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OpenXcom Extended / Cumulative damage effects on UFOs?
« on: July 20, 2018, 08:33:41 pm »
I was wandering if it possible to have cumulative damage effects for UFOs?


- I attack a UFO-1 with Interceptor-1 and deals XX amount of damage to UFO-1.
- Interceptor-1 is outrun by UFO-1 and returns to base for repairs but Interceptor-2 soon afterwards engages UFO-1.
- For Interceptor-2 I assume it is easier to down UFO-1 since it is already damaged and I also suppose UFO-1 is not able to "Repair" Mid air.


1) Can this damage on UFO-1 be complemented with some modifiers like:
- UFO-1 is slower based on the damage/location of damage taken?
- UFO-1 has reduced accuracy because of damage taken?

It would be awesome if, even if we don't manage to down a UFO, we can at least slow it down enough so that our slower crafts have a chance to intercept it.

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