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XPiratez / Cydonia or Bust! Kiri's question thread. Game complete!
« on: August 01, 2017, 12:41:23 pm »
So I've started a new game in the newest version and playing on top difficulty ironman. Got trashed like 5 times within the first few months so far XD

Play 1) Went quite well initially, I got a lasgun first month for advanced weapon rumours, and I decided to do a ratman village in March for some shooting and reflex training, and give some of my scrubs a chance to level their bravery. Lost 1 person to dogs, like 4 of them came and I killed them. 2 other people were wounded so I moved them into the ship to pass out, I had my low bravery person in there as well. Anyway another dog comes running around a corner, one of my soldiers was waiting with a shotgun but it mustve started its turn from right around the corner as it didn't get reaction fired and killed her. It then ran into the ship and killed one of the wounded. The other wounded then passed out and the low bravery girl panicked and got mangled, then it ran out of the ship and killed my last remaining soldier who I had been pulling back to the ship.

Lesson: Don't do ratman villages til I have enough firepower to remove a large portion of the map without creating smoke so I can shoot dogs at a distance, and enough armor to stand in the open and tank the fire from the ratmen. My strategy of camping corners with shotguns is no good when dogs are in play unless we have enough reactions to always get them

2) Forgot how to handle cold weather, month 1 fail

3) Forgot how to handle hot weather, month 1 fail XD

4) A rather disastrous temple raid in month 1, we won but I lost so many of my initial units I decided to restart. Curiously one of my KO units died for no apparent reason

5) Month 3 fail. I was ship camping in a academy lab raid. Seems the only reliable strategy when I have 6 units against 3 times as many units, I need captives for money and I can't be throwing units away since I have to sack anyone with <30 bravery and bring the 40 bravery ones on at least 1 mission to make them functional. They're just nowhere near as expendable as XCOM and TFTD soldiers who I just threw at the enemy like they are zergs or something. Anyway one of my peeps was wounded so I decided to let them KO rather than waste my refresments keeping her awake. Anyway about 30 turns after she passes out she suddenly dies. No wounds or anything. Searched the forum and found out about the feature where unconscious people die eventually unless periodically woken up :/

So I got mad since I'd just had a few bad runs and this campaign hadn't been going that well (month 3 with only 1 temple raid, lots of deaths, a few from being KOd for too long, no lasgun this time, hardly any research since I kept getting ratmen missions and I'm not touching that lol). I decided to just rush out and get the last 2 guys but they gunned us down with precision headshots in no time

So I rage quit and I've slept since then and now I'm thinking of starting another run but I need to plan this out, the way I see it I have a few options

1) I lower the difficulty. I don't really want to though, but I can't win without cheesing on this difficulty if I fight straight up, and camping inside my ship for 100 turns feels like cheesing and can be pretty boring

2) I just soldier on til I can get armor. I think I need advanced weapon rumours for this though. On my first run I got a lasgun in month 1 but it was from a distress beacon for an academy ship and I have no idea how rare these are. I probably need a lot of interrogation research as well but from what I remember the tac vests are good enough to handle most ballistic tier weapons head on, which I will need since I'm usually outnumbered 3 to 1 on each mission and the maze like levels allow enemies to easily rush up and fire point blank at me.

Main problem here is A), getting the lasgun, B) I'm gonna need to camp my landing craft for months until I get armor, and C) the enemies dying after being KOd will result in severe loss of revenue until then. I think I can probably mitigate this somewhat though with 2 methods. 1) I stop using handles and start using stun rods, this way I cause no HP damage to my victims although it will be harder to KO them, and they won't suffer as much continuous stun damage, or 2) I wake up my victims after I KO them and let them walk away, which would be weird and distracting, and I could easily get shot or melee'd by an enemy I mistook for a previously stunned and disarmed enemy, and why wouldn't they realistically just pick up a weapon and keep fighting? It's weird. I'd probably go with the stun rod method, get them in the ship then wake them up every so often before stunning them again

3) I employ more lethal methods. If I camp the landing craft for a while and keep shooting, then when most enemies are down I get people out and into good cover position kneeling behind rocks I can probably just gun everyone down. Muskets seem to be a rather long range gun compared to what most of the enemies have, and shotguns are lethal in urban environments. Downside here s that like 90% of my income was coming from captures, but if I can just do this til I get armor, or if I can find out how to get shark jetbikes (I forgot) then I can make my money selling civilian ship engines.

