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[topic 1: My TripleA (Axis&Allies) shots (My first time playing it this year)

in the mood, but staying out of the forums for a reason.
[topic 2: Improving and learning my English for reasons only.  :-\)
tbf (to be fair); i am going to be occasionally learning, but improving my English (Note i'm an American/US person IRL, not a JP-p born in Japan 21 years ago FYI. -.-) with books and stuff because i asked hellrazor about this via PM reply, well i told him to ignore it/them for reasons only, but he did once a while. 😕
Turns out everyone's on OXCF including @Solarius Scorch are right about my posts being garbage and spammy (which hurted everyone's feelings on there. + the 10-attachment limit sh*t  :-[ ) compared to my life being a garbaged piece of crap from SPORE-less - to - desktopless impatience crap tmo (to my opinion).

Nevertheless, i will preferably come back to OXCF notably May or/nor November (if i have the rights do them) after i have notepad (txt or other) files that have copyable to pasteable English words (word example: ought, absolute, or "something else" rather? 🤔) that everyone or my books uses to anything that might contain good or normal or bad examples (online) if i know mistakenly. 🤔

Note to @all: this is my first post for today of this month (February), i like to make 2 topics on the Offtopic board, but i decided to put 2 (of them) in 1 instead to make it not spam-ish.
don't get me wrong unless i have a right to do so.
remember that i'm still fired from OXCF by Solarius last week (jan 26) meaning i have to stay out of the forums until May or November permanently.  :-\
let this new topic/post for today be garbage for reason only then

thank you


before i get indefinitely permabanned from the forums at somepoint later on. (meaning no coming back to OpenXCOM forums as FeruEnzeru or a new account forever in the future)

Before 2 days ago (Jan 26), i've decided to change my username to put a "[TEMPOBANNED]" part at the end due to hurtful, but brutal humiliation from my OXCF workmates excluding Reaver (plus Efrenes, luke83, XOps, and 6 others excluded) including Solarius (don't tell him this) for a reason only :(; plus 2 important posts/replies deleted by Meridian in OXCE board (they'll never be remembered at least. ??? ). :-\

Therefore; i will be tempobanned (temporarily banned) from the forums (by the GB-MDs of OXCF) until probably May (May 15 2019) or November 2019 to not come back at some point later on. :(

Although, Solarius or everyone (or the OXCF staff) are right about my good(but crappy) posts being senseless garbage (to them); that's okay for my life to happen (due to english / language issues) + help about a openxcom forum theory about reading all of the posts / threads / replies probably containing official XCOM lore; either original or reboot lore exactly (if there's none actually. 🤔).
Nevertheless, i'm not going to be posting more of my LEGO stuff / pics / shots on my thread involving them, not on anyone else's threads or my threads that are not the one i have to post them on anymore because of a reason purposefully (+ due to irritating spam crap because of the 10 image limit per post boringness exactly. ☹). :-\

For now, i'm going to preferably doing work instead of useless crap (i can still read OXCF without me / my account being logged in), like improving my English with books (+ Dictionaries as books) / notepad / etc and other things i have in mind. plus save on getting the XCOM life i have been wanting after this + beating my challenges for all XCOM (OXC / etc) without save scumming til a year that is not 2010s nor 2020s.

If you excuse me for a moment; and by the way... i'm fired! :p + img attached for a reward of my tempoban at least

Last evening or last night (probably after Dinner or stuff with someone online i'm friends with), do you guys sometimes or always name your soldiers to different names instead of keeping your soldier's original names ???; e.g: Anton Miller or Grace Kelly or Anton Karas or some soldiers the OG only has iirc.

I used get fond of naming my soldiers into cool, or silly, or bad (or profane-to-explicit if get/go crazy on. :o), or obnoxious or any kind of names i've been giving them while i'm playing my OXCE campaign (also re-doing the 5 game-diff. challenge on no-imm to yes-imm after no-imm again), specially cannon fodder/poodoo ones to draw fire from the aliens (i recommend XCOM with deaths instead of no deaths, don't get me wrong).

