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Fan-Stuff / XcomFiles RPG Campaign (Using Dark Heresy 2nd Edition ruleset)
« on: September 17, 2021, 07:15:29 am »
   Hello everyone! I hope that this thread will not be in vain, but I feel that it would be entertaining for others, and perhaps useful as well, to share my campaign and player's progress in an XComFiles Styled Dark Heresy campaign.

   About a year ago I discovered XComFiles, an already avid player of Xpirates I was eager for a new an interesting challenge. I was not disappointed. Since that first game where I admittedly got to promotion II then got myself creamed by Sectoids, I was remined of an old game I tried to run. An Xcom Game using the Contact Tactical Alien Defense Role Playing Game.

   A little spoiler, Contact's ruleset is absolutely terrible and suffers from failure to properly translate from German. Sadly enough it took only one session between me and my players to realize that the system was at its center, unusable. Fortunately for the system it had a lot of good ideas, from world building to little subsystems like its fully usable Base Building, research, engineering mechanics, rules for dogs, AI, and even playable aliens! These things I kept.

   I then made efforts to convert the Dark Heresy 2E ruleset to an Xcom flavored setting. Dark heresy for those unaware is the inquisitor gamebook for Fantasy Flight Game's Warhammer 40k run of RPGs, using a d100 system set in the dark future of the 41st millennium.

   This conversion took a while as I had to build the weapons, the equipment, and item lists from scratch, translate the character generation to something that was in lore, and using crude methods of extraction, copy the UFOpedia from XcomFiles as best I could to cobble together encounters using entirely home brewed encounters (Until I discovered the wiki for Xcomfiles and felt really dumb). I took inspiration from the video game Mercenaries and have made a ranked hierarchy of officers for a faction for my party to fight against, or deal with as they see fight in the name of Omega and Earth.

   I don't know what I'm trying to accomplish with this thread, maybe I want suggestions, validation, or to be told its not worth my time and to leave you all alone. But perhaps its to have an audience outside of my gaming group of friends, and to share my homebrew resources with other enthusiast of tabletop gaming. If anyone has any request to see my work to use in their own campaigns, have questions, or perhaps just to tell me how much I suck at game mastering (Which by the way, I suck at a lot) feel free. I'll be happy to discuss and learn from others.

   Without further ado, This is Season 1, the prologue.

"Omega was formed in 1982 in response to a drastic uptick in cult activity, villages disappeared, politicians were assassinated, a 1,000% increase in strange creature sightings, and over a hundred confirmed UFO sightings. 

Omega's roots are in the OSS, on the Eastern front with intelligence sharing between Russia and America, including the deployment of a division of commandos. With their assistance, several vital, but downplayed engagements went splendidly for the Russians, resulting in an estimated million lives saved for the Russian war machine.

Since that day, a small but strong link has been forged between the east and west where vital but secret information was shared for everyone's betterment. One of those subjects was the supernatural and unexplained. In an atmosphere where a mistimed rocket launch could spell doom for earth, knowing when even the other side didn't know about an object could bring a deep sigh of relief.

Now, however, they take supernatural and cold cases, secretive even to the UN, answerable only to the security council and immediate circles. They have gained great political power after their warnings that disastrous political upheaval will strike the Soviet Union. Their words were prophetic, and as the smoke settles, the situation grows more grim.

You are a fresh recruit, taken in during a great influx of personnel to the rapidly growing organization."


XPiratez / Battle Stories
« on: January 13, 2018, 10:00:40 am »
So if any of you remember I asked about a possible thread with stories in it. People assumed I mean the GAME story, but I actually meant Battle stories, so this is just a fun little thread where you can describe that epic mission where your favored or most unfavored gal proceeds to win it for you after a hard fought battle, Doomguy style. Or when that incoming Space Ranger battleship is just BARELY shot down outside your main base where all your gals are convalescing. We all have these stories of triumph and failure, I encourage you to share.

