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Some vehicles in ufopedia don't have a breakdown on what equipment slots they have. Light missile, heavy missile, cannon, beam, engine slot, shield slot, electronics slot, etc.

For example, how it should be:
MiG-31 has 2 slots and description says they are 1 cannon, 1 light missile.

Following vehicle descriptions don't say what the slots are used for.
Humvee, 1 slot
Interceptor, 2 slots
Lightning, 3 slots
Firestorms, 4 slots
Avenger, 4 slots

These do say what the slots are used for:
Darkstar (ultimate radar craft)

Some of the craft weapons ufopedia entries have the same issue, not saying what type they are (slot they go into).
Stingray  (there is the heavy stingray that says its heavy, and normal stingray that says nothing)
Avalance, doesn't straight up say the type, but does say its "extremely heavy load".
Fusion Ball
Cannon, doesn't say type, though is obvious
Laser cannon, again says its a beam weapon in description, just no straight up type: beam
Plasma beam, again says its a beam weapon in description, just no straight up type: beam

XPiratez / Changing difficulty midgame
« on: February 11, 2017, 06:45:50 pm »
Can there be any adverse effects (bugs!) on changing the difficulty midgame in XPiratez?
Found threads on changing difficulty in vanilla xcom and apparently no problems.

Obviously I would do it on geomap instead of inbattle, just in case.

Is it also really as simple as changing just one int value (IE. "difficulty: 2" -> "difficulty: 1" in my case), or are there some other parameters elsewhere?

Basically just wanting to drop the difficulty one notch to reduce enemy amounts and make combat quicker.
Game is a lot bigger and longer than I first realised. :)

XPiratez / Killing an unconscious enemy on the ground?
« on: January 19, 2017, 06:32:56 pm »
How can you kill an unconscious enemy on the ground?

I tried shooting on the tile with bodies without luck and I guess I could blow up the bodies, but hoping for something easier/better.

I vaguely remember seeing a command to kill a unconscious enemy with a melee weapon somehow, but can't find it again ingame or via googling.

Mainly want to finish off some ghouls to prevent them from standing up again because of their regen (and maybe some other future enemy types I haven't encountered yet), or does it actually matter?
It seems like missions can end even when they've regained consciousness and I don't know if they can pick up weapons or grenades or have any way of attacking people?

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