be typos, inconsistencies, grammar errors and word errors in there. Some of the translations, especially those I did while sick, read extremely stilted and overly close to the original. Some texts are probably too long for their windows. And then there are the exciting new changes with every update... Feel free to correct any of those on Transifex, or simply message me! I was planning on replaying XCF to find the errors, but I don't think I will have the time to start finish a playthrough over the next months.

I would like some input from German-speakers on a couple questions...
Wie übersetzt man Red Dawn? "Rote Morgenröte" is pleonastisch doppelt gemoppelt. Den englischen Namen will ich für eine Post-Sowjet-Organisation aber nicht stehenlassen.

Ich habe "Smart-"(gun) weitgehend mit "Digital-"(waffe) übersetzt. Einwände? Bessere Vorschläge? Meine Abneigung gegen das Wort "smart" ist vielleicht zu stark.

Der Spieler wird mit "Sie" angesprochen, da fast alle intra-diegetischen Texte entweder in einem "beamtlichen" Berichtsstil verfasst sind, oder von para-militärischen Untergebenen. Sollten die extra-diegetischen Texte (Anleitungen etc) den Spieler duzen?

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