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XPiratez / [MOD] Tanks and Cars Plus (Update 8)
« on: December 13, 2017, 09:21:03 pm »

The one thing that miffed me in X-Piratez are tanks. Well, they're fine, and perfectly serviceable, but... they pale a little compared to the gals, who can have more firepower and be more armored, thanks to advanced power armors. This mod seeks to change that, adding 20 tanks for late-to-end game (post-school graduation, with advanced designs locked to higher studies). They're expensive to make and maintain, but in exchange, more armored than regular tanks and have better weaponry, from just bigger guns to specialized weapons (for example, at least 4 of them have non-lethal weapons in some capacity) to deliciously destructive weapons rivaling few in power.

3 tanks can go underwater, and one - IN SPACE!

The mod also includes 6 cars, they are available way earlier, aren't that well armored, but can take a few shots for you, as well as fire some store-bought weapons, from machinegun to 25mm cannon. They're also pretty badly looking, but don't let that distract you.

All of the vehicles have associated research, manufacture and bootypedia entries. There are also bootypedia entries for their armor, but tanks' resistances are not changed from resistances of vanilla tank, with the exception of heavy tanks, who are more resistant to some types of damage and less resistant to EMP and warp.

The archives containing the mod are attached to the message.

-Update 2-

- Changed car sprites based on spritesheet provided by IvanDogovich;
- Made research prerequirements for tanks more reasonable, instead of general gateway techs;
- Reduced heavy tanks' night vision (20 -> 16) and stealth tank's spotting (NV: 25 -> 20, SPOT: 10 -> 7, INVIS: 24/10 -> 24/12);
- Heavy Laser and Heavy Gauss tanks have reduced fire-rate now;
- Heavy Gauss tank also has its aux laser cannon replaced with gauss one, since laser cannon would look silly underwater;
- RMCC missiles no longer have nuke effects, since they aren't fusion-based anymore;
- Added categories to tanks based on their main weapon;
- Bootypedia, manufacturing recipes updated to reflect changes;

-Update 3-
- Converted tanks to armor form. Now they're wearable by lokk'naars and slaves.
- - Automated tanks are still available to a degree (can't manufacture, but can use what you have), and their ammo is still manufacturable, but their associated research has been made unavailable. Once cars get converted, automated vehicles will be removed.
- - You can remove them prematurely by removing ruleset.rul from mod's Ruleset folder.
- Each tank now has a paperdoll, based on NeoWorm's HWP paperdolls.
- Small adjustments of tanks' armors and weapons.

-Update 4-
- Converterd cars to armor form. They're "wearable" by lokk'naars, slaves, gals and syns. Gals' versions have more armor (because gals themselves have more armor), and syns' versions have more armor and improved resistances based on syns' own resists.
- Automated tanks\cars are no longer available.
- Added new car: AC/LASER with in-built laser cannon.
- Added 3 sectopod "armors". They're wearable by lokk'naars and provide extreme protection + other bonuses at the cost of some mobility and a lot of firepower. They're also, of course, late-game vehicles.

-Update 4.1-
- Minor bugfixes, including a fix for a crash.

-Update 5-
- Added 15 cyberdiscs. 8 "basic" (4 of them are converted vanilla discs, with slight adjustments(more speed, but much less hp)), 7 "advanced" (with shields, blue paint, etc.). Some of them can go to space, too. They're meant for lokk'naars only, of course.
- Made adjustements to selling costs of the vehicles. Before, the prices were pretty much placeholders, but now they're based on total cost of components + cost of manufacturing.
- New, neater ordering, and other minor adjustments and fixes.

-Update 6-
- Ramming! You can drive your tanks into your enemies now with a new set of special attacks. They're not fast, pretty inaccurate, but hit really hard.
- Minor adjustments to weapons.
- 6 new tanks: converted basic tanks (autocannon, battlecannon, flak, gatlaser and howitzer), minigun tank and additional ammo types for them.

-Update 6.1-
- Bugfixes.

-Update 7-
- 5 new hovertanks: 3 conversions (railgun, plasma, devastator) plus laser and ion tanks, plus new ammo types for devastator launcher.
- Changes to fatal wound calculation as