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Hi guys,

1. I have a problem with the Combat Uniform Armor mod on a mac - I managed to overcome the bug preventing the game from starting, but after installing the mod the characters wearing the modded armors are not displayed on the inventory screen/during the battle (empty space/only the gun is visible). Characters without the modded armor look fine.

I've tried different things, the files are in proper locations (in Resources/ and Ruleset/ dirs, no errors when running) and nothing seems to work.

2. I have another similar problem with the Armored Vest mod. I can't see the characters wearing the armored vest in the inventory screen, they're displayed fine during the battle, until they're killed (then they simply disappear). Seems like the problems are somehow related.

These are my favourite mods, and the problem seems to be mac related (file names? paths? something graphics related?), so any help would be much appreciated!

I'm using the latest nightly build that was posted in this section of the forum. Thank you for preparing it, by the way.

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