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Hi all, just a heads up for anyone that doesn't yet have a copy of the game files for UFO Defense and/or TFTD: both are $1.49 over at GOG today!

UFO Defense:

    Hi All, with my inaugural post, I wanted to announce that I have successfully gotten OXC up and running on my ARM-architecture ASUS Flip Chromebook! It took me a week, lots of trial and error, and some leveling up of my linux skills (from level 1 to level... 1.05).

    My setup:
    • ASUS Flip Chromebook (C100PA-DB2, ARM Architecture)
    • Stable-Channel ChromeOS
    • Developer Mode (OS Verification Disabled)
    OpenXcom is running on ubuntu-in-a-window style linux, using crouton (via xiwi and the Chrome extension)
    • Lnux install is Trusty Tahr (14.04) Ubuntu
    • Desktop Environment is Xfce 4.10
    • OpenXcom version is 1.0 Release

    This is my third successful major compile-from-source project on this setup (I am such a newb), after 'Battle for Wesnoth' and 'Freeciv', with lots of other minor compiles and installs of various dependencies. This was by far the trickiest, and I'm sure my implementation is relatively nasty, but everything works!

    Not sure if anyone else will find this useful, but I'm pumped and wanted to share with you guys.  Thanks for everyone's hard work making this project a reality!

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