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Suggestions / Option: Disabled vessel rearm notifications
« on: February 04, 2019, 07:34:23 am »
Hi! Some megamods like X-Piratez allow to use up to x4 cannon firearms  in the vessel, which presumes the huge load of ammo.
The manufacturing process of the latter is on the low priority, thus I suggest the new option:
- disable vessel rearm notifications (YES|NO).

Example: while manufacturing, if there is insufficient ammo, a pop-up engages for the each slot, every time the single pack of ammo produced. That means up to 99 notifications in a row for a empty aircraft equipped with 4 cannons with 250 ammo each, while production unit is x50 ammo.

UPD Sorry not actually 99, less, since some slots are fulfilled

Suggestions / The zombie-cryssalid transformation delay suggestion
« on: January 21, 2019, 07:47:27 pm »
There is a sense that the zombie-cryssaid transformation should take some time. Not 5 minutes, which I suppose are equal to 20-30 turns, but for 1-2 turns for sure. That would allow, at least, the hellerium blood *infection* to make one-two circles through the blood channels of the organism.

And a zombie-chrysalis could die not hatched if killed within these 1-2 turns.
Even with some random or increasing chance of actual transformation with each following turn.

What would you say?

Had dozens of friendly fire overkills by the rocketeers due to the reaction fire.
May I suggest make a RL reaction fire optionable?

While basically to allocate engineers and scientists (E&S) you have to click on the project and set the amount, with tech and staff increment it becomes a little time consuming.

I suggest a mouse scroll E&S redistribution within the first window, at the mouse point.
This would allow the fast micromanagement.

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