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Suggestions / Repetitive missions
« on: February 03, 2017, 12:21:14 am »

I liked X-Com and OpenXcom is great! I don't know if any of these were discussed here and sorry if I'm wrong. If some of these could be easily modded by editing the rulesets, I'd do it, but I'm not a programmer and I couldn't do any of the more complex modding work.

The problem

I feel when I play that crash site missions happen too often (not just in geoscape time between missions but in geoscape events between missions) and they become a repetitive task to do. Also, farmland missions are too common(I know this is geoscape terrain related).

The reasons

-When the aliens are outnumbered, outgunned and the only objective is to kill them, the 30th large scout crash site becomes boring. Even if the soldiers are improving, having to do tens of missions for this is also boring. Trying a new tactic or having to capture a certain alien can make these missions interesting.
-Later in the game, when most of the world is covered in hyperwave decoders there are obviously more UFOs to detect and intercept.
-I have to admit I'm not agressive enough in research, manufacturing and psi-training and this could make the geoscape gameplay less eventful.


-I actually would like to ask for ideas. I believe the solution is not to make missions more challanging or make UFOs much less frequent(maybe it would help if they were a bit less frequent at late game)
-I assume that the geoscape data could be easily(?) edited and that would make the farmland maps less frequent.
-Having OpenXcom list soldier stat improvements at mission debriefings would be a great reward and motivator in the long run.

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