Sometimes naming soldiers instead of keeping original names from OG or .nam files could obviously be good use of crazy and fun stuff.
Although naming soldiers while in-game takes too long to rename them, unless you're using SG (saved game) editing apps (e.g: Notepad++, also VS-Code does have an extension for editing .sav files for OXC to OXCE saves. :( ) for easy renaming actually. 8)

NOTE: I'm not gonna be attaching or uploading or posting screenshots of my saved UFO94/EU:94 games on this new topic whenever/whatever it might contain some (or a lot of) explicit and profane names (especially cuss wordings inside of the name of soldiers i have in my save) of my guys/gals (on the soldiers screen in-game on XCOM bases) if i'm right about this i have naming to make it crazy and nuts, including cannon fodder/poodoo ones of rookies. don't ask nor tell me please, i dare ya. :-[

When i was playing my game, well also, updated my OXCE apparently on going to do,
Do proxy grenade/mines explode work on roofs (while primed) after the enemy moves above the roof (also higher levels needed). ???

I tried to do that, and it did not work nor exploded. :(

dunno why, i need help on doing that.

also on the farm terrain, along a primed mine on the roof.
save and image are attached and shared for the proxy mine please, no need for my openxcom.log file, stand by :)
but please end turn (also press the backspace or delete keyboard buttons) to see what happens.  :-\

my regards,

I'm going to be playing some UFOD94/UFO:EU94 with OXCE stuff, well, with OXCE Visuals and some mods including the cover and trailer content, just like TV Tropes said about the whole "Trailers/Covers Always Lie" crap i might be going with, still;
Speaking of which, whenever it's just tactical and turn based tactics strategy stuff XCOM related (including strategizing the geoscape instead of battlescape with scouting with crafts),

Is geoscape craft scouting for UFOs and Enemy (Non-Alien) Crafts (e.g. EXALT Crafts, ADVENT Crafts, etc) exclusive to the 40k mod? ???
Although i recommend pressing the graphs (G key) a lot of times, since i watched 12 episodes of Otto's playthrough of the 40k mod waiting for new episodes by seeing the cool (gunfire from weapons) gameplay stuff from it, also with 40k only material/contents at least. :(
I'm going to trying a little scout for UFOs plan via en route and patrolling (might get difficult chances per difficulty) to see if can get one obviously with the need of my 2 only starting tech crafts (SKYR and INTERC), and without the need of my RS (radar system) facilities getting a UFO contact (radar facilities are truly recommended for this or not needed most)

Screw the scouting, i'm gonna start playing, i'm tired of this skit and better off leaving the crafts (let SKYRs do a little scouting instead of INTERCS) in the base forever, just for wasting its fuel. :-\

i'll keep the images 46% temporarily to keep. :p

Sorry for the busy-ness going on lately with other, i am about to posting my LEGO stuff on the forums here (if it's okay to put them here), i have some stuff very important to show you since i have retired my HIVE workshop (account and stuff) at least 3 days ago (don't get me wrong. :-\), maybe some stuff i have in mind actually.
(Might include ones i made probably 2016 (iirc) or both 2017-2018 i think. ???)
Here's some stuff (jic the forum's 10 file attachment limits, but i will spam some if it's a yes or no even. :( ):

GS Red Team Vehicle Mods (I gotta which ones i put on actually. ???)

GS Red Team Flyer with Dual Machine Guns (Gotta remember if it might have a magazine attached to it or not. Man i wish i have LDD, LDraw,, SPORE (I need for this crap like rendering the sets i have, don't have and wanted IRL years ago so i can know. ??? Or get multiple things of the sets i have actually. Why me? :'( ), or some different kinds of 3D modeling, rendering and creativity app/programs including Blender and others

GS Red Team Trooper armed with a Laser Lance

GS Red Team Trooper armed with a Laser Blaster

GS Orange Team Guy (I don't want to call him a robot JIC it's LEGO lore. XD) armed with a Four Barreled Heavy Autocannon

GS Alien (Mosquitoid or whatever they called since i might've got in 2013 when i was 16 before 17. :-\) armed with a Sonic Lance

GS Scene - Fighting Over the Green Psi Mineral (Oh yeah, i remember this! I missed this scene! :-*)

Left Gun GS Mech Robot (MOC/Mod with 70704 Vermin Vaporizer parts and other parts), if dunno what that is. :p (also no drool emoticon for SMF or OXC forums. Sorry. :( )

