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XPiratez / Disruptive transmission mission
« on: July 29, 2017, 01:33:30 am »
How to beat this mission? Is it worth to try made it as fast as possible? So I start second playthrough after the first one was failure for some reasons with one was that mission. I sended my two best gals in interceptor only to find out them in some crappy cocoon without proper weapon. One move in any direction resulted death by some robots who I couldn't see or even shoot.
I learned over my mistakes in second playthrough and I rushed research so I achieved codex before having more than starting airbus and before first enemy base assault. Does this mission active but not resolved will significantly lower my infamy and research speed?

I very like the idea of space missions, but that was so unfair.

By the way. I love this mode so much! I don't even think about playing something else. Lore, graphics and game mechanics are just wonderfull.

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