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Help / Spriting Team-up? Who else dislikes the Reaper?
« on: January 05, 2019, 12:20:21 am »
So, I dunno about anyone else, but the Reaper has always irked me as the only "bad" alien design in UFO Defense. It has no front legs/graspers, and a surprisingly small mouth for being a giant monster that mangles and practically eats squaddies and civvies alike.

I kinda want to put my limited graphic knowledge into making the reaper at least a bit less weird. Even better if I could team up with someone.

Like let's be honest... I don't think it'd be nearly so awkward, if it was just a weird piggish monster on two legs, rather than the same in an alien bondage getup. Or even if it had the harness, if it was more monstrous and malformed.

My first thought is to either remove or multiply its eyes, and to give it spastic tendrils. Maybe make the head look like it opens a bit /too/ wide.

So anyway, let's brainstorm what'd be better traits for the reaper to have in this thread. (within reason, I guess.) What do you guys think? I really want to hear your ideas. I honestly would work on anything practical and good as a design. Anything that sticks out I'd also be willing to or enjoy helping out on.

Help / Open Modding Question Thread
« on: November 20, 2018, 02:54:08 pm »
Feel free to use this thread for your own questions. I remember a useful thread on the zdoom forums like this.

Hi, I have no idea what I'm doing with half of modding OpenXcom. A specific area I've had trouble with is the aliens. I have figured out player units well enough but haven't figured out how to really accomplish certain goals I have.

If anyone could explain a few of these things to me I would really appreciate it.

1/Setting equipment and equipment status (such as pre-priming of explosives) for aliens, and whether this can be done by race.

2/ As an aside of the above, ensuring aliens actually USE equipment in their inventory aside from their primary weapon. (if all that works are grenades and firearms then that is fine. I don't expect use of proxies or indirect fire, or medical kits.)

3/ Creating subtypes of existing aliens (have done a little bit of it) and giving them their own alien mission preferences and tendencies.
An example of this is that I somewhat want to have different social/class groups of ethereals. One specifically favoring abductions and infiltration. They would have slight stat differences and carry different loadouts. Another example would be Muton terror units that have a sort of psionic or pharmaceutical boost they're on and wield light plasma weapons and alloy blades or claws. These are just examples, the mechanics are what I'm interested in right now thought.

4/ Creating aliens that are XCom units with lightly modified sprites, as in enemy human combatants.

5/ Creating specialized civilians, including ones with weaponry. I realize that the default civilians do not have the means to wield weaponry. The intent would be to further customize any "missions" I might attempt to make if I can figure out map creation. A concept is that special missions could serve to diversify the more repetitious parts of the game. Special missions would be the hoops XCOM has to jump through to maintain funding. These would include the sort of operations you'd expect governments waving money to offer a shadowy paramilitary organization but at least generally oriented toward project safety, secrecy, and anti-infiltration and base-installation missions.

6/ As an aside to most of this, assistance in the creation of fake civilian corpses for the creation of more reasonably "in-progress" terror site maps. I have always found the aliens and xcom's "turn 1 agreement" weird.

If you could give me some tips or point me in the right direction on a few of these I would really appreciate it. I am used to a somewhat unrealistic standard of documentation due to the ZDoom engine.

Fan-Stuff / XCOM Crossovers that'd never work
« on: January 15, 2017, 02:28:04 pm »
Essentially, what would be the worst or most humorously mismatching crossovers for XCom.

First, Fist of the North Star:

Yeah, fighting aliens with a divine martial art is great, but plasma isn't something you can pluck out of the air and throw back at someone. And XCOM isn't exactly the setting to spend a whole episode reminiscing about someone you've lost... It would however possibly benefit from units exploding into bits.


We've all had that squaddie that goes berserk or breaks at the exact wrong moment. That. Essentially that times 100 or more. Like imagine that squaddie is the BEST POSSIBLE HOPE!

System Shock:

"I think I'll get those aliens once I get more clips for my favorite weapons! And some medikits..." (wow, it's like the real thing!)

