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Work In Progress / [TFTD][CONCEPT] USO: Deep Strike
« on: November 06, 2017, 11:52:14 pm »
Greetings, my dear comrades. A whole year passed since I joined this wonderful community, and now I think it is time for me to join the ranks of amateur modders  ;D
It is clear that TFTD development had one big flaw: its dev team was obviously mind-controlled. That is why this game was so horribly bugged and many in-game solutions are debatable, to say least - and let us not speak about tons of handwaves in the story. This all was a bit frustrating for me because I liked UFO: Enemy Unknown and wanted a good sequel for this great game. With OXC and its huge modding possibilities it was only matter of time - at some point I got an idea to make my own mod for TFTD. And then I discovered the "UFOnizing TFTD" mod by Xeno Wiper... well, I liked its concept but was disagreed with some solutions, so I just opened Ufopedia wiki and started to read about OXC modding. Some time later I found myself rewriting USOpedia entries for some aliens. Perhaps, that was a first step...

USO: Deep Strike (UFO and USO, got it? :D) is a retelling of TFTD that still follows the events of UFO: Enemy Unknown story-wise but with a twist. The official timeline says that X-Com was suffering a budget cut in 2005 and had been officially disbanded in 2012. But we all know that govermental funding was not so important for our shadowy paramilitary alien fighting group - everyone who played UFO will tell you that manufacturing and selling xenotechnology makes you virtually independent from the Counsil funding. What if this were to stay true in-universe? And what happened to all those alien hybrid infiltrators who were mentioned in "Alien Abduction"? And (most importantly) where did all those xeno toys that we sold end up?

These questions (and followed brainstorming) led me to some interesting results:
- no more crippled aquanauts in wet paper suits. Call me a wimp, but I like marines in adequate underwater armor much more. So Diving Suits were replaced with Combat Suits (actually the same Plastic Aqua-Armor but with lowered parameters) - this means that starting armor can (and will) be used much longer than in vanilla. Oh, and the recruits now have some better stats. And they are called marines! ;D
- Dart Pistol and Dart Rifle were renamed to Needle Pistol and Needle Rifle respectively. They were also slightly buffed to be close to their UFO counterparts.
- Gauss (particle) weaponry under water? No way! Human-made (Ultra)Sonic weapons for Tier 2 are much better. Also made them a little more accurate (because USOpedia says so).
- I rewrote all three key Alien Research results (Alien Origins, The Ultimate Threat and Th'leth The Alien City), because they were written by some sort of Lovecraft-wannabe. Now they fit original X-Com style much more. Here is example of the new STR_ALIEN_ORIGINS_UFOPEDIA text:
"Operation: Network Error"
"This war is deja vu: yet again it is clear that we are fighting a losing battle - this time in the sea. Yet again the aliens and their slaves are striking all across the globe, terrorizing civilians and infiltrating goverments. Our forces are doing their best trying to respond to every alien attack, but obviously, we cannot win this war by mere defence. Yet again we must use the same strategy we used before: learn more about our enemy and strike it to the core. Our research indicate some single entity in charge of all alien activity. Its nature and extact location are still a mystery but now we are aware of its next move: the aliens are starting reactivation rituals in their ancient Sinomium sites in order to expand Molecular Control network. We must destroy these sites at all costs and capture the ones responsible for these rituals."
- Weapon research now begins with overall technology research ("Ultrasonic Weapons" and "Alien Weaponry Analysis")
- I also rewrote most of USOpedia articles about live alien research and autopsy. And renamed Tasoth back to Deep One (and original Deep One to The Faceless).

Future plans and thoughts:
 - human enemy faction: not cultists, Just old good criminals and black market representatives.
 - Hybrids Conspiracy plotline
 - a unique terror mission with mind-controlled civilians ("IT'S A TRAP!")
 - more terror sites: off-shore oil rig, sealab, island military base and so on.
 - underwater terror missions (needs some more brainstorming)
 - mission type: Illegal Salvage Operation (this one will be a much pain...)
 - mission type: Pirate Attack

I would like to hear any opinons and suggestions. Cheers!

Work In Progress / Bomb Bloke's X-Com Toolkit Downloads?
« on: June 20, 2017, 01:03:52 am »
Well, since I was really unlucky and foolish enough to start a mod for TFTD (because it really needs some more), I feel a need for old Bomb Bloke's X-Com Toolkit. Alas, for some reasons I can't download it as it should be done (from StrategyCore). I would like to ask if somebody could upload it somewhere else.

Best regards, Dr.Crowley.

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