Beam Laser Quad Gun Robot (MOC/Mod with 70704 Vermin Vaporizer parts and other parts)

LEGO Sci-Fi Rifles MOC (2 GS RT Troopers armed with Light Bluish Gray Sci-Fi Rifles tbh. :) )

LEGO Sci-Fi Carbine and Heavy Rifle MOC (1 GS Blue Team Trooper armed with a Light Bluish Gray Sci-Fi Carbine, and 1 GS Blue Team Trooper armed with a Light Bluish Gray Sci-Fi Heavy Rifle)

LEGO 70707/70708 CLS-89 Eradicator Mech MOC/Mod Images 1-7 (Modified with a Heavy Railgun on the left side just in case i'm curious with it, iirc, i will. ;D)

His/her pose (Also, vehicles sometimes get genderless if i'm correct while it's RL or fiction perhaps. ;) )

The Mech's Heavy Railgun fire shooting the alien bug (aka. probably Abductoid i think)

Galaxy Squad Sand Battlefield Diorama MOC Images 1-20 (Requested by a good (but important) friend of mine on HIVE Battleborn (iirc) on 2017 before my retirement on HIVE)

no minifigs and fx version:

GS 70704-70709 Artillery Robot MOC/MOD (Robotic Mech-thing armed with Dual Cannons. Used 70709's Dual Cannon Turret as an attachment for the 70704 Vermin Vaporizer Mech's legs base)

Galaxy Squad 70704-70709 Tank MOC/MOD Images 1-3 (Modified 70704 Vermin Vaporizer as an artillery tank with 70709's Dual Cannon Turret as it's vehicle armament)

Galaxy Squad 70704-70708 Railgun Walker Mech MOC/MOD Front, Rear and Side Images (Walker Mech armed with Railgun which is the Hero Speedster from 70708 (Hive Crawler set)'s as it's AT armament. :D)

Galaxy Squad 70704-70709 Idunnowatchacallit Tank MOC/MOD Images 1-6 (I dunno what name of this is. But it uses the mech torso part from set 70705 as it pilot/driver controlled turret with autocannons. Don't remember what that is. ???)

Galaxy Squad 70704-70708 Railgun Tank MOC/MOD Images 1-8 (Vermin Vaporizer (70704) being converted into a Railgun Tank with 70708 set's separate vehicle) (V-Large Version of the Tank Coming Up Today! Please stand by for it's orders. 8) )

Galaxy Squad 70708-70709 V-Large Railgun Tank MOC/MOD Images 1-12 (The V-Large Version of the Railgun Tank just when you know if it's a tank. :D )

GS 70705 and 70709 Without Attachments MOC/MOD (Read the white texts on the images please. :) )

LEGO Sci-Fi Weapons MOC (MP-TL Flak Cannon and Special Scoped Rifle. 1 GS Orange Team Trooper armed with 1 LBG and DBG Man Portable Twin Linked Flak Cannon (For Anti-Air Attacks), and 1 GS Green Team Trooper armed with 1 Special Scoped Attack Rifle with Grenade Launcher Attachment)

Left: Orange Team Trooper carrying the TL-Flak Gun
Right: Green Team Trooper carrying the Rifle
UFO97 MOC - Twirling Invader Images 1-5 (A physical and real-life made LEGO UFO97/UFO1997 Themed MOC i've did last year or last 2017 using the parts of the 6900/6999 Cyber Saucer set i have, afaik i have some or a little bit of missing pieces from it since my family got it for me in either 2014 or 2015 i think. ???)

Top View of the Twirling Invader

Bottom View of the Twirling Invader (Last Image of the Twirling Invader UFO)

Galaxy Squad 70707-70709 Mech/Robot Walker MOC/MOD Images 1-10 (A mockup of the two Galaxy Squad sets i have, 70707 70707 CLS-89 Eradicator Mech and 70709 Galactic Titan. Now with a walker robot-mech thing with two cannons as artillery! ^_^) fixed 1 error i saw while i'm logged out of the forums, why me? 😥

LEGO AC 7065 Alien Mothership Images 1-6 (Ah yes, my beloved, but old LEGO Alien Conquest Mothership Set i got in 2012 for Christmas, what a miracle! ;D Time to keep these on the the post now!)