I think before I decide what to do, what I need to know most is how much time I have. From what I remember of my previous incomplete run (I was at the point where I was trying to make the spaceship) the low level quests like trader warehouse and church raids disappear eventually, and for me they are the most lucrative of all. I also want to stock up on gun almanachs so I don't want to miss out on the early save a sister and crackhouse raids either. But most of all, I know eventually ships were appearing full of laser and gauss wielding enemies, and the AI were sending out retaliation ships regularly even without provocation.

If time really is a serious factor then I have to either lower the difficulty or cheese it from my ship. If time isn't a problem then I can shoot as many people as I want, focus on capturing only melee enemies, patch up the odd enemy who is bleeding out and just gradually crawl along at a steady pace. This will also lead my soldiers to get good aim so that shooting becomes a more reliable way of dispatching enemies even on reaction fire

So is time an important factor and I have to KO nearly everyone? Or are the things like easy missions disappearing, crackdown ships and gauss enemies unlocked through research progression rather than time? Do you have any advice for me to play without ship camping and have a good chance of progressing on the hardest difficulty with only early game tech available?

I want the game to be difficult, but I also don't wanna lose my campaign because I get bored and stop ship camping, or suddenly the gauss soldiers appear and I'm still running around with muskets because I've been shooting everyone XD

P.s is ship camping frowned upon?

XPiratez / Help me git gud, question thread
« on: March 09, 2017, 12:06:05 am »
Original title: Ran out of stuff to research

Aside from stop attacking civvie aircraft that is

Should I research this now? Or do you have any idea where I can get some better tech? A medium craft just landed but a cyberdisk onboard one shotted 2 of my soldiers who I'd trained over 2 years and I cleared out. I assume I need to raid some craft I havent done yet, but defender armour goes down in one hit to these beasts

XPiratez / How to get points?
« on: March 05, 2017, 09:01:04 pm »
I've been avoiding researching mutant alliance til I get enough research to reliably do pogroms. I did manage to successfully do one for the first time earlier today, the previous attempts were total massacres for me. Humanists who were like terminators tanking tommy gun fire to the face, spartans pulling off 180 no scope headshots on my peeps when they shoot them in the back. Today I got some kind of nighttime demon invasion so I went with the new tech I got, smoke, flares, grenade launchers, a mortar, heavy shotguns, frag grenades and tac vests.

Sadly we lost someone when a enemy ran up, tanked some shotgun fire to the back and then point blank rapid fired one of my best soldiers with an autocannon. We also all got some severe wound healing time from fireballs, and we didnt save a single civilian. I got lucky with building placement so we fought as best we could to get off the pachy, got hit with a fireball so everyone was injured for half their health, but we got smoke and flares everywhere, took all the buildings in a line down our side of the map then just peaked out and took out everything that wandered forward into the lit up no smoke killzones with shotgun fire, grenades and mortar shells

Really I'd like a way to just keep my points up while I research but its not so easy. We're 1.5 years into the game, the enemy has two bases up, one has gauss cannon users and tanks who can see in the dark and OHKO us, and the other has chrysalids who can storm across the map and OHKO us, take an ungodly amount of damage to drop, and we've got to deal with psi attacks as well, so both the bases are untouchable

So now I'm getting a lot of point loss each month, every other month I research 2 of the +1000 point techs. I want money but I can't make more stills for money bases. The shark jetbike with 25mm cannon is only good for downing v small civilian craft which I've been told makes me actually lose points, and the pachy seagull/ramjet missiles usually miss and cant down a small ship before the ammo is out.

This is my second game, I got to this point last time and ran out of research to do, but I didnt have the cash for explosives/flares/smoke and the pogroms were just destroying me so I lost from low points. I really need a good way to get more points, or some tech I can reach soon which will make progroms much easier and allow me to take out these bases. For now I'm trying to clear the research I've got before I research mutant alliance and am forced to do every progrom, and hopefully I can survive those progroms

Is there anything better I should be using than heavy shotties/tac vests? Is there a better way to make money than to convert apples into wine, make x-grog and take lots of captives on temples/warehouses/academy outposts?

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