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OpenXcom Extended / [Suggestion] Alien Deployment per Race
« on: February 13, 2019, 02:14:37 pm »
I want to give different weapon branches to different alien races. Sectoids, alien lasers.. Mutons, plasmas.. snakes, alien gauss weapons.. like that.. i think you can make it just adding the "race" name at deployment code.

Code: [Select]
      - alienRank: 3
       [b] alienrace: sectoid[/b]
        lowQty: 2
        highQty: 8
        dQty: 3

Other ways like buildinweapons or deployment per mission are way harder and not so code friendly if you want to make it to all races. I think this kind of code would help to create specific races with their own abilities and weaponry.

Released Mods / [UFO]S.A.R. HWP/AI Mod V.0.60 (XCE+ needed)
« on: August 09, 2017, 11:25:48 pm »
Hey Fellas..

Finally i could finish my first mod. S.A.R. as "Search Analyze Reprogram" Unit Mod created to make your HWP gameplay much more better, bigger and more interesting. Many people use their HWP's mostly to save their soldiers, as a frontal assault/scout unit, because they are mostly expandable. They are soulness units of the battlefield. They can die or kill.. who cares.. and you can bring 4 ultra mega armored soldiers with heavy plasmas anyway..

So we like our soldiers because they get experience, they grow with each battle. We don't want to lose them later, we sacrifice rookies without a blink to save those guys.. for that reason HWP's are always at background.

For that reason, I wanted to have a HWP.. i wanted to have a Sectopod which i care, which i got a connection.. which i even consider to sacrifice my soldiers to save her!.. i hope i handle it now.

If you watched the "Kill Command", you would already know where SAR name came from. This is a learning AI which can control any kind of HWP hull, alien or human, without any problem. She gets experience like your soldiers. She is very hard to create and easy to use. She could be a tank or a huge weapon platform.. She can kill all humanity but this is not our topic here.

So let's look what we got here.

- More of standart HWP types with more weapons.
- Special SAR Units with many weapon options and combinations.
- You manufacture "Hulls" and give it to the SAR unit as "Armor". Every hull comes with his own weapons.
- After you manufactured the Hull then you need to manufacture the armor with weapons. So 2 step needed per armor.
- SAR units got inventory layout. You need to put ammo like soldiers but can't change the weapons. You can only see the inventory before mission.
- SAR units are hard to manufacture. When you lose a SAR at battlefield, you can resurrect it with it's mainframe but all the experience gone. You just get a new starter.
- Hover units are nerfed badly as armor, so careful, because i think they got already huge advantages. But discs are cool.
- SAR armors as HWP's are not overpowered as survival. Don't think you can send them and burn every thing.. just heavy tank can make it maybe but it's slow :P..

- You can reload a SAR unit weapon only with pressing "R".. it's important!.

- There is 7 different hull and much more weapon combinations for them.
- The mod is for vanilla but still got new weapon types for SAR like Gauss, Pulse, Ion and Rail.
- Every unit got it's own unique sprites, images. (not heavy tank.. sadly)..

This mod needs XCE+ Version 39a.

No need to give more spoilers. Please inform me if there is any bug. As my first mod, i hope it works well enough.

Thanks very much to Woah for ufopedia entries,
Solarius Scorch (for AI names specially), Dioxine, Meridian, Warboy and Supsuper for their patience to my never ending questions,
ohartenstein23 for it's awesome scripts,
HWP and Weapon images ,i edited heavily,  from various modders.

Please report any bug anything with save games with only this mod is active. I am new and can miss something on the way. But i think it's safe enough to play, don't worry about version number. I am someone who don't like to see 1.0 until it's really perfect :P.

Version 0.60
- I handled the cyberdisc stun problem thx to ohartenstein23. Now you need to shoot it with EMP weapons for a while and then go for normal weapons, it should not explode.
- Gauss weapon can be searched.

Version 0.57
- Some fixes
- For now, you only need dead units, because there is a problem about stunning those units still, we will figure out soon.

Version 0.55
- Some sprite debugging
- Cyberdisc and Sectopod is stunable.
- Cyberdisc does not selfdestruct by EMP weapons.

Version 0.51
- Ufopedia HWP Weapons fixed.