Top View of the Alien (Conquest) Mothership (Set 7065)

Bottom View of the Alien (Conquest) Mothership (Set 7065)

Galaxy Squad 70704-70709 Mech Tank MOC/MOD Images 1-20 (Mockup of my two owned GS sets 70704 and 70709. I gotta remember what is, but can be a little 75% anti-everything killing machine or not since it might've remembered it on HIVE back in January of last year probably. ???)

I'll probably clean this topic of mine up (probably my posts on there) or delete/nuke all of my topics and posts (on this) if i like according to me waiting for PMs or PM replies (probably prioritized ones according to my plans for living) apparently.
I will be improving my English whilst my living life deteriorating from a deviantArt account and a tumblr account i am losing 1-2 years ago importantly (these two as my wills to live), nevertheless; i have 1 life left on OXCF (due to the whole "News: Due to spam, new accounts need to be admin approved. If you can't login, please contact us with your username and e-mail so we can fix it." crap for my future RL living to have here. :( ) while this can't be undone apparently speaking.

To be fair; i have a very important poll that can help me clean up (well perhaps maybe the LEGO images on there used by attachments stupidly); i dunno what image hosting sites that can let me do this, like ones that might be good or bad; legal or illegal to use in my opinions just to be an totally stupid idiot in life and on the internet perhaps.  :-\

any help, plans or suggestions maybe (PM me or reply to any of my PMs please, not this topic/thread for now).

count (+ spammy messages - exclude the first for my needs): 11 of my posts iirc.

waiting for clean up

LEGO Themes i have (iirc) :D:
  • Alien Conquest (Oh yeah, this stuff. haha! ;D
  • Galaxy Squad
  • City (Useful for sci-fi LEGOs taking place in the modern age or 90s or other years only available fitting for AC or other.  8)
  • Ninjago (1 Set)
  • More editing on the list will be later i presume speaking. :) = i forgot to edit my list; well, i can't do that while i'm retired or quitted or cleaning up stuff to my RL reasons. :-\

side note:
I liked to do either Imgur, or (aka. postimages or something else), or something else rather than, but idk what to do them (in case i have accounts on there), i'll try image/file attachments and see how it goes. :)

WIP: Locking this while work, also reply here after i'm done doing round 3 on this, i'll other rounds of this thread maybe later or tomorrow jic i unlock the thread again, okay? :) Let me work

Open Feedback / [HELP]UFO2000 Sprites?
« on: January 03, 2019, 11:35:37 pm »
Quote from: Hobbes
@Hobbes (I dunno what date for this old thread is, i cannot quote this. :(,2311.msg22988.html#msg22988 )
I've got in my computer a number of files that were used by the UFO2000 project (a multiplayer version of UFO) which include the sprites and inventory weapons on .png format for the following weapons (includes ammo clips):

*BA50 rifle
*M-16 assault rifle
*AK-47 assault rifle
*M-4 carbine
*FAMAS assault rifle
*G-3 assault rifle
*SA80 assault rifle

Plus, there's also graphics for bazooka, M16 + M203 Grenade Launcher, Claymore mines, Glock/P227 pistols and a couple more.

I wasn't the designer for these images and they were only authorized for use in UFO2000 and I don't have time to implement them but if someone is interested I can give the email of the guy who originally designed them for you to contact, and if he authorizes, I'll share the files.

Any takers?

EDIT: meanwhile, this has been posted elsewhere and it seems you don't need to ask permission as long as you credit the images.

* ak.bmp (2.49 kB, 32x46 - viewed 1024 times.)

* mp5k.PNG (1.11 kB, 32x44 - viewed 929 times.)

* bazooka.PNG (1.04 kB, 32x48 - viewed 905 times.)
When i finished reading your thread, like on yesterday or a day that i remembered or don't remember or not (stupid memory damage and brain cells deteriorating).
Do you know what UFO2000 is, i do not know what this is, it's basically a version of UFO Defense if i'm 29% sure or not. ???
I think you kinda took the sprites from the game as well, jic it's unsafe or really safe-ish to use for OpenXCOM (well... idt UFO2000's really old, probably made in 2000 or 2010 even?

