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Work In Progress / Weapon rebalance
« on: October 23, 2016, 06:09:32 pm »
I've been working on a 'weapon rebalancing' mod (and also trying to make Area 51 work together with Awesome Guns), still half-way maybe but I thought I could share what I've done. Only conventional weapons for now, vanilla plus some added by several mods (SMG, LMG, multi-rocket launcher, shotgun, gauss weapons), and all weapons added by Awesome Guns. No minigun, no laser/plasma yet.

I made an excel sheet (included in the attachment) where you can read all values, see how they behave in battle and compare them, here are a couple of pics.

In the first sheet, values are entered and you can see them compared to original values and AwG ones. You can select an accuracy for your test, then press 'apply changes' and you'll be brought to the second sheet(second pic) where you can see the weapons behaviours for various shot types and distances: Aim15 means 'Aimed shot from 15 tiles' and so on. ROF means 'rate of fire', that is the ideal maximum number of ammo that you can shoot in a round (all types of shot considered).

You may see from the pics that one of the main differences between my values and previous ones (vanilla or Awesome Guns) is the usually very short auto fire range (the LMG is an exception), associated with a higher auto shot accuracy. I relied on dropoff to reduce accuracy, for all kinds of shots, but especially for auto shot. I wanted to avoid the situation where you're very close to the target, but you still miss on auto because chance to hit is low. From the second pic you can see for example:

- machine pistols have the highest ROF, but are only effective at very close distances (5 or less)
- SMGs and LMGs have the second highest ROF, but their use is different; apparently stats seem to favor LMGs, but TU for auto shot is 50% in their case, 40% for SMGs, so LMGs can only reach their full potential if the soldier doesn't move. They are also heavier, and SMGs are more effective at shorter ranges. LMG clip increased to 45.
- shotgun is snap only, but accuracy is better compared to Awesome Guns (it was nerfed it a bit too much imo); lower range and high drop off, though, so it's a relative improvement.
- rifles excel at medium/long ranges, but are a poor choice for auto fire, except at rather short ranges: accuracy is then comparable with SMGs, with lower dropoff, but the ROF is lower.
- sniper rifle's snap shot is still slow but fairly accurate. Ranges before drop off are much lower, but the drop off rate is 1. This means that its accuracy starts to sink already after range 25 or so (much less for snap shot), but very gradually.
- auto cannon has become auto only, 4 shots (clip 12), it's also slow (TU 80%) but it's very accurate at close range.
- the multi-launcher is either aimed or auto (2 shots only), is even more accurate but at half the ROF.
- other weapons (alloy, Gauss) aren't showed in the spreadsheet but are included in the ruleset, they are an improvement over the correspondent weapons but they don't differ that much in stats (damage is higher though).

The mod as it is now only affects these weapons, but you should be able to use it with all mods that support those weapons (Area 51, Awesome Guns, Final Mod Pack etc).

Programming / Suggestions?
« on: October 21, 2016, 11:52:54 am »
Not sure if this is the appropriate subforum, but I'd like to suggest a couple of things:

- I love statstrings but I find the / after each name very unnecessary, I prefer symbolic strings (like > / >> / >>> / <>) rather than letters so that / just stands in the way. So an option tu turn it off

Then a couple of new item properties in rulesets to define:

1. aim bonus when crouched (a sniper rifle would benefit more than a pistol, a LMG even more, to simulate bipod)
2. a flat TU before the first shot after moving or crouching (not turning), to simulate weapon draw (would be high for sniper rifles/LMG, low for pistols, etc)

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