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XPiratez / How do you use Night Vision to your advantage?
« on: April 14, 2016, 12:40:19 am »
I apologize if this is a very novice question - I'm very new to OpenXCOM but I have a good amount of experience to XEU and Xcom 2.

Very early on in the research tree you learn that your hands have slightly better night vision range than standard enemies - 12 spaces vs. 9. However, when I turn off the personal lights during a nighttime mission, I (the player) can hardly make out anything in the dark! It's very frustrating trying to guess where terrain is or if my hands stumbling around in the dark are actually in the middle of a clearing. I usually end up leaving the lights on during my turn and turning them off right before ending my turn. Additionally, if I do happen to see an enemy in the dark, it's very difficult to see what kind of enemy they are, and what direction they are facing, which is very important to a melee ambusher.

I know my hands are intended by the game lore to have an advantage in night missions, but it's so frustrating playing these missions that I much prefer daytime missions. Am I missing something? Is there an option or hotkey to "turn on" night vision that I haven't found?

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