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XPiratez / Sir Diealot's LP
« on: December 20, 2016, 10:59:49 pm »
I'd like to announce my LP.
So far I have it planned and a test episode playing another game.
For the LP proper I wait for two things:
1. Your feedback on the test episode
2. The release of XPiratez 0.99E.2+1

This youtube link should lead you to my videos:
You should also be able to find links to my videos on my website:

XPiratez / Sound contributions and engine capabilities
« on: November 20, 2016, 09:43:44 am »
I was told that the 50 mm cannon sounds like someone knocking on a door and I personally feel that the sound of my beloved recon/bomber parrots (everyone who shoots one down gets a napalm enema) is rather odd for a bird.

Before I look or create a replacement I would like to know what's possible and required.
I assume the engine plays sounds simply based on the floor tile below the character, in the case of the parrot it is always the same sound. Correct?
I further assume that there is no way to play sounds only say every third step or differentiate between vertical and horizontal movement, correct?
Those are things that would help in creating somewhat more realistic bird movement sounds.

Furthermore, what formats/bit depth/sample rate can the engine handle and what is preferred?

XPiratez / HOW-TO: Install OpenXcom X-Piratez on Arch Linux
« on: November 10, 2016, 02:04:08 pm »
Hi there,

after a bit of trying I managed to get X-Piratez! to work on Arch Linux. Here is a short HOW-TO that should at least in part be helpful to users of other distributions as well.

This HOW-TO is for X-Piratez! Version 0.99E.

Requirement: OXCE 3.3 plus
For this mod to work it is a requirement that you have Meridians OXCE 3.3 plus installed. Links to some executables can be found here:,4187.0.html

However, those executables are for Ubuntu and may or may not work on Debian or Linux Mint as well, but what about all the other Linux distributions, like Arch? The solution: build from source.
The code can be found on Meridians github page:
It is important to  check out the oxce3.3-plus-proto branch, not master.

To build it on Arch Linux it is easiest to re-use the openxcom PKGBUILD from AUR and modify it slighty:
The minimal modification you need to do is to change the source from:
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]

Then build and install the package as usual. The obvious downside is that you will not be able to install vanilla openxcom in parallel. I can not be bothered to create a proper PKGBUILD and put it on AUR since they changed the way AUR works at least twice in the last two years and I can not be bothered to re-learn it all the time. Maybe someone else will make a nice PKGBUILD.

If you use a different distribution, the PKGBUILD may still be useful to you since it is just a bash script and contains all the steps necessary to build openxcom.

Now we have Meridians OXCE 3.3 installed and you should see that version when you run 'openxcom'.

Installing the X-Piratez! Mod
The latest version of the mod can be found here:,3626.0.html
Download, extract.
Copy the contents of the 'user' directory to '.local/share/openxcom'.
You will also need at least the original UFO or TFTD and copy all folders therein into the respective folders in 'local/share/openxcom'.
I bought the games on GOG and installed them using wine to get at the files.

Once you have done all that, your folder structure should look like this:
Code: [Select]
$ tree -L 2 .local/share/openxcom/
├── TFTD
│   ├── ANIMS
│   ├── FLOP_INT
│   ├── GEODATA
│   ├── GEOGRAPH
│   ├── HARDDISK
│   ├── MAPS
│   ├── MISSDAT
│   ├── ROUTES
│   ├── SOUND
│   ├── TERRAIN
│   ├── UFO2EXE
│   ├── UFOEXE
│   ├── UFOGRAPH
│   └── UNITS
├── UFO
│   ├── GEODATA
│   ├── GEOGRAPH
│   ├── MAPS
│   ├── ROUTES
│   ├── SOUND
│   ├── TERRAIN
│   ├── UFOGRAPH
│   ├── UFOINTRO
│   └── UNITS
├── mods
│   ├── AltCorpseComplete
│   ├── Piratez
│   ├── Piratez Alternate Armor - Smoke
│   ├── Piratez Alternate Armor - Tac
│   ├── Piratez Alternate SGC
│   └── Piratez Naughty Mod
├── openxcom.log
├── options.cfg
├── piratez
│   ├── Shave.sav
│   ├── Spider_crash_bug.sav
│   ├── _autobattle_.asav
│   ├── _autogeo_.asav
│   └── _quick_.asav
├── xcom1
└── xcom2

To enable the mod, run 'openxcom', go to options -> mods and select X-Piratez from the drop-down menu.

You are almost there. You should now go through all the options in Options -> ADVANCED, one by one, and make sure that they are set as suggested by the mod.
Thankfully this information is in the description text of each option. If the descriptions says "NAY" oder "BEGONE" then NAY it is, if it says YARR! then set it to YARR!. Once that is dealt with you can be sure that you will play the mod as intended by the authors.

That's it, have fun with this great game!

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