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XPiratez / Piratez Lore
« on: June 26, 2018, 05:45:02 pm »
So, about a day ago, I was pondering over why the Osiron Security is so passive until someone who is not Osiron "spots" for them. Then the idea hit me after reading some of the lore Dioxine created.

Imagine you're a male soldier working for the Academy, you've most likely been brainwashed into obedience by local Espers and forced to watch Holovids of old-world training exercises, never really getting into as many real combat situations like some of the other factions. You're at the beck and call of a parasitic matriarchal faction who demands total subservience and likely "experiments" on you whenever you do something they find unsatisfactory. It's no wonder why the Osirons seem so hesitant to take action into their own hands while other Academy staff/drones are present; they're totally reliant on the commands of their superiors.

I've noticed while playing that after all of the "spotters" are killed, the Osiron Security AI changes and they begin to attack on their own. Pretty neat!

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