Work In Progress / Questions about HWP's!!!
« on: July 15, 2017, 11:55:03 pm »
There is HWP sprite patterns and they are hardcoded.. i know it.. but i got 3 question..

1. How can i choose the pattern of which HWP i use?

2. How can i make a  new hovertank? What should i do to make the game use hovertank images rather then first tank one..

3. If i make a soldier type HWP, how can i code it's visuals changing by weapons they got. For example i got a sectoid and i give it a plasma weapon at inventory, then how will its sprites change to with plasma weapon version..


OpenXcom Extended / [Concept] Shot types with multiple ammo/stats use
« on: July 11, 2017, 11:47:14 am »

The idea is using "Battery" type magazines for energy/fuel based weapons/damage types.

As Yankees added the code for different ammo using with shot numbers with it, i got an idea to go over this code. Editing shot types ("weapons use"s) with different stats and abilities to make a weapon more tactical.

With this idea, you will have battery for your weapon. With this battery, you can use it differently from shot to shot.

Think about a heavy laser weapon we all have and used.. default one always sucked, still heavy weapons don't have a big part of modded community because it's big damage with high TU and low ACC mostly.. but we love to use it because it's powerful. But we want a burst version of it too.. maybe a long range sniping shots with good acc could be nice addition.. we need to have a sniper laser and a gatling one to make this happen.. but if we add burst to a heavy laser, it could be OP at short to mid range.. if we add good acc and long range, then it will be an OP sniper..

So.. what can we do... we need to able to get them together with nice and logical limitations.. Lets take our heavy laser.. and give it a battery of 30 charge.. so basicly a magazine with 30 ammo...

- Replace aimed shot with "Beam Shot", %500 of standard damage, short range, high dropoff, high damage reduction by tile, or just simple very short maxRange.. takes "10" charge from the battery..
- Replace snap shot with nothing, just snap.. %250 damage with everything standard for heavy laser.. uses "5" charge.
- Replace auto with "Burst Shot", an auto shot with 10 shots, %100 damage, moderate range and acc.. uses "1" charge per shot..

Now you got a heavy laser you can use at different situations.. i gave an example.. you can create shots with armor damaging/destroying stats, you can use a armour penetrating shot with more charge used.. everything is possible..

And you can make other "batteries" with more charge less damage, with more penetrating power with less charge.. and you can use this battery for all kind of weapons at your branch, from pistol to heavy..

With this options, you can have a pistol with smg and shotgun abilities, a rifle with sniping, a heavy with more tactical options.. so rather then have 10+ type of weapons at your weapon tier like pistol, heavy pistol, smg, shotgun, rifle, sniper, heavy, LMG, gatling vs.. you can handle it with 4 weapon and 2 battery type even with more options then having that 10+ weapon together!

Energy and fuel based (like laser, plasma and flamethrowers) weapons can have totally different game style rather then having different sprites/names and only a different damage type..

I shortly talked over with Yankees anyway, so i wanted to share the idea with you all..

PS: And the problem which player and AI and game code can have with this, "can't able to shoot even you got some ammo but not enough for the shot type"..

There is possible solutions which will save the AI too..

- The shot gets penalty if it does not have all the ammo it needs.. like a shot with 100 damage and 10 charge needed, can fire it with 5 charge but with %50 damage reduction.. so AI can shoot and replace the ammo after it finished off. But player can forget to check the ammo before fire.. so needs more attention.. this could be an option with true/false to not break the AI..

- The system could check the ammo needs and tell the player that there is not enough ammo to shoot..simple but it won't work with AI because there is still ammo.. but if it could be coded just only a warning but able to shot anyway, there won't be any problem.. I mean when you try to shot, the game will warn you, but you can still  fire it with penalty, and AI can shot it because there is no limit..

- The modder could avoid to use this method for the "only alien" weapons.. so AI won't bother with it.. this is the worst case scenario.. but the first idea can handle most of things..