Command and Conquer:

"Maybe with enough squaddies, I can beat this alien base! Maybe not... Better build a few more Avengers..."

Day of the Tentacle:

"The flickering fluorescent light makes the sectoids look especially threatening!"

And etc... I think you guys get the model by now.

Essentially a setting to make snap and aimed shots automatic also. Like for weapons that are always automatic, but it seems suicidal to leave without a short emergency attack. Or for a melee weapon relying on multiple low-damage rolls to attack an enemy like a taser, saw, or anti-armor chisel. Or even for faking a shotgun type attack for those weapons where it doesn't work right if you use shotgun spread, like arcing or explosive shots.

Would anyone else find this useful? Alternatively maybe some stuff for a custom attack choice? Like something we can custom name, set the accuracy and TUs of, and the shot count of?

Fan-Stuff / Interested in demographics/opinion density
« on: November 24, 2016, 04:28:16 pm »
So I've been wondering, at least on this forum...

What do you think about these concepts in real life? Are you a hardline skeptic, believer, or some ground in between? Please share your thoughts. I personally am somewhat cursed with enough of an open mind it's hard to not give even somewhat far-fetched theories at least a bit of thought. So I voted accordingly.

I can share more detailed opinions but to keep it to the basics: I believe aliens exist. I believe they've visited this planet, or attempted to contact representatives. I believe this is not limited to a single species. I believe this has been covered up due to the typical government/military mindset of regulated information and underestimation of the human population, whether justified or not.

I do think playing XCOM at an early enough age influenced my beliefs away from abduction/mutilation stories being cheesy "evil aliens" and more to them being like a dangerous enemy to earth society level due to their similar "us before and against them" mindset.

"Evil" aliens are unrealistic and goofy next to aliens that act like people treating human beings like subhumans, such as humans have treated themselves.

Arguably we would and have done the same as individuals, factions, countries, races... to people perceived as at most inferior and sub-human, and at most primitive and uneducated.

Like personally the scariest thing is making aliens not some supernatural force against mankind, but a similarly stuck up and self-obsessed species. The kind that can just placate their sense of morality by putting their opponent into an inferior or subservient position below themselves.

Also speaking of inferior... I posted this in the wrong forum section. This was going into general...  Don't drink and post I guess...

Work In Progress / Re: Public Brainstorm - Watch for Sparks!
« on: November 14, 2016, 02:43:20 pm »
If you have the sprites, it should work :)

Just a couple of thoughts for you to consider regarding the megalopolis and terrains specific to countries:
* Area 51 has 144 cities, which have 1 or more terrains assigned
* Japan only has 3 cities, IIRC, so the odds of a mission spawning there are rather low, around 2%, although the regional weight increases the probabilities
* So a terrain designed specifically for a country will always have very low odds of appearing on missions, if there are already several other terrains. It's a diminishing returns situation: the more terrains you add, the less the odd of them appearing on missions, but the work just to develop 1 terrain remains the same

That would pose a definite problem in terms of randomized missions, and how worthwhile work would be on a Japan mapset. I suppose it would be more justified if it was a specifically spawned mission, or in a mod to make TFTD for instance more futuristic or vaguely cyber-punk.

Sure, though Japan isn't the only megalopolis in the world; think Mexico City for example.
But I'm not sure what you mean; a custom Geoscape texture with assigned maps?

Yeah, if not country specific, at least a few textures that represent dense city zones so that terror and landing sites are a bit less suburban and more ou

I was playing yesterday and had an idea based on a sound editing tool I use.

I just noticed there's no easy way to turn on all of the available graph layers at once and figured out a compromise that doesn't require an additional button.

Would it be possible to add a right-click behavior to the Graphs screen allowing one to selectively toggle either ALL available layers of a graph EXCEPT the one r-clicked on, or alternatively to switch between it being the only active layer, and it being the only inactive layer? Or something smarter since I'm sure there's a better way to streamline working with the graphs than I've thought of...

