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XPiratez / MLG 180 reaction fire
« on: March 05, 2017, 10:33:25 pm »
So apparently enemies with high reactions can do 180 degree headshots from across the map when sniped in the back.

Anyone remember if this was the case in the original X-Com, and why can't player units do the same thing?

It's really frustrating in X-Piratez when enemies with massive vision advantages or high reactions start showing up - I spend a load of time carefully setting up/scouting, and then when when I finally get the opportunity to flank/snipe/backstab someone like a ninja, they do 180s that kill or take my gals out for a month.  Sucks the fun out of combat, and has pretty much halted my play because battles are getting too tedious and tactically restrictive. It's just too much, and feels like the AI is blatantly cheating, doing something the player can't; I never noticed 180s ever being an issue in vanilla (possibly because of less stat/vision disparity beween X-COM and aliens).

Absolutely LOVE everything else about X-Piratez (been my main game for the past month), but my desire to continue has plummeted with all the WTFHAX.

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