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Work In Progress / [TFTD]Terrain Expansion
« on: June 02, 2016, 09:46:40 am »

This is a collection of new terrains and maps for Terror from the Deep, some original, some integrated from other mods, and some originally intended for UFO. So far it also makes a few modifications to the geoscape with new cities and a few changes to the regions and countries. Current status is a work in progress with testing still to be done, especially on the gameplay and thematic sides.

List of terrains:
    -Polar Island Terror
    -Polar Island Artefact Site (unused in game)
    -Industrial Port
    -Urban Beach


    -Polar Island Terror terrain with experimental above ground artefact site
    -North atlantic region extended south
    -Alaska extended into north pacific. USA extended to cover new york and bermuda
    -Fed Korea replaced with Pan Pacifica centred around Hawaii, Free China given former territory
    -Added some new cities around the atlantic and poles
    -Converted and modified desert-mountain  into seabed mountain
    -Added small chance of plane, galleon, pipes, and msunk on all geoscape textures.
    -Optimised routes for several atlantis and mu maps
    -Integrated additional artefact sites by Civilian
    -Extended Atlantis and Coral with new maps
    -Converted terrains: Comercial
    -Modified Urban into beachfront with new beach tiles
    -Converted Alien Hive terrain as alternative to alien colony level 2
    -Converted Industrial as additional port map with new coast tiles
    -Integrated additional liner ship maps

Hobbes - Many terrains created and compiled for Area51/Terrain Pack
New_Civilian - Mu and Atlantis artefact sites; Adaptation of Urban for tftd; Additional liner maps.
Robin - Human suit civilians, adapted by Hobbes
Bagirov - Industrial terrain design (originally developed for UFO2000 via Area51/Terrain pack)
Solaris Scorch - additional maps and tile images for Commercial terrain
Dioxine - tile images for Commercial terrain and civilian sprites
Tentacular- tile images for Commercial terrain taken designed for other mods

This represents old work that may need updating although it might also work just fine. Credits may need looking at again.
For my part, my intention was to create resources that can could be freely used within the openxcom community. Any work that is my own (especially original .RMP and .MAP files for Polar Island) can be freely used by anyone, as long they do not prevent others from doing the same. Any work based on other peoples work in your own work, adapted or otherwise, including UFO and TFTD, should be used at your own risk

Released Mods / [TFTD]Extended Facilities
« on: May 16, 2016, 04:50:17 pm »
Extended Facilities for Terror From The Deep

  • Large Living Quarters
  • Large Storage Facility
  • Corridor (North/South)
  • Corridor (East/West)

Based on Dioxine's Improved Living Quarters mod and the corridors from XPiratez. Useful features for space efficiency now available for TFTD. Two varieties of corridors since the TFTD X-com bases have extremely useful doors.

-Ufopedia fix by Orz and new images
-Complete redesign of Large Storage Facility. Now places items on second floor correctly

All work that is my own is free to use by anyone in the openxcom community and beyond.

Work In Progress / Drawing routine/animation help
« on: May 05, 2016, 02:34:00 pm »
I started off making a new set of sprites, using the tentaculat as a guide but those things animate even less than I remember! What I'm looking for is something like a simple four frame animation so I can make the critter bob up and down when idle (using constantAnimation: true?) And ideas what I should use?

Released Mods / [TFTD]More USO Variants
« on: April 12, 2016, 01:00:23 pm »
Standing on the shoulders of what led to the Darkened UFO Vanilla Variants mods and the variant USOs by Civilian, I started work on making extra variety for TFTD.

Starting off I have two experimental variations on the fleet supply cruiser. UFO08b1 is meant to be vanilla balanced and I'm pretty happy with it as long as no bugs crop up. UFO08b2 won't make the final version in it's current form - it has a very nasty killzone right by the entrance which I think disrupts the vanilla flow too much. A few such nasty surprises might have their place though.

My questions are:
-What common map bugs should I be looking out for? This is my first attempt using the map editor
-Opinions on acceptable breaks from the vanilla layout? External entrances in different places?

Download link available and mod is ready for actual release after some more testing to make sure the latest changes haven't broken anything.

      -Interior variations for all vanilla USOs (38 new maps)
      -13 new original USOs (45 new maps)

0.9 - All maps for vanilla subs are now blastproof
      - All mods have been merged into one with all the new features for ease of installation. Advanced options have been left to help those with some modding experience to change what they like
1.0 - Fixed interception images for all new USOs
      - Fixed LOS issues with hunter variants (,,,

      - B variants (UFO01b UFO03b UFO04b UFO05b UFO06b UFO07b UFO08b) created by new_civilian, with some modifications
      - Everything that represents my own work is free to use, distribute, and modify
      - This explicitly includes: Modification, Combining in your own megamod, bug fixing (please do), converting to UFO, hosting elsewhere as long as it public and free to download

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