Note: I am not going to offend you guys about the title. Also, PCK is just abbreviation of Pack just so you know what that is (not pck files). -_-

TFTD Weapons (Also renamed, changed and replaced by some stuff afaik correctly. :D);
  • Tech/Tier 1: Idunnowatchamacallit crap. (Whenever it's Gas Propelled Weapons or something else where the Dart Gun and Jet Harpoon go? ???)
  • Dart Gun being renamed to Needle Pistol. (Just duplicate these two instead of being 1 of the same. 1 be Dart Gun (1 shot weapon with different ammo types), the other one be Needle Pistol (Same old stats as original version, not modded version)
  • Jet Harpoon being renamed to Needle Rifle. (Just duplicate these two instead of being 1 of the same. 1 be Jet Harpoon (1 shot weapon with different ammo types, specially a Small Tranquilizer version of the Harpoon clip. :) ), the other one be Needle Rifle (Same old stats as original version, not modded version)
  • Keep Gas Cannon original (Or make it like a grenade launcher type weapon instead of the same HC stuff just like other mods do. ::) )
  • Keep Hydrojet Cannon original
  • Keep Torpedo Launcher
  • {Optional} Maybe rename the Craft Gas Cannon to something else i think. I dunno what name to give it
  • Tech/Tier 2: Human-Made (Ultra)Sonic Technology Weapons .(Replaces Gauss Weapons like Dr.Crowley said after reading and reviewing his "USO: Deep Strike" mod thread. Don't lie to me please. ;D)
  • Sonic Pistol (Sprites will be different other than the original Alien version of the pistol)
  • Sonic Rifle (Sprites will be different other than the original Alien version of the Rifle)
  • Heavy Sonic or Sonic Cannon or i quite dunno. ??? (Sprites will be different other than the original Alien version of the Heavy Weapon)
  • Craft Sonic Cannon (Sprites will be different other than the original Alien version of the Craft Weapon)
  • Coelacanth/Sonic (HWP with a Sonic Cannon. Sprites will go on unless it's hard work)
  • Tech/Tier 3 (Final): Alien Weapons (I dunno what to do with Alien Weapons. Just to replace their Sonic Weapons, probably Molecular Based Weapons of some kind made of Zrbite, Maybe Molecular Accelerator Weapons since they specialized in M.C and Molecular techs maybe? ???)
  • Accelerator Pistol. Ammo: Pistol Molecule Pod (Don't ban me guys, i have to make this a little concerning for replacing the Alien Sonic Weapons with some Molecule Technology i think. ;D)
  • Accelerator Rifle. Ammo: Rifle Molecule Pod
  • Molecule Cannon. Ammo: Cannon Molecule Pod (I'm not gonna put "Accelerator" at the beginning of the Alien Cannon's name, i just wanna put the word "Molecule" as the beginning part of name JIC it's okay to do it. :) )
  • Accelerator Cannon (Researchable Craft Weapon) (Ammo will be optional i hope)
  • Keep Thermal Shok Launcher and Thermal Shok Bombs original
  • Maybe a unique name of the launcher to replace the Disruptor Pulse Launcher and Disruptor Ammo ??? (It will be sad to make the DPL get replaced by something else as probably the replacement or rather. I'll agree with DC for getting rid of Gauss in his mod just so you know.  8)) - EDIT: Maybe M.C Launcher instead of DPL i think? :) Also ammo: Molecule Bombs
  • Zrbite Core Cannon (Probably the Replacement for the PWT Cannon because Zrbite's underwater use only i haven't mistaken. Make it similar to like ball shaped projectiles like the UFO Fusion Ball Launcher i could say. :D). Ammo: Zrbite Cores instead of PWTs (If the PWTs in vanilla TFTD are like orb-shaped torpedoes, i could've been killed by this mixed idea. :P)
  • Displacers with Molecular Accelerators and ZCL (Zrbite Core Cannons with explosive Zrbite cores)
  • Zrbite Charge (Replacement for the Sonic Pulser grenades)

This is just a half-little mod idea and plans i might be working on in the future, i don't what to do with it, maybe it's gonna a halfway nice or bad mod idea to point what to do to make it replace the Gauss and (Alien) Sonic Weapons. you'll see :)

Only give me suggestions and feedback on what to do with the plans for replacing everything TFTD weapons (tech and tier) related, including the Alien Weapons.

