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Open Feedback / UFO interception questions
« on: September 07, 2020, 10:10:21 pm »
Hello. Long time X-Com player here. Wondering about a few things:

1. What all goes into deciding whether a UFO gets away during interception? It seems like all x-com craft always close in to combat range at the same rate regardless of the x-com craft's speed, regardless of the UFO's current speed on the map, and that UFOs then simply escape at a semi-random time. What factors go into this?

2. Is there any good way to guess whether a UFO will land or not? Sometimes I see UFOs slow down and stay very low but never land. Obviously assaulting intact UFOs is preferred but its quite annoying when you let one get away because you were waiting for a landing. Is there any giveaway that a UFO is on a mission that involves landing vs. just scanning around?

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