Suggestions / Grenade Extensions? Submunitions?
« on: October 17, 2016, 06:22:54 am »
I dunno if I'm getting ahead of myself here, making engine level suggestions this early in my membership here, but I had a thought.

Grenades, or explosions having a shotgun spread in 360 degrees with a definable number of shots, and damage for those shots. Grenades in XCOM are great, but I've been a bit spoiled on games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. where they actually send out shrapnel for damage separate from the explosion itself. I'm also curious as to whether there might ever be a split of the grenade priming state, and the proximity grenade priming state so that both can be placed on the same grenade. Maybe so that the alien grenade has an early advantage for being used early. I dunno exactly what you guys can add though, since I'm more used to zdoom. They have fairly frequent code extensions and I don't know that that's really your focus.

I guess to clarify since I get a bit rambly: Some ability to define a sub-projectile, a count, and a few other extra variables for explosive projectiles or weapons. This could allow for cluster weapons, grenades with low damage AP shrapnel, alien grenades with plasma bolts, and other more complicated sub-munition behavior for weapons. I will freely admit I don't know the engine limitations that would cause trouble with this.

Resources / The_Funktasm's Crap-U-Copia: Alpha on page 3 - 1/1/17
« on: October 17, 2016, 03:02:45 am »
Feel free to use these sprites as long as you use credit where it's due and aren't an overt jerk to me.

I am pretty familiar with XCOM, and to a lesser extent modding it. (When I was little there were these programs that were installed on the computer for editing various things, with strange MS-Paint level graphics for splash screens and a frame around the program. I recall a super simple few weapon and equipment editors, and a full blown base/storage/soldier editor with a GUI showing various parts of your base, but I digress, just curious if anyone had the same programs...)

But graphically I'm completely unfamiliar with modding XCOM, though I'm pretty good at spriting in general and do it for Zdoom projects.

To start with, here's a sheet in progress of a bunch of weapons that I have in various levels of scale. I'm pretty sure I'll need to use rotsprite to get them looking better and at a more proper scale, to say nothing of palette.

I'm aware it's messy, but I'm kind of working on it as I go along.
If anyone could spare any links or resources for getting graphics game-ready, I have a mod I'd like to do using some of these, at least in a modified form.

Also, first post. Hoping this will be a better community for me than some others I've tried.

If you look and squint, you can see an (IMI: Uzi Family[Micro, Mini, Stock], Desert Eagle) (H&K: MP5, MP5K, MP5SD, G3, HK53,PSG1, G11 Caseless AR, and single shot GL) (Steyr: AUG, TMP/silenced) (Colt: 1911, M16, M4, Carbine, Python) (FN: FAL[partial]) (Russian/Ismash?: SVD, AKS-74u, AK-74, PM, PMM) (One-Offs: Scorpion Machine Pistol, Ingram M10/silenced, Glock 17/18, Ruger LCP, S&W .38 +P Snubnose, FABARM, Franchi SPAS-12, Pancor Jackhammer, Pulse Rifle from Aliens, USAS-12, Sawn-Off Shotgun, Short Pump Shotgun [Winc. 1300 or Rem. 870], Armsel/Protecta Assault Shotgun, African GL from MGS4, Dan Wesson PPC, Remington 700? Sniper Rifle, More) Also see my Xcom Advanced Caseless Bullpup series, and my two attempts at laser weapons.

Edit: Added small sheet of scaled sprites. Added link to Rotsprite Tool.  Also it took me ages on my crappy 56k connection to get registered and everything.
EDIT 2&1/2: Added my attempt at a classic style rifle/shotgun/carbine/smg/more tree, the start of a broader laser family, some rocket/grenade launchers, and a few equipment pieces.

EDIT 3&1/2: Updated a lot of shit... again.

Current Full Sheet, now with names:

New Alien (sting/manta)Ray guns.

TFTD-esque energy weapon family:

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