Idea from Dr.Crowley and his 1 year old USO: Deep Strike mod thread, don't report or ban me for this, i swear.  :-[
They will not happen unless i have the right tools to enough make the mod (itself, its sprites, its rulesets, *in opera voice* EVERYTHING!!!!) after i beat everything UFO-TFTD OXC (that's the requirement for me to start making mods and rulesets).

If you want to read this thread, please read these will quick including my reply on there.,5811.msg89369.html#msg89369
My Post:,5811.msg107979.html#msg107979 (Final Reply while waiting for Dr. Crowley)

optional side note for reading (just for later-ish):
Don't tell Dr.Crowley this jic i have something in mind planning things for TFTD weapon tech/tier replacements ::)

EDIT: Updated topic! ;D (Added some names for the DPL, PWT, Displacer/PWT and Sonic Pulser replacements/changes. Read First Post at the beginner or the top of the page first! :D)

Also, i think Alien Molecule-based Weapons could be better than just Sonic Weapons unless i have a dream where a UFO94 (instead of TFTD) mod should a Alien/Elerium-made Sonic weapons if it will work on Elerium stuff. :-\

Offtopic / [YT VIDEO SEARCHES] No XCOM "Blow Me Away" GMVs? D:
« on: December 30, 2018, 10:03:27 am »
When i was middle of reading more of Blank's [TFTD]More USO Variants thread/topic (well, i'm a little moody life with reading OXC forums on to have a little 54% healthy official and non-official XCOM lore, along non-XC lore i should say) today at 2 AM (well time changes a bit, do not tracked the time), i was listening to a song i keep loving since i'm in Halo Mood, well along XCOM and Starcraft including 40k mood also including a JayborinoPlays and Doom Project Brutality mood.

I was honestly looking for some XCOM GMVs (any GMVs of XCOM:EW, XCOM2, Bureau: XCOM Declassified or any XCOM games being played in the video) on YouTube with a song from Halo 2 (oh yeah, that count as Halo much. :D ) by Breaking Benjamin (that got my BB interest back in 2011 where i was 14 in Cali) which helped my reading mood and other moods while listening to it's instrumental.
(Also a link to the the searches i'm looking for, don't get me wrong: . Also no XCOM videos of this song, super sad face for a 100% chance to have on me).
It is this song:
That song was very fitting for a 40k space marine or non-GW sci-fi (space) marine i should be listening to, but make this damn thing is really fitting for my XCOM mood or any other sci-fi loving mood i'm in to have.  ;D
Therefore i always do loops while bookmarking the instrumental version video i always i play this on while bookmarking these, like 3 of the same video as bookmarks as loops.
0:00 - Intro Part
0:27 to 1:25 - First Part to begin the looping on the instrumental
1:19 - Second part to looping it over and over to help my reading mood and work mood feel better
Kinda fun and cool huh? :)

Enjoy this new offtopic thread, have a good night!

tl;dr, sorry for the parentheses for all this, my excuse really  :-[

Do you allow threads that i or you or anyone or someone else do involving a name of the thread called "modding sandbox" or just "sandbox" to my opinion of interest.
It's because i was middle of continuing my challenge with UFO94 (The first part that i'm doing with OXCE and 20 mods just to be safe-ish even). Well with that i'm doing tonight and today since last month (which is Nov), turns out, i would to make another thread or topic on any appropriate thread where i can post sh*tty mods or small skits involving mods. Whichever i like.

I have a poll for it, well i don't want to named it cuz i 47% don't care much on, you can vote if you want (or don't vote. your choice).

I'm a literally going to be late for a small appointment i should (probably in my home or somewhere i should do. especially a little bit of internet crap i should say due to much heat in my head).

I'll take a break from playing my game, i'll play more of it later or tomorrow if something very important on YT shows up in my brain or head (If it involves Meri's TWOTS LP i should be watching tomorrow night as my appointment of an important choice to carry my hurting burdens on. :) ).

