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I love XCOM & TftD and XCOM X-Files. Its so addictive and satisfying, but ONE thing that often ruins things for me, is the aliens mad love of grenades & explosives (and psionics, as I've recently discovered...).

1 well placed frag can guarantee a mission failure, which to me, is a bit too much. I think I've figured out the 'nade trigger: "If enemy sees player get closer than ~5m to other player, frag their asses", but this means you can never play as a squad (which is my fave playstyle, everyone close together, or split up into sub-teams...).

So I wanted to know if theres any mods out there that either make enemy grenades much less deadly than players, or completely disables enemies grenades ("but thats cheating!"... "I know!").

"All enemy eplosives have been confiscated" would be a 10/10 must have mod for me LOL. Also "Only XCOM can use Psionics"!

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