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Work In Progress / Badfella's Guns, Pillows, and Soldiers of Fortune
« on: August 19, 2018, 01:52:10 am »
Hiya. I've been working like a madman on sprites lately, and tinkering with my own little mod, so I figured I should make a thread about it. For now I'm still learning how everything works, so while I'll post updates about functional stuff, this is mostly going to be a sprite dump until I have something worth releasing.

Most of my current spritework is for a mod idea I've had called SOFCOM, or Soldiers of Fortune Command. I don't want to hype it up so I won't say much about what it may or may not have, but the general gist of it is that you'll be operating a newly-founded Private Military Corporation in the early 80's, doing dirty jobs for various world powers in exchange for money and hardware, with the option to either be a good little PMC with a sterling service record, or become the Biggest Boss and start your own little Outer Heaven.

This is probably a little controversial because I completely re-jiggered the proportions of our much-loved XCOM Soldiers. They were just a bit too cartoony for my tastes, so I slimmed them down a bit and dropped their groin a little bit so they would look less like action figures. I've posted our classic hero as a comparison.

With that out of the way, I've been fleshing out different variants upon a basic armor. One of my plans for SOFCOM is to have multi-purpose types of armor divided into Light, Medium, and Heavy categories, with three subsets for each.

Here's an example of the Light Armor category, which is ingame and functional now. In addition to being a visual change, each subtype has its own weight and inventory slot layout, reflecting the capabilities of the equipment.

From top left to bottom right, there is the regular un-augmented jumpsuit, which every fresh recruit comes with. Then there are the Basic kit, which extends the belt inventory with no real frills other than a bit more protection due to the helmet. Next is the recon loadout, which is light, has a lot of inventory space, and actually has a slight negative weight modifier (to reflect better balancing of kit) and thus lets you make the most of your inventory space. The tradeoff is a lack of protection. The last subtype is the Light Armor kit, which weighs quite a bit but provides decent protection in the form of a flak jacket and helmet.

I've got 21 different head variants so far (with heads mostly sourced from existing mods, and a few tweaks), with more planned after I work out the female body type for light armor. I'll post progress as they come along.

Next to that, I've got a few guns. A PPS-43-esque submachine gun and an M72 LAW, both of which are currently functional as well. The Ps-43 (as it's shortened to ingame) is a small pistol-caliber SMG that fits in a 1x2 slot, has a 35 round mag, and is light enough to be carried by airborne troops and compact enough for anything involving close quarters. The LAW is a 1x2 slot one-shot rocket tube that has no real blast radius, but is useful for mouse-holing through walls and punching toughened enemies in the face with a dose of concentrated HE. At last, an anti-HWP weapon that won't level a city block, that you can carry in bulk.

And here's WEEBCOM, which is my first mod and lets you sell hugging pillows to the unwashed masses.

I'll post more sprites as I make them. If you see anything you like, feel free to ask for the properly-sized files and I'll send them your way. Let me know what you think!

Released Mods / WEEBCOM: Dakimakuras
« on: August 17, 2018, 11:43:15 pm »
Due to a terrible mistake my original thread got deleted.

WEEBCOM adds a new research to the tech tree available right at the start: Merchandising. With it, you'll finally be able to embrace capitalism, and mass-produce dakimakuras (or hugging pillows, as some know them) to sell to the desperate otaku of Earth, and fund your paramilitary enterprises. The initial pillow you can manufacture isn't particularly valuable, but as you develop new armor and capture live alien specimens, your list of products will grow. And then you can promptly drop them once you research laser cannons and sell those instead. But for now, think of it as early income, letting you make some pocket change through the power of sweatshop labor so you can afford some extra ammunition and shiny new guns. They also have a mild painkiller effect on the Battlescape, allowing you to rub them against your traumatized rookies to restore their morale.

External Download Link:!To0yESYK!CdtRcHacSHim6yFV_scsIG3eDoXXx9x-WCJ_B0EOElY

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