Have a 100% very good night guys. Let me know after votes and replies. Cheers, ~FeruEnzeru

When i was continuing my game on experience (part of my "5 difficulties on no ironman first, then 5 difficulties on yes-imm second" challenge i keep doing over Nov to Dec).
I was wanting to build a base in the Pacific (unless it's the Hawaiian isles meaning to not place a base on the left/right sides of the islands 95% next the sea/water), well, i have 5 bases in my current experienced campaign on no-ironman (that reason to keep on with the challenge i have to in order to see if my xcom moods gets good or healthy enough to do it).

Also, is there a next year nightly or OXCE version make zooming in/out more easier to build a base (anywhere not in the water in UFO94 or on land in TFTD unless you make a TFTD TC mod where you build bases on land/ground) in a geoscape area where it involves islands or such.

Here's my screenshot of the zoom in/out thing that made my base building on PAC difficult, due to not 1000% zoomed in or out to see geo pixels (just for my idiocity in IRL, not me playing games or watching stuff on YT or watching movies/shows/OVs, i dunno.  :-\).

Now that's what i need something better than just a zoom in/out limit.
  • Remove the zoom in/out limits for geoscape
  • Change the limits (Really useful or not useful)

I think either Nighly or OXCE to do a increase/decrease or remove zoom in/out limits for the geoscape that way i might be able to build a base in PAC (or on anywhere in TC mods that have geoscape planets that are not Earth, or Mars as i should say). Poor game and poor me for wanting to build a base in the pacific.

OpenXcom Extended / [HELP]OXCE Changelog?
« on: December 08, 2018, 03:18:57 am »
Sorry for my surgery with my wisdom tooths being removed in the 5th day of Dec.
Is there a changelog for the new 12-04-2018 OXCE build?

I will be playing more of my experienced UFO94 game with some mods i've been playing lately as my whole all 5 difficulties campaigns challenge for UFO94 to TFTD95 just to see how i feel while i have surgery 2 days ago it seems.

I just don't know what changes or new features are added on the newest builds.

Any help on that for me please?  ???

Offtopic / [Offtopic/Game/Poll]Did i forget this...? ^┓^
« on: December 01, 2018, 02:15:36 am »

I don't remember playing Diablo '96 (this game i keep getting obsessed with years and months ago, along 96 things) in July (or June or August maybe?) with this thing i've found months (or years ago) that works on my Windows 10 computer (along trying to get WC1&2 to work without DOSbox instead. I don't like DOSbox WC2, it always has issues with expansion and retail content. i dunno why.  :-\) because of a whole "Loving Stuff made and released in 1996" crap i'm too obsessed with (especially music, movies or other things maybe).

I would like to play more of UFO94 on experienced difficulty with the challenge i'm going to be doing later, but i'm too stressed out at the moment (i would like playing some non-1990s XCOM games like EU2012 or XCOM2 unless i have rights to play it on my father's steam account so that i can give up 90s XCOM and remove a little bit of stress from micro-managing my crap in 90s XCOM. But i refuse to play them for a reason only with October, idk why i refused to play his Steam or any of my or my family member's steam accounts. ), but maybe when i'm in a mood where i cannot micro-manage my soldiers and bases and other things like that to stress me out.

But now i'm missing my days of Diablo '96, Unreal '98, Starcraft '98, Warcraft 3 (Well... i'm kinda retired that. I will change my mind on that game at some point-ish), Quake 3&4 and others (But XCOM games will be soon unless i lose some of my interest to it if i like).

EDIT: Sorry. The image for this topic is too big. I dunno how to shrink images on OpenXCOM forums or any kind of sites that forums or not. Maybe next time. :(

