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XPiratez / [MOD] Break Euro Deal & Eurolas Rebalance
« on: July 02, 2017, 11:51:12 pm »
BH Lawyer Mod & Eurolasgun Rebalance Mod

Engage Lawyers to Break Euro Deal Mod:

(A library is required for every step.)

1. Research: Engage Lawyers
    You'll need to have researched a live Govt General and the Eurosynd Deal

2. Hire Lawyers from the black market.

3. Build a case through the manufacturing screen
    You'll need a lawyer for the case

4. Have your brainers research the case after it's built. When done *NEW* eurosynd missions should stop appearing

Like real life, cases will take lots of cash and time. It will take $25 million and cost you 3000 points in total to renege on the eurosyndicate deal, so be prepared.

*Please note that while I have tested this there may be bugs that I missed. I'm still pretty new to modding so bad shit might happen!

As I learn more about modding this game I might expand on this and add stuff like renege retaliation missions and more uses for lawyers.

About the ES-Las Rebalance Mod:
The goal here is to make ES weapons viable by slightly tinkering with the weapon stats to raise the utility of ES Las weapons to the level of Gauss Weapons yet retain its Piratezy flavour. My goal isn't to make ES weapons replace Gauss. You'll find that the base damage remains unchanged. It will be a strict side-grade - a different tool but one that will be just as effective.

You may ask, "...why tho?" and "is it really needed?" I feel the answer is yes! Here's my reasoning:

By the time you've unlocked gauss weapons you would have collected over a hundred gauss guns. Gauss weapons practically pay for their own research and you won't even have to manufacture a single one! On the other hand, ES weapons are not found in the wild and it would cost between $10 to $24 millions to furnish a large squad.

Way before "unlock gauss research" finishes you would have found very cheap and very good guns and/or ammo that are as good as or even better than vanilla ES guns. This makes the ES deal a purely detrimental choice. In fact ammo like AC-GAS, AC-AP, LC-AP, Magnum Chem, Super Magnum Mercury boasts damage to TU values that are as good as or exceeds ES las-weapons. Hell, once you've researched Hellerium munitions, the LC-HEAT is so powerful that it matches the Guass Musket's average damage output (and you'll probably unlock it like 12+ months before you unlock gauss).

So because there are too many good choices that make ES las weapons weak in comparison, the ES Deal becomes a choice that has no redeeming qualities.

I believe that if a player decides to sink so much money, effort and risk into a set of weapons, they should receive a justified payoff. No other equipment choice in the game forces the player to sacrifice so much - I love this as a game mechanic - so this mod is here to make that choice a viable one.
BH ER LasMod Changes:

All ES Lasguns have improved armour penetration.
All ES Lasguns have a chance to set enemies on fire (I'm thinking of the lasers in Crusader: No Remorse/ No Regret, or C&C Obelisk of Light, how cool were they!)

ES Heavy has an improved clip size. The damage output of this weapon is already very high, increasing its AP to 40% puts its damage band inbetween the Gauss Musket and Heavy Gauss with full auto-fire. It also sets people on fire more reliably than other ES weapons.

ES Markslaser is now more like a scout's precision rifle. You can move plenty before firing in either aimed or auto mode, or stand and deliver and fire twice in each mode. The auto-fire x2 (pulse) mode and duo aimed shots raise this weapon's average damage to a respectable level. Clip size remains the same so watch your ammo!

ES Lasrifle now boasts an increased clip size and you can fire off 1 more shot in each mode per turn. This allows you to plink away at targets. While each individual shot may be far weaker than a Gauss Musket, the combined average of shots delivered by the ES Lasrifle should match that of the GM in a single turn, in fact, on double auto-fire you might exceed it! This is true even against targets in power armour.

ES Pistol. Improved clip size. Ahhhh... pistols have a funny place in Piratez so I didn't change it much. There are a lot of pistols to choose from in this game but 2 or 3 of those make the other choices obsolete (including ES Pistols). I mean when you have mercury super magnums that can accurately deliver 18% more total average damage than the Gauss Musket vs 25 armour, why choose anything else? And Super Magnums are cheap as chips!

Hope you find this mod useful.  8) 8) 8)

I find it kind of weird that grenade launchers and mortars use the skill Firing instead of Throwing. I think direct fire weapons should generally use Firing while indirect fire weapons should generally use Throwing.

If you ever felt the same about these weapons but can't be arsed to change it then use this. Enjoy!


Throwing Skills:

-Grenade Launchers, Flamethrowers (including LR, Heavy & Mega), Mortar, Assault Grenade Launchers, Blizzard MLRS, Tornado Mortar, Shoulder Launcher and Small Launchers now depends on THROWING instead of FIRING skills
-Hitting enemies with these weapons will train THROWING

Kneel Bonus:
- Assault Grenade Launcher, Tornado Mortar, Blizzard MLRS now get a bigger bonus from kneeling

Less accurate when tired (Heavy lobbing weapons become harder to use when your girls are low on energy):
- Assault Grenade Launcher, Mortar, Tornado Mortar now suffer reduced accuracy when tired

Energy Costs (Heavy lobbing weapons cost energy to use):
- Assault Grenade Launcher, Mortar, Tornado Mortar

Bravery Training:
- Crate of Violence, Dynamite, HE, Acid Flask, Demo Charge and Nuke Charge, Barrel Bombs, Satchel Charge and Fire Bombs now increase Bravery if you successfully hit enemy unit(s) in the blast!

Minor Changes:
- CAWS now suffer HUGE 1-handed penalties. The base accuracy was very high and allowed CAWS to be used while holding something and still be extremely crazy accurate.
- Electric Lasso TU and Energy Costs Reduced

XPiratez / [BUG] Hotel California House
« on: June 13, 2017, 05:33:26 am »
There's this level with a house that has stairs leading up but none going down. So the only way out is to destroy the walls or floors after going up.

It was a bounty mission to kill the rich guy.

This video demonstrates me sending all my girls up - and possibly stuck in those 2 rooms for all eternity

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