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XPiratez / Additional Battlescape Music mod attempt?
« on: April 08, 2018, 08:37:14 am »
If I were to come across the time to do so, how would I go about making a mod for Piratez to add additional battlescape audio tracks? I've played so much of it I might enjoy a bit more variety, and wouldn't mind trying to do it myself if it were relatively newb friendly.

XPiratez / Can't wait for next release!
« on: March 01, 2018, 07:31:45 am »
I've been playing a lot of the last versions, and have been having so much fun with it. I've been trying to think of what might be in the next versions, has there been any hints dropped by Dioxine or others?

XPiratez / Stuff I'd love to see in XPiratez!
« on: November 13, 2017, 05:35:56 pm »
I've recently been reading through some of the older posts about suggestions for the mod and I've got to say I'm impressed by how many of those things have been implemented in a fun way by Dioxine and the rest of the modding community here. Great work all of you!

I also got to thinking that maybe we can brainstorm more suggestions here for modders to comb over... maybe they'll see something they find fun and interesting that they would like to implement too. Or maybe reading about something will inspire them with thier own cool idea, who knows?

With that in mind, let me share some of the things I'd love to see in the XPiratez mod to start things off:


1. Find a disabled Aquatoid USO, still crewed and dangerous.
2. Humanist headquarters takedown. Die, future nazis, die!
3. Humanist parade through a mutant street. Maybe the mutant alliance tells us they're being intimidated and want us to wreck the party. Perhaps start on the roofs overlooking the street, like a shooting gallery?
4. Crash an Academy party! Bootypedia says the Exalts and higher get a little freaky together... why not join in for a shock-a-fistingly good time?
5. Smuggler's warehouse raid. Maybe they've got lots of average stuff stockpiled away... or maybe a gem cache?
6. The monster is loose! Research facility studying a live Chrysallid lets it get loose... and we need to get it under control!

Also, having now finally recruited my very own Syn, I'm really loving that the changed stats lead to a new playstyle I hadn't really used before (never really used melee previously... now I can't live without it!). It got me thinking that I'd LOVE to see more extremely rare or one-off units that I might be able to recruit to the team that might have thier own quirks and strengths. Here's some potential ideas:


1. Isolated research lab filled with killer droids, protecting an almost completed prototype... the Terminator T-800! Loves leather jackets and sunglasses, good with shotguns, and highly resistant to damage. Can't run though. Go Arnold!
2. Recruit a real Ninja! Outstanding throwing stat and terrible firing stat, natural stealth or invisibility, and maybe a spiffy new throwing star or blowpipe recipe? Could be fun, I don't tend to use a lot of throwing weapons at the moment...maybe this would change that!
3. Fallout's Dogmeat, baby! Nimble, dodgy, and very bitey, great TU and Stamina. Bite attack isn't that powerful, but he can bite a lot!
4. Convert a captured werewolf! HP Regen, high HP pool, solid TU's, strong bite and claws. Can't wear armour maybe?
5. Special archeological dig filled with vampire bats, and at the bottom level a single solid stone coffin containing...Dracula! HP drain attack (a natural blood-ax maybe?), moves as a bat and reforms when stopped, sexy camo cloak (invisible at night?), takes damage during daylight.
6. Rescue a real human mage... Elminster maybe, or Gandalf? great Voodoo stats but crap otherwise, comes with sexy white or grey cloak and a nifty staff!
7. Locate Dr. X's latest Uber hybrid gal and rescue her! Higher stat caps than anyone, but starts extremely low due to isolation and imprisonment.
8. Our own 2x2 Humanist Super Soldier suit! Twice the fun with half the crazy, our upgraded suit could have the same dual gauss weapons and perhaps the same crap TU count. Tanky!
9. Raid a Star God base to find an almost-finished combat robot! Who is it? MegaMan! Could have weapon recipes that unlock after defeating (or researching) certain enemies, like how beating a boss gets you thier weapons in the game.
10. Reticulan's offer us thier latest Mechtoid prototype as a reward for helping forge the Reticulan-Human alliance. Could be something funny, like an animated garbage can or a Magical Girl stuffed in a box like the R2D2 actor. High armour, one hand could be filled with an awesome but unequippable super Mushroom beer?

Anyways, hope there's something in there that you all find interesting. Loving the game, thanks again!

XPiratez / Appear to be missing the mining ship research topic...
« on: October 23, 2017, 01:44:09 am »
I'm in year 2 or 3, do they still spawn that late or am I SOL?

XPiratez / Take down space robots with rescue pod weapon?
« on: October 02, 2017, 10:49:51 am »
My second space mission I'm up against a pair of what appear to be robots. I've managed to sneak up beside them from underneath and have been hammering them with blasts from my nitrogen guns in my rescue pod suits, but they don't seem to go down. I've been at it for more than 5 turns and am about to save and head to bed. Is it possible to take these things down with this weapon or am I wasting my time here? Also, I've never managed to find a syn, is that what these become once I defeat them? Or am I looking for a different space mission?

Any help is appreciated, all the best,

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