When i was middle of doing my all 5 difficulties campaigns challenge for UFO94 to TFTD95, well, i'm going to doing some missions (obviously UFO crash sites and UFO ground assaults as i should say to be safe and sure) as training missions to rank him up and get more stats (i'm not letting him be female instead of male just like one of my commanders of the first part of challenge which is my beginner difficulty campaign i can presumably say to make beginner difficulty as my first to important part of the challenge. also, don't be mad at me or look at me like you can kill me for all this i've been doing this month so that i can beating vanilla (with mods first maybe, and start doing vn with no mods to make it more challenging instead of with mods) and all of the mods (especially megamods, TC mods and PC mods i would like to do and add as part of the challenge or plan thing i'm doing for a kinda of big road to XCOM modding i believe. :)) so i can start doing, creating and making my own mods, my maps and my works again at some point for a planned future mod i've been making and doing last January i assumed on doing that i've paused and been on a super bad hiatus with that and OXC i believe. VnV') to add him to my character pool on "new battle" mode by using different guns in his left/right hand for his own sake of training, along putting different ones in his backpack and other places in his inventory as backup weapons/guns instead of loading/unloading/reloading his weapons with him and other soldiers i'm sending them missions for every UFO site mission (don't get me wrong, just me blame me for this as i should say for a idiot reason of my life). also loading a weapon costs 15 tus, so as unloading it costs 8 afaik if i'm right or correct actually

After completing that mission, i just realized something....
How about this TC mod idea i come up with that could be a nice and silly plan at some point.

A TEAM FORTRESS Universe TC Mod for OXCE instead of OXCN?
Speaking of Team Fortress (either TF2 for example)...
This TC mod will have:
Deployable Dispensers aka. Dispense-O-Matic 9000s or Dispense-O-Matics, Turrets, Sentry Guns and other things related to Engineers and anyone who specializes in deployable things to give more ammo for each soldier type or anything particualrly (similar to Dispensers or Sentry Guns)
All soldier types will always male instead of two current genders/looks (But you can try adding female versions of the TF 1&2 classes if you like. Just saying :p)
Scatterguns, Bats, Taunt Attacks, Rocket Launchers, Shotguns, Shovels, Pistols, Wrenches, PDAs, etc and everything but lots and lots of guns and violent everything from TF2 and other Team Fortress (Don't forget Heavy's Minigun, Demoman's Sticky Bombs and Pyro's Fire Axe jic it happens twice)
Cosmetics for Soldiers (If it's allowed in OXC and OXCE)
Also no teleporting and teleporters in OpenXCOM and OXCE including Piratez and X-COM Files. sorry! :( (Maybe in future OXCE releases or any kind of openxcom app or modding tool releases at some point even)
Sandviches, "Pow! Haha!"s or Pootis Pow Haha, or any other kinds of crazyness from Team Fortress 2
Make it where it's Man vs Machine vs Aliens as i recall shortly. :D
I dunno what to add to the list of what this TF Universe mod for OXCE will have.

what did you guys think of this new TC idea i've come up with?

Ammo/Item Dispensers or TF1&2 Universe TC mod? Your pick please? ::)

put dispenser here!!!! XD

Sorry that my progress for MVII Vanilla UFO map node weakspot learning with Converting TFTD to UFO map node data interrupted by errors with bugged and broken TFTD maps. :(

I would like to do more work, but now i feel angry about vanilla TFTD map node errors (That i showed kevL about).

Anywho, i am implementing something for me to add as part of my plans for re-making my old maps from January to April 2018.

I am going to be making open-able and close-able glass or energy cockpits (south, east, north and west. can't do diagonal doors because of eight-turn and diagonal maps not work with tile system last March which is kinda sucks and boring for me) for my Alien Interceptor maps (south, east, north and west versions) by recolor the original vanilla UFO doors so i can give it a nice and little sci-fi feel to them.

Here's what they look like :

Colors i used after MCD editing and work are:
1: Green
2: Light Blue
3: Blue
4: Red
5: E-115 Yellow (if i'm correct)
6: Violet
7: Yellow
8: Purple

If you want to download my MCD that has them, you have to click the zip file attachment if you guys like (My idea for the glass or energy cockpits for the Interceptor UFO can be a piece of cake to my plans. ).

1: Download the zip file first.
2: I recommend you place the files (MCD, PCK and TAB) to your TERRAIN folder in any folders where you stored MapView and MCDEdit (I recommend you use MVII instead of original MapView. I dare ya. )
3: Pick any map where you add the MCDs to see how they work and look like. :)

If you obviously like the idea i'm making, please reply here (I haven't added a white or glossy thing making the glass shine to make it a perfect piece of art for it).

Thanks for reading my new topic/thread about the idea i'm about to make. ~J-Kun FeruEnzeru  ;)

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