The example code:

Code: [Select]
      shots: 1              #number of shots. Defulat `1`.
      [i]ammoPerShot: 5  #number of ammo needed to shot[/i]
      name: STR_AIMED_SHOT  #name of attack in action menu.
      ammoSlot: 0           #with ammo slot is used by this attack. Defulat `0`.
      [i]damagemultiplayer:   #as % of damage of default weapon damage
      accuracyMultiplier:   #same as damage[/i]
      powerRangeReduction: 0.0 #how much power a bullet loses per tile, used by Psi-Amp damage too.
      powerRangeThreshold: 0.0 #how far in tiles bullet need fly to start appling `powerRangeReduction`.
      damageAlter:           #with all the stats under it, to make shot unique, tactical
      [i]damagePenalty: true  #if there is not enough ammo, the shoot will get damage penalty as %...[/i]

I hope i could explain myself.. thank you!

Work In Progress / AI and weapon range/hit chance stats
« on: June 30, 2017, 12:10:40 am »
I don't have any slightest idea about the Xcom AI.. and as i see there is no AI file to edit.

So if there is people who knows how the AI works, please enlighten me. I want to edit the alien weapon stats with ranges and hit chances and even damage dropoffs.. What does AI care when it's shooting? Does it check for a hit chance limit? Does it calculate the possibility of killing the target?

For example, at Xenonauts, the AI got an acceptable hit chance limit before hit fires, like the enemy goes near you to get that chance or run out to safety. So if you give a poor acc weapon to aliens, they do not attack you, or rush you without firing until they hug you (something you don't want to see). Another example is, if the enemy thinks that, his fire power is not enough to kill, it just don't go aggressive too and go hiding or near to his other fellas.

So if i give low acc weapons, will the Xcom aliens stop shooting? What will they react to limited range weapons? Does "dropoff" work to aliens shooting too? Should i avoid some important things when coding alien weapons then?



I am working on my mod's coding part and i want to use all the tactical stats of a weapon to make every weapon really unique and like more real life versions. I am using all the armour destroying, armor penetrating, power ranges, max ranges, dropoff, to stun,time,armour.. anything.. so a pistol will be a really short range weapon with fast shooting, a LMG with armour destroying bullets and a shotgun which paralyze the target with some TU damage and stun damage support (as they are mostly non-lethal using at RL)..

So everything is as percentage and it's very nice. Just one thing.. As i know that, dropoff is still flat at xce and xce+. It's really pain to try to calculate dropoff for every weapon/weapontype as flat numbers.. It would be much useful if the hit change drops as percentage.

And when i use powerRangeReduction and check it with pressing CTRL in game, i see that i goes "minus" damage. I do not know it's healing or not after it became minus, but it does not make sense even it's visual.. just seeing your gun makes "-8" damage is not right. :) So let it stop at 0 like the acc dropoff..


Suggestions / Can we get some weapon codes from XCE+ to Nightly?
« on: June 28, 2017, 12:50:39 am »

There is some codes which will be very important and a "must" for tactical gameplay i saw at XCE.

powerRangeReduction: 0.0 #how much power a bullet loses per tile. - Weapon types with range involved.
powerRangeThreshold: 0.0 #how far in tiles bullet need fly to start appling `powerRangeReduction`.

ArmorEffectiveness: 0.5   #how effective armor is against this damage. -Real Armor penetrating
ToArmor: 0.25     #how much damage is done to armor. Default `0.0` for stun, smoke, fire, none, `0.25` for rest. -Armor destroying weapons..
ToArmorPre: 0.0   #how much damage is done to armor before applying armor protection. Default `0.0`.

Is there a chance that we can get those to nightlies? thx!

Resources / Drages Weapon Sprite Collection
« on: June 24, 2017, 02:38:15 pm »
Hey people of anti-aliens!!!

As i wrote here and there, i am collecting the various weapon tiers which fits to UFO visuals from all mods done until today, for UFO or TFTD. I collect them, get them together, repair/edit them, recolor them for other variations, making combinations and more.

I am looking for UFO style weapon branches, not "realistic" or "real" weapons. I don't like to have real weapons with real names on this kind of games, because most them are just same weapon with very little stats changed and for ultra early game as this is a Sci-Fi game.

I collected them to use at my mod but i am not sure when it will be released, because i mostly release something at late states, when it's enough to be playable. So for other modders sake, i wanted to make a topic for easy access for people who needs guns, lots of guns..

