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The X-Com Files / Save editing: missions
« on: November 28, 2017, 07:11:46 pm »
There's a serious bug afflicting me. It triggers when I load any save with a modded alien race UFO. Upon loading saves they switch to Chtonite. Such as the Diplomatic golden Envy ship.
Or this Reptoid Base influx. Load Geo 9 save and two or more scouts spawn, and then either still in the air or crashed saves afterwards will turn the alien race to Chtonite.
This vanilla Sectoid Battleship loads just fine.

It's hard to notice unless like the Golden ship I wanted to see all the bonus weapons and when multiple UFOs attack at once like during bases. Currently only marathon beating all the UFOs all in a row without reloading or manually editing the save after engaging the Battlescape changing each individual alien.

During the last two months I've edited some extra exciting missions over ones I've done already so that might be confusing which race should be the one for which UFO; but that doesn't explain the Diplomatic Golden ship that should only have the Ethereal Order crew unlike for base and terror missions.

Thank you for this great mod and all the effort and hard work to improve it.

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