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OXCE Support / Alien side
« on: March 28, 2023, 05:08:58 am »
There is a little snag with Chryssalids. If I use **zombieUnit:** it creates an enemy zombie, and after the zombie dies it becomes an enemy Chryssalid, but it works fine. The Chrissalid is under the control of the player, like all other aliens. This is the alien side. If I use **spawnUnit:** then everything is fine except that it creates a new zombie after every attack, it also hits the tank 3 times before destroying it once, but it creates 2 zombies from the tank. Sometimes it also creates 2-3 zombies from the unit before it kills it.
**spawnUnitFaction: 0**- this pairs well with **spawnUnit**. Does **zombieUnit** happen to have a similar counterpart?

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