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XPiratez / What do I change to make recruiting syns work?
« on: October 25, 2018, 12:40:59 am »
This is the current Manufacturing option that I am seeing.

If the screenshot doesn't attach, this is what the "recipe" is calling for.


Do I need to edit any files to fix this?

XPiratez / Modding-wise, what do I do now?
« on: June 16, 2017, 06:38:19 am »
I think that before I make any more suggestions, I should know the engine better.

A while back, Solarius Scorch linked me a couple of sites.


I think that I understand some of this enough to dabble, and I believe that I have a decent little project to try to implement. It's just a trade good for sale to the black market. My only question now is;

What program should I be using to edit the files with? Is Notepad++ enough?

XPiratez / Can bases be made to move on the Geoscape screen?
« on: May 31, 2017, 03:32:20 am »
irl, if you make a vehicle big enough, it can act like a base. Look at modern aircraft carriers, for example.

I am seeing the possibility of ground expeditions as comprising convoys of vehicles or a all-terrain "train", where the player builds a number of components (Med-Wagon, Air Defence, rolling Workshops, sleeper wagons) to produce an independent moving mini-base (from "Amtrak Wars" series of books).

Or large dirigibles ("Crimson Skies").

Or icebergs (HMS Habbakuk).

These "mini-bases" would have limited living quarters or storage, but could be used as "parasite" bases where a combat team can deploy from in the smaller aircraft.

But it needs the game engine to allow bases to move, or to fool the engine into allowing a vehicle to have base-like qualities.

Long story short, I recently read some sci-fi (WH40K sci-fi, don't hate me) and one of the more interesting encounters in the book was a shootout at a circus.

The circus in the book was much more like the Roman Coliseum than Ringling Bros. Gladiators fought each other, mutants were forced to fight large wild animals, large wild animals fought each other and so on, with acrobats, clowns and popcorn.

This might make an interesting mission-type for the game. Maybe the gals have to rescue some ubers/mutants, maybe they are just there to steal the takings. Whatever their reason, they would have to fight their way through gladiators, clowns, animal handlers, the animals themselves, clowns, the hunters that bring in the animals, clowns, popcorn vendors and clowns.

XPiratez / Questions about "teams" in the battle map
« on: April 01, 2017, 05:58:30 am »
From what I can see when playing in the actual tactical battle map, there are the player's gals as one faction (Team A), which the AI antagonists (Team B) will attack, but they will also attack any neutral AI civilians (Team C). I have never seen 2 antagonist teams on the same map, maybe just never got that far into it before the game was updated and I decided to start again from scratch  :)

The questions are;

is it possible to program an extra faction into the Tactical Map (Team D) and program the AI to attack/not attack according to mission specs? and

is it possible for the AI to recognise that one of the other teams, which up until then had been "not a target", has acted in a hostile manner and treat that other team now as hostile?

Thanks for any answer

XPiratez / Suggestion: 3 ideas which may be workable
« on: December 15, 2016, 12:56:31 am »
First, I wonder if it is worth asking for all firearms to be disassemblable... disassembleble... capable of being broken up for parts?
If the game allowed this, then rather than have to store obsolete weapons because they might become useful in the workshop later, break them up and store the bits.
Need 5 autopistols for a workshop recipe? No problem, just have 10 Pistol Parts and 5 Gun Parts in the vault instead. This may have been suggested before, if so, sorry. I forgot to check.

Second, I love the way that certain weapons get a power boost depending on user stats. Since what we have there is the weapon power being controlled by something that is not inherent in the weapon itself, is it possible to have the game allow a more freeform way of manufacturing firearms. I am thinking of "get x heavy shotguns, weld them together, power (and weight) for that particular gun is (damage times x number of barrels)."
 I dunno if this is possible, it might involve the game adding weapons to the master list on the fly, but I can see the gals personalising weapons from the stock, giving them names and so on.

Third, last and easiest. Volley revolvers and ducks feet. Before proper mechanisms for rapid fire, gun makers just added more barrels which the user could fire singly or all at once. I can definitely see Derringers, ducks feet and volley revolvers fitting in as one step upgrades to the small revolver, flintlock pistol and 6-shooter.

p.s. Please do not take these suggestions as any sort of criticism of the mod. I really admire the work that has gone into it and feel bad about asking for more :)

XPiratez / I sold all my Military shotguns and cannot buy more, any help?
« on: December 13, 2016, 01:20:04 am »
So, I was happy using Heavy Shotguns as my kill-up-close gun and was looking forward to the Kustom Blunderbuss. A vault crisis (too much stuff, not enough space) meant that I sold all the old guns I wasn't using, including the military shotguns.

Now I can't find one for love or money. They don't appear on the black market and the stuff I am fighting comes loaded with gauss and laser guns.

Have I messed up, or is there a contact I haven't met yet?

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