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Work In Progress / Playable alien and flyable UFO projects
« on: July 27, 2016, 03:10:43 pm »
Previous thread title: "Need Firestorm to have alien Scout's battlescape appearance"
Reason: Initial requirement met. Alien small scout reverse-engineered for X-Com use.

Original (old) message:
The alien Scout is a ship I want, no scratch that. NEED at this point to be able to use it both in geoscape combat and battlescape combat as my commando unit (Yes I am a cheater and no I'm not ruining my fun, cheating and modding makes games more playable for me).

Thought of getting back into X-Com/OpenXcom again but first I need to get Firestorm to use UFO1/Scout's sprites and my modding know-how of what little I understood has gotten rusty so all I'm asking for is some help with this (better if someone else did it entirely, still recharging my mind).

As you can see this is my first post here and I've played OpenXcom from time to time. The need for making Firestorm be useable on battlescape but with UFO1's sprites and layouts, finally forced me into making an account on the forum and this post.

Thanks goes to Hobbes and various others here.
Playable alien ship Fhyr:

Commando's items in the ship. Can take off/abort. Shoot down other crafts.
Drop quickly into the mission and rain hot plasma into foes with the Gazer unit.

Final product still needs proper geoscape and ufopedia graph stuff, both OP and normal versions along with descriptions. Download below:
Small update: Got the colors working with a trick with GIMP!

Playable alien ship Fhyrra:

New playable alien space car known as Fhyrrian Space Car 1 or Fhycrath for short:

Also a quick showcase of my ship work so far:

Update (May 08, 2021): Fixed slow refueling rate for both Fhyr and Fhyrra. Gazer Commando can fly now (in battlescape)!
Update (May 09, 2021): Fixed crashing when trying to see Fhyr's and Fhyrra's Ufopaedia. Added a new space vehicle.
                                 Also made repair and refuel time quick for Fhyr, Fhyrra and Fhycrath.
Update (February 25, 2022): Added crouching sprites to Gazer spritesheet in GazerArmor mod

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