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Resources / Noyemi's Cutified X-Com Project/X-Cutes [Weapons/Paperdolls/ETC]
« on: September 05, 2017, 08:25:29 pm »
Hey all, Sup bothered me to work on art stuff to help modders with today, so I've made some Hand/Floor/Bigobs of some weapons to use in your mods at your leisure. Here's a list of the current complete stuff, with more on the way:

Spoiler Usage Terms:
Use them as you wish for your mods, games, etc. Credit isn't necessary but I'd appreciate it all the same!

X-Cutes fluff:

By the year 1998, the US government and NATO managed to perfect the long sought-after super soldier formula that would develop normal, trained individuals into finely tuned biological machines of extreme destructive capability. So capable in fact, that the XM411 auto-cannon and XM412 portable cannon were developed primarily to outfit these unusually strong and resilient troops. The kicker? Every operator administered the nutritional plan outlined by the super soldier program became more compact and cute as a result!

With the beginnings of an alien invasion on the horizon, the project was adapted into a worldwide supernational task force known as X-COM, though internal documentation refers to X-COM field personnel jokingly as X-Cutes or X-Cuties due to their smaller height and stouter dimensions (avg. 156cm height and an unusually heavy weight of 73kg on average). With a shortage of weapons to arm this new, compact little army of alien-busting cuties, the new commander of the X-COM project will have quite a task on their plate.



Bullpup Rifle-

Laser Rifle-

Rifle Magazine-

Pistol Magazine-

Large Rocket-

Small Rocket-

Female Undergarment/Base (Euro/Afro/Mix/Galwi)

Spoiler Female Vanilla:
Female Uniform/Coverall

Female Personal Armour

Spoiler Female Scanty:
Female Personal Armour

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