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XPiratez / A few ideas
« on: April 02, 2017, 09:48:14 pm »

i want to share some ideas for this great mod i recently had. Maybe these things are possible with this game engine.


Dinosaurs, megaspiders or bikes for example (as an item in your backpack or a 2-handed weapon). It lowers the costs for walking and sprinting and you can jump 1-2 squares (on some maps you cannot reach the enemy without flying because of rivers) and you have an extra attack (bite, machine guns etc.)

Create missions:

You dont really construct them but you are using resources (money or interogate prisoners) to get the information about special missions (plunder missions, warehouse wars etc.). After the manufacturing process they will spawn at the world map.

New vodoo spells:

- Summoning creatures (demons, monsters) for a few rounds (they take dmg every turn or simply vanish some time later).

- Werewolf/zombie/monster transformation via wands or potions (or new ammunition for the harpoon gun) for a few rounds. You are acting like a berserker and automatically attack nearby persons (melee attack but with increased strenght). Usable on self or on enemys.

- Project a mirror image of yourself or just a ghost (range 10-15 squares). The image cannot act, is immune to all dmg and vanishes after 2 rounds but can be used to distract the enemy. High level enemys or creatures with magical sight will not be fooled.

Improved weather mechanic:

I find it disturbing that i receive weather dmg even in my ship. As i said, i don't know whats possible with the game engine but how about placing an invisible item in your ship that buffs (cold/heat dmg 0%) every creature within its radius (radius=ship size). Maybe like a grenade exploding every turn (without visible effects but placing the buff like the burning effect). That buff expires at the end of the round. Next turn, if you are in your ship and within range of this "grenade" you receive that buff again before weather dmg starts. When leaving your ship, the buff vanishes at the end of your round and you suffer normal dmg.

PS: Sorry for my bad english.


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