Her name was Abyss Imp, we laughed at first when she was introduced, much to her.... hehheh, embarrassment. We gave her what we gave all our new gals at the time, a combat shotgun, a spare drum, a used combat vest, and a bandage. Very modest equipment for a gal with an insatiable lust for combat. A lust we often denied as she was the first in the skyranger and last off of it for the first few weeks. She was quiet, not unusually so, but looking back, one cannot help but see the signs. Then, she had her time, her time of unrelenting lust for battle and death.

It was one of our first times fighting these demons,a nd we came woefully unprepared, we were expecting a fight, a Mutant alliance call for help in a pogrom in Rogue Fields. Details had been unclear, all we knew, it was in a unusually clear warren of the mutant slums we saw them, screaming in pain and on fire, already the sun had set and the smoke choked air was more reminiscent of a ghouls den then the cool night air we were all familiar with. The Captain took a vote, will we save them? Can we against this unknown foe? We all thought it was another fire bombing by the humanists, so the ayes chorused out, as we were all eager to see them hang for their transgressions against kin however distant these mutants were.

And as we landed we saw them, at first we assumed it a humanist soldier, usually bulked out on the cheap steroids they often employed to their footsoldiers. indeed, the ratatatat of the nearby super shoot gun downed the being easily. But behind it as the smoke cleared and we secured out moor we saw different. The vomit inducing smell of them is now well known to me, even as I unbuckled my seat in the cockpit to join my sisters. I was next to her, and she had a smile I would soon know to be the crazed look I would associate her in full blood lust. Her shaved hair formed into a mohawk, her skin the color of tanned hide. And as we watched our sisters scream their battle cries and disembark from the SkyPirate already we heard one of our own fall with a shriek of pain.

The sound of fire, bursting near the Sky made the metal slightly hot to the touch, I was angered, for it was my child I had assembled by hand with the runts. And when we unloaded we beheld the carnage, in mere seconds we had spread out and engaged the enemy, and the panicked screams and shouts that met me was unfamiliar to the rowdy charge we were so familiar with. Already Brass Kaitlyn was tending to the wounded, her smoke streaked face covered in blood as well, her own midriff of her armor smoking and charred. That look of pain and terror upon the young lass she was operating on, I would never forget that, among the multitude of things I will sooner die than forget.

Abyss Imp, she was chanting firey platitudes, incensed and entering a frenzy I had hardly seen the woman ever enter before. And charging up an alley I saw the red coated imp unfurl a fireball right upon her. I feared for her, I had already seen a multitude of gals panick and drop their weapons at the intense heat and pain. Indeed, already I saw half and more of our landing party wounded or dead from flames and gunfire. She emerged screaming not in pain but in joy! And immediately a trio of shells were fired and the imp's body was ripped open and felled, then the gunner beside it as well.

Still aflame like a sentient torch, she cut down the firewall of foes who held up our first charge, and we rallied and escaped ot the main street, while she remained in the alleys, stalking the terrible foe in the warren and apartments. While we killed a handful of invisible pink demons saving but a couple of mutants, she had stormed a warehouse, felled its demonic inhabitants, and no longer alit kicked down the door of an apartment, and killing the brownback that had just finished murdering an innocent mutant, her gun was no longer supplied. throwing it away she recovered the creature's double barrel and on the stairwell, another brown and black back were found, receiving twin barrels of cackling laughter and blood soaked joy. Taking up the heavier armament she continued to clear the building with grenade and shotgun. hidden from view as we attempted to clear the last of resistance, the dark ones providing more than enough spirit, but their firepower found lacking even as we downed the last pink one with our SMGs and combat shotguns.

Abyss Imp was already finished by the time we had felled the last of them, our ammunition nearly spent suppressing the fearless foe. In her hand she held a hand cannon, the other the last of the clip she had scavenged. no longer laughing, and indeed no longer sane I thought she entered the SkyPirate and collapsed against the fold outs inside. No one harassed her awake after the fight. Indeed, when we returned to the hideout, the first request she made, with the slight curl of a smile, was to use a weapon that would sooner fail than run dry in battle. Given a newly freed super shooty gun, the smile that graced her face was one that would grace the battlefield as he lead the charge every time we met the dark ones in battle. While they held no fear, they all learned to respect her twin cacking barrels of fire.

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