Every collection got 5 to 10 weapon types from pistols to cannons with all BIG-HAND-FLOOR images as sheets.

The finished collections are here:

-  Those 3 ballistics are steps for updates. The first one is replace for default starting guns and the other 2 are updates with 3 different ammo choices. (taken from Xeno Operations Mod from XOps who created nearly the best things for this game but then unseen for 1 year...)

-  First lasers are created for Aliens use. After long thoughts, i wanted to create plasma/laser hybrid visuals as laser weapons to aliens. Second group is for MiB guys, edited/recolored versions of default lasers with 3 different color and 2 different ammo types.. Third set is again from Xeno Operations Mod, with color variations and empty versions for weapon visual change script users (if the weapon is empty).

-  Gauss weapons with 3 and empty color variations. (From Gauss Arsenal Mod)

-  Pulse Weapons with 7 and empty color variations. (From Xeno Operations Mod)

-  Ion Weapons with 3 and empty color variations. (From Ion Weapons mod)

-  Projectiles and hit animations with many color variations to fit those weapon here i uploaded. Some created by me, some edited, some taken from other mods, all got with light, standard and heavy bullet versions.

-  Plasma weapon tier added with 1 color (finally) and 3 ammo variation (Xeno Operations Mod)

-  Alien uhmmm.. alien weapons added, weird looking ones but cool and real xeno style.. 5 color variations with big-small launchers and grenades.. (Xenoooo Mod)

I think, the ones left: Rail, Mass, Dart, Shock and sonic maybe... then melees and explosives will be handled.

I will add much more in near future.


Some examples and download links are here.

Work In Progress / (FMP ADD ON) FMP Weapon Revise Mod Project
« on: June 16, 2017, 09:17:23 am »
Hey people of xcom.

I think I handled all the coding stuff about weapons creation. I still did not get how to handle aliens with so many little images. Anyway there is enough enemy types at FMP already so I don't worry about it much.

I will collect all the best and fitting art styles and get them together. As a new mod I will make an add on for FMP with new alien arsenal with laser and maybe even sonic weapons. I will replace xcom laser and ballistic arts as well.

My plan is to create alien races with special weapon branches and Resistances. So I will make the damage type important rather then damage numbers.

I will connect some branches to mib too. I will make them important at research.

Now I try to decide which weapon branches will be given to aliens and mib. Aliens will have energy part as plasma and laser, mib can have gauss and advanced ballistic. I got ion, sonic and some another Sci-fi weapon branch graphics I can use.

Ion weapons are from  ion weapon mod for tftd and they look ultra cool so I want to give them aliens as their ultimate weapons over plasma. Sonic weapons could be used for ranged stun. Tftd dart weapons could be used somewhere but I still don't know.

FMP Covered most of my desires about a perfect xcom game with vanilla feel. For this reason, I am happy that I don't need to create huge amount of work for my plans. I just want to have much more richer alien arsenal because even we have tons of enemy types, alien weapons are very limited in numbers and damage types. MiB is a very nice addition but lack of research and importance in the game. The weapon visuals are nice but some of them are not my taste.

After I done with all the weapon images I planned to add, I will start to give them aliens and replace xcom ones.

As I said I got,

Ion weapons,
Tftd dart weapons,
Tftd sonic weapons,
Converted plasma weapons from awesome weapons mod,

To add to the FMP.

I will replace laser and ballistic weapon images too. Gauss and rail are enough cool but maybe could have some more variety.

I will share somemages when I got time.


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Hey again.

I still work on sprites. I collected all branch wise, fitting weapons and now I am editing and making spritesheets with them. To be honest it is much more time consuming then I planned.

I will make much more complex mod then just visuals, but I will probably make a nearly full art based an add on mod too.

I will create 4 tier for aliens with laser and plasma weapons and MiB will have 2 ballistic tiers with laser support. Xcom will have 7 tier of weapons, including totally new starting ballistics. There will be explosive launchers, missiles, melee and stun weapons too.. All xcom weapons will have 3 kind of ammo per weapon with different powers. Enemy weapons will have different ammo too. For energy weapons, every weapon will have different colors changing with the ammo they have inside.

This means 20 weapon tiers less or more.. Every tier got 5 to 10 sometimes more weapon types, most of them got 3 ammo and matching colors for them.

