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XPiratez / "Gems" you collected while playing the mod
« on: May 18, 2017, 05:51:22 pm »
Wanted to share some stuff I encountered while grinding through 0.99 F.5

Pic 1.: I heard you got a Impl. Bombl. late in the playthrough? Here, get 2 of those because why not?
Pic 2.: The old (hopefully fixed) issue with camo+smoked enemies.
Pic 3.: Crystallisk hurt everything.
Pic 4.: Guess I just stay inside the craft mates?

Feel free to share your own "gems".

XPiratez / Stuff learned about X-Com 2 (vanilla)
« on: May 15, 2017, 10:46:47 am »
Don't hate me plz; deep in my heart I still love the original (and piratez-extended) more.

Story: Believable (yet a bit rushed towards the end)
Graphics: Awesome (max details and stuff)
Gameplay: unless you activate 2-3 groups at once it's rather easy to dispose enemy squads. Sadly no air-game (getting intercepted and shot down doesn't count)
Technologies: 3 tiers of weapons only (and mostly upgrades for damage-values; most utility comes from grenade-types ammo-choice)
Game Length: Way to short; I beat the game in 4 days (~ 6h per day)

"Overwatch" is a rather simple solution to get rid of reaction-score check.
Your soldiers miss all crucial "Overwatch"-shots but hit max-range shots with shotguns/pistols.
The AI is rather stupid to run in obvious overwatch-fire.
Sectoids can screw up your day @ the very first mission. (Mindcontrol and stuff)
Enemy reinforcements get dropped onto your current position for your team to mow'em down in one volley of 'Overwatch"-shots.

Bradford can't fly the Avenger and everyone is bitching about it, yet no one steps up to take the pilot-seat.
How does Tygan managed to get rid of the chip-implant in his neck by himself?
Shen's daughter is your Chief-Engineer now.

Trying Long War 2 -Mod right now and this is alot harder to play.

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