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Open Feedback / Hello and a few questions.
« on: March 15, 2018, 11:13:11 am »
Hi my name is Lord_Kane and I am new to X-COM and OpenX-Com.

I was aware of X-com growing up, but never got into it till I played (and was rather oddly disapointed with) XCOM: Enemy Unknown[2012]

I have a few questions relating to OpenXcom (and possibly more)

1. How playable is Enemy Unknown? what do you recommend? 1.0 or the Nightlies? (I went with the nightlies as 1.0 seems out of date)

2. Is TFTD generally completable with the nightlies?

3. how bug free is Enemy Unknown with OpenXcom

4. how bug free is Terror from the deep with openxcom?

Or I should just wait and use my GOG dosbox copies in the mean time?

Thank you for all your answers. 

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