I plan to finish them this weekend and upload here. So other mod makers probably will find good places to use those weapons here and there.

Hey Fellas..

I know that most of you don't like Xenonauts for some reasons.. but i gave my 2 years to mod it to create a huge mod X-Division. It's about 4.5 GB now.. lol.. anyway...

The game visual style is just as same as UFO because it's a ufo clone (as the camera angle and such) and as an 3D animator, i created many new creatures for it.  Those includes nearly all main xenomorph types, robotic dogs, strange space animals, cyber rexes :)..

Here you can see a screen shot of xenomorph mission at Xenonauts.

So these creatures got all the sprites for 8 directions with all the moving/attacking/death animations. I thought that we can use them at Xcom. BUT i am not so good at working so little images and transfering them to the Openxcom format. So if there is someone willingly, i am ready to share all the sprites with anyone.

I made an example image for creatures with UFO palette used. I got much more better resolution versions of them so it could be maybe much better under a good editor at transforming for xcom format and size.

I guess that there should be some people who wants to fight against xenomorphs here :)

Here is the download link for Xenos and robodog... robodogs are special to me because i want to use them at our side too!!bRl0xCoI!boA2srbbN7ASG7ko_nKtNJeBdkkD-Ww6ITYPMDdBsoo

Work In Progress / Questions about Alien Arsenal
« on: June 15, 2017, 08:08:32 pm »

I would need a hand about this. I try to figure out how to mod the "Alien" side but it confuses me here and there. I need a little guide guide about:

- How to give new weapons to aliens?

- Can i give special weapon to special aliens?

- Can i give special weapons to terror units.. i mean i want to make terror units more tougher weapons in time. More tougher bite, different caliber of their weapons..

- Is there any guide about missions and ufo crews because i did not get any idea from those codes :(..

- How is the resistance work at armours or aliens.. I mean there is a resistance from sides and another as percent. How can i calculate this? For example i want to have an alien race with huge laser resistance but vulnerable to AP damage.. %50 damage from lasers, %200 damage from AP weapons..

As i am working on FMP, i want to make the Alien Arsenal bigger.. they just got only one alien laser and all plasma even with more variety. So i want to make a whole new laser weapons to aliens as a full branch. If i can, i want to make the races uses different weapon branches.. for example sectoids laser and mutons plasmas... FMP did this with MiB units, so i want to know how to make it to all alien races.

AND if there is a willing modder to help to handle the code, i could work with him/her with graphics needed.

Thank you!

Work In Progress / An help about Extra Sprite handling!
« on: June 15, 2017, 12:35:43 am »
Hey people

I want to add some sprites (weapon big/hand/floors for now) to the FMP mod, mostly i replace the old and vanilla ones.

But i got a problem. When i add extra sprites, hand sprites, sometimes it goes crazy. The weapon starts to use another random extra sprite, even changes only at some directions only. I change the ID numbers of the sprites and as a result, the buggy one gets fixed but another one corrupted. I just can't figure it out by myself.

Can you give me some hints about it? What could be the problem?


Work In Progress / How to create mods or cover the ufo mods for TFTD?
« on: February 17, 2017, 04:19:02 pm »

I am new at openxcom modding and i read many things and checked many mods but as a TFTD player, most of the things are for UFO and the versions really confused me.

I am the owner of X-Division mod of Xenonauts which is now a 8 GB huge one. I done and know how to create new units for an isometric game at full quality rather then limited color palet and low resolution. So i got even all kind of xenomorph sprites and more creatures. But i don't have any idea how to able to add them to the openxcom. IF any modder out there (who knows how to add units to the game), interested to add the units i created, we can work together.

I am a photoshop user and good at image editing, but image modding is somehow crazy for openxcom with all the packages and sprite sheets.. i read some tools but again they are everywhere. I could only find clear info at wikies.. maybe i could miss something too..

So i am in need of some help for the final version of "how to make mods"..

- I want to get some weapons from UFO mods and use them at TFTD, for both xcom and alien side. I saw many nice weapon sprites, totally new or edited so i want to have them at a big mod at TFTD.
- I want to able to add new aliens to the game or the ones from UFO to the TFTD.


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