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Offtopic / Warcraft 3 Screenies
« on: September 26, 2016, 04:09:57 pm »
Thank you davide for and cheering me up and the replies on "Not Playing OXC Anymore" thread.
Adding the Warcraft 3 screenies right now.

I can't add some Warcraft 3 Screenshots as attachments because the files are too big.

I decided using postimg because bulletdesigner has one.

Lets check it out.

1: The Town i made.

2: The Cursed Cathedral Dungeon Level 1.

3: The Cursed Cathedral Dungeon Level 2.

4: The Cursed Cathedral Dungeon Level 3.

5: The Cursed Cathedral Dungeon Level 4.

6: The Cursed Cathedral Dungeon Boss Level 1. (The Skeleton King/Warlord)

7: The Cursed Cathedral Dungeon Boss Level 2. (Master of the Cathedral/Demon who cursed the building)

8: Protagonist House, Corn Farmer House and Blacksmith.

9: The Tavern (Upstairs and Downstairs).

10: Villager House and Doctor's Hut.

11: The Inn (Downstairs and Upstairs).

I did pretty good at the interiors with vannila "Support Column" models.

I liked it because i want to do a Diablo/Torment/RPG style map i'm making. I know that "Dialog Button" event triggers get too annoying because of the whole "Last Created" part. I'm going with "Player typed-in chat message" instead of that.

Troubleshooting / MapView Bugs and Glitches
« on: August 16, 2016, 01:49:40 am »
Backed when i was working on getting my maps back to the new location/folder of my MapView.

There are some or too many bugs and glitches on my MapView maps (Including the Large Scout Variants i'm making because variants are very important).

It keeps saying "Attack Base: One" on the last node (Node 20 or 28's importance is supposed to be One) on the Large Scout variant which is a bug or a glitch at this part.

I'm about to delete Node 20 and 28 at the part of the map to let the bug and glitch to go away.

It will take a few seconds to go away.

While i was playing Final Mod Pack on Experienced instead of Beginner. I was on a night terror mission fighting a band of Sectoids with Cyberdiscs (Since they are no Drones in OXC that can repair robotic units).

I was using Flamethrowers and Shotguns on the first terror mission. CDs keeps obliterating my troops and my best sniper in battle.

I'm going to do is do a list of things that a soldiers can kill a Cyberdisc.

Weapons i recommend for killing Cyberdiscs:
1: Miniguns and Mini-cannons. (Best for shredding some armor)
2: High explosive ammunition for Pistols, Machine Pistols, Rifles (I called them ARs), Shotguns, Miniguns, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns and other conventional weapons. (I'd liked to have Gauss Weapons with HE, I, Shredder and other ammunition. But Solarius Scorch says no)
3: Anti-Armor, Anti-Tank and Anti-Air ammo. (It can be overkill)
4: Chainsaws? (It can possibly break the muzzle)
5: MEC Suits? (I think i can say yes to MEC suits)
6: More will be soon.
Weapons i don't recommend for killing Cyberdiscs:
1: Rocket Launchers. (I don't always use rocket launchers more often)
2: Armor Piercing Ammo. (I'm okay with that)
3: Knives and Fists. (It can make your fists bleed for punching it)
4: Tanks maybe? (Their weapons are kinda powerful than others)

I'm gonna always play on Experienced instead of Beginner because Beginner is the most boring difficulty for everyone to play.

I can still give up on Terror missions. But i depends on what thingsi have to do.

I'll make a wishlist of some things that i liked or to do or what i want.

I recommend Sectoids to have brute-like Sectoid terror units instead of Cyberdiscs.
*At Cyberdisc* You E.Ts are so effing dead.

Offtopic / Things that i want the X-COM games could be
« on: July 05, 2016, 02:23:15 am »
Hi. I'm here to explain some other stuff. I have interesting things to tell you guys about.

Here's a thing: I would liked to play some XCOM games (Well all i need is probably a desktop for EU2012/EW2013, The Bureau and XCOM2-2016) again.

But... I would be interested of playing it to be first person/third person army based tactical shooter like C&C Renegade or Saints Row games instead of Strategy.

I know that Julian Gollop created those games. I saw that he's working on Phoenix Point.

Here's what i want old and new X-COM games to be.

1: Keep the Geoscape view for base building and other stuff. (Very fitting for viewing the entire world)

2: First person/third person Interceptor dogfighting against UFOs. (Similar to old Interceptor style)

3: Make it to where it's first person/third person tactical shooter in battlescape missions. (That can be particularly interesting as far as i can tell.

4: Have power-ups for health, armor, stamina and more. (Especially strength power-ups, speed power ups, energy power-ups, etc.)

5: Destroy-able buildings and objects. (It can be fine)

6: I pretty sure it can 3D instead of 2D. (Like possibly models of everything X-COM).

7 *NEW*: Drive-able vehicles, cars and objects. (That will be fun)

And i think that's it for now on. *shrugs*

Offtopic / Command and Conquer Infantry Death Sounds
« on: May 15, 2016, 02:09:11 am »

It think i should do in my own mods or anyone can do in their mods is to add  C&C death screams  as extra sounds to civilian soldier deaths.

This could be very interesting if civilians and soldiers can scream while they die.

I thought TFTD has the same scream as first C&C games.

The only things that can find the death screams is to mess around (maybe) with the C&C modding tools to find it.

Suggestions / Tank/Hovertank/HWP UFOpaedia Image/Inventory Sprite
« on: May 07, 2016, 02:22:29 am »
You know guys. Can i ask you something.

Last year when i played TFTD. You noticed that there's a Coelacanth/Displacer UFOpaedia image.

That i would suggest that you can probably make your guys own UFOpaedia Image and inventory sprite for all of the Tanks/Hovertanks/HWPS just like that maybe.

Is that okay?


If i would suggest that HWPs might have a similar image of the Sectoid in the UFOpedia background instead of TFTD.

I think that will be a good idea.

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