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Suggestions / Please add a warning, that there is no more space on HDD
« on: September 25, 2018, 01:29:33 am »
Today I experienced plethora of strange errors with Open Xcom, and I was writing lenghty post about them, when I had EUREKA moment and I checked HDD - no more free space. So I purged 12 Gigs of old Piratez saves  ;) and I have request - please add a warning that there is not enough space on HDD to make savefile, or at least show on load/save screen, how much there is free space.     

In case someone is interested, here are symptoms, what happens when you don't have space on HDD:

1. Game starts in windowed mode, most (but not all) of your settings from options menu is restored to default.
2. List of items for autoselling after mission is cleared.
3. Game no longer takes screenshots.
4. Save files are incomplete and/or corrupted. They don't load at all, showing strange and cryptic error messages, or they load, but, for example from 8 your bases only 2 are still standing.         

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