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XPiratez / What is your playstyle for this mod?
« on: February 22, 2017, 07:56:48 pm »
So since there did not seem to be a thread for doing this, I had felt like making one to share my experiences and tactics.

-Early game I feel (from first month) shotguns are king. While not very good for long distances, initially, neither are muskets. The difference between high and low accuracy is readily apparent - a gal with high accuracy can afford to make a shot pretty far - and if one of the pellets hits it's already as powerful as a single shot from any other weapon, except you are more likely to land multiples of them at once for the same cost. The pellets also mean the shotguns are excellent to make autoshots with - they are considerably worse than vanilla with pretty much any other weapon unless you are point blank - but a gal with high accuracy and a shotgun that can autoshot can basically deal extreme damage to zombies while ALSO being in the safe distance.

I DO NOT like bows. Don't see why so many people like them, I personally find various things obstructing the arc of fire WAY too often to justify using them. Not to mention, they only seem to be effective against very early enemies. They are also particularly awful against Osiron Security and Mechtoids - units which you will 100% have to deal with if you assault any Academy ship or Reticulan ship. Actually, there aren't many things that can deal with them at all besides close combat - in fact literally the only reliable option I found is to smack them with a hammer.

I do not use smoke. I simply do not understand how to use it properly. Especially with how Intelligence works - it makes me simply too afraid to think that enemies may be able to see me for some turns regardless of what I do, but I may not see them. Better just to take cover to be sure.

Hammer is my favorite weapon. You get it right off the bat, and it remains effective till pretty much the end of the game. The best part about it is that you are also likely to actually knock out the armored enemies this way instead of killing them - very handy when you want a Mechtoid, as literally nothing else will work.

Aside from hammer, my favorite weapons early game are:ALL the Shotguns, Ol' Carbine, Blackmarch Pistol, Black powder bombs and stick grenades.

I find it's necessary to start preparing potential pilots right off the bat. Bravery seems to be actually the most important stat for pilots - not only it means your craft will be able to close in faster to deliver airballs, but it also leaves less enemy for the enemy craft to retreat, which isn't that uncommon. So I tend to pick a gal with highest accuracy or two, strip them of all armor and do tons of things to lower their morale on easy missions - whether it's holding the banner, being set on fire, or taking combat drugs. In the end all's worth it if they can train their bravery.

For new gals I usually put them in swimsuits  - the terminal lack of stamina seems to plague quite a few of new recruits. If your max stamina is under 50, you will struggle getting literally anywhere in the battle. This also makes them sort of expendable. But at least some of them wind up getting good and graduating into a better outfit so it allows me to screen them while keeping them useful!

By midgame, I prepare to dominate the airgame. As I build a ton of bases just to manufacture stuff and advanced radar range, I am faced with the fact that sooner or later I am going to face the obligatory monthly crackdown, and if I don't take appropriate measures, at least one of them will eventually wind up finding one of my weakly defended bases and destroying it. Since I prefer to build bases for radar coverage, it means that by this point I've made sure the entire world is covered by base radars, which might not be the best thing. So I start building up the airforce. Hellerium appears to have become REALLY scarce compared to previous versions - but now we have the Scarab, which runs of batteries, and it seems marvellous for shooting down the enemy vessels they send after you. Although in some cases you shooting down one means they immediately send another, larger one, and another one after that.

I wind up transitioning mostly to explosives:Regrettably, a lot of ranged weapons you can unlock still don't pack enough wallop against such enemies.  Mortar, Assault Cannon with Superconductive cannonballs, Quad Launcher = all excellent. Of manufacturable weapons at this point I believe the boarding gun and it's upgrades to be some of the most efficient damage dealers out of which you can easily manufacture. Although the chem  ammo is a great help for that - Blunderbuss is probably the best since you can autoshot it.

-Out of enemies I found Bandits are surprisingly dangerous. Possibly actually the most dangerous and unrewarding of early game enemies as you will mostly meet them during a pogrom, they are unrewarding to capture, blood hounds and armored cars can easily wreck your gals, and ghouls use chem ammo. General Operators are basically walking 20000$ cheques waiting to be stunned and redeemed, and Academicians aren't very dangerous either, although Osiron Security and drones are much more of a pain to get rid of than Guild Security. Humanists soldiers are abouts as strong as GO's. Reticulans can be dealt with as long as you have a way to dispatch the Mechtoids. Spartans aren't very dangerous, although some heavy troopers carry guns that will instantly kill your strongest gals if you aren't careful. And mercenaries are hardly ever worth messing with...

Open Feedback / Retaliation mission question
« on: February 19, 2017, 04:37:51 pm »
So it is known that the more facilities a base has, the more likely it is to be found when it's targetted by retaliation. But, how exactly does it work? Does an UFO search for a particular base in an area, or all of them? If I have a fully built up base with no mind shields, and a half-built up base with 2 mind shields in the same area, how likely is it that the aliens will find the second base instead of the first one?

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