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OpenXcom Extended / [DONE][Suggestion] Build Facilities Quick Lookup
« on: July 15, 2019, 10:53:40 am »
Hi Meridian, I'm not sure if this has been suggested or is even possible but on Build Facilities, can we get the middle mouse button to quickly consult the building's ufopaedia?

It would save the time taken to get out of base and scour the long list of building facilities in the ufopaedia (especially when there's a lot of custom buildings). I find myself having to consult the ufopaedia a lot lately before building, just to compare the minor life and death differences between buildings and decide which is the best one to build with my remaining $$.

OpenXcom Extended / Requesting old OXCE+ version
« on: June 29, 2019, 03:57:48 am »
Hey guys, I've been out of the loop for the last 2 years (ridiculously still on OXCE+3.6!) and was so excited to update seeing I missed out on so much!!

Unfortunately, it turns out the mods I have rejected the latest versions, and I can't start up the game due to linking errors, for example:
[ERROR]   Error linking 'STR_MIB' in research: Unknown research 'STR_ALIEN_ONLY'

I managed to fix that particular error by defining 'STR_ALIEN_ONLY' in Equal Terms mod as someone pointed out online at, but am now getting other similar errors, where a particular research is linked to another research but can't be found - probably since my rulesets are modular but I've edited some so that they depend on each other? At this point I'm completely stumped, and having spent so much time in the past customising each ruleset so they work perfectly with each other, I don't want to disable any mods.

Is there an older version of OXCE that isn't as fussy about linking research between mods? The issues others had with these errors were raised in Nov 18, so I'm thinking any OXCE+ version before that time would help. Trouble is they're so old they're no longer available for is it possible some kind soul can help upload any 64-bit windows compatible version before Nov 18? Or am I doomed to play on OXCE+3.6 as of 20-02-2017 forever :'(

Work In Progress / Randomise starting base facilities
« on: February 08, 2017, 01:54:37 am »
Is it possible to randomise the positions of starting base facilities? I don't really want to place them myself in advanced options since it feels cheat-y..

It just seems like something that can offer new experiences and more replayability in base defense missions.

Work In Progress / How to trigger a base defense mission?
« on: February 07, 2017, 03:40:58 pm »
I know you can trigger a retaliation mission where ufo's come flying around in attempt to locate your base and attack it, but the odds of them succeeding seems rather low (unless you force a huge wave of ufo's but that seems a little ridiculous.)

Is it possible to force it with 100% possibility? Even if it means skipping the scene where ground defenses fire at the invading battleship, and going straight into the battlescape.

Work In Progress / AI Aggression and Intelligence ranges?
« on: February 07, 2017, 12:07:26 pm »
I had a look at the nightly ruleset for reference to AI units but the values only show Aggression from 0 to 2, whereas nothing is specified for Intelligence. Does anyone know the exact ranges we can use?

Work In Progress / AI's priority in Alien Deployments?
« on: February 06, 2017, 05:25:55 am »
Hey guys, I'm having trouble figuring out how to write the weapons "data" in Alien Deployments  ??? So I have a few questions regarding the AI's priorities!

1. If you give the AI a grenade along with a double-handed weapon, would the AI thoughtlessly hold both together at the same time? Or is grenade placed in the belt or elsewhere until the AI deems necessary?
For example:
            - STR_ASSAULT_RIFLE
            - STR_GRENADE

2. Now if I were to give the AI an extra melee weapon (see below) would the grenade ever be used? I'm guessing the knife would be taken first and held in the other hand and the grenade would be stored away in belt?
            - STR_ASSAULT_RIFLE
            - STR_KNIFE
            - STR_GRENADE

3. Does the order in which you write it even matter? If I moved the grenade up, would that mean the grenade has the bigger priority and the knife will never be used?
            - STR_ASSAULT_RIFLE
            - STR_GRENADE
            - STR_KNIFE

OpenXcom Extended / [Question] How to block other hand completely?
« on: February 05, 2017, 04:00:36 pm »
When holding a double-handed weapon, there is "Blockbothhands: true" but that still allows the wielder to hold another item (even if they can't use the weapon subsequently.)

Is there a way to completely block the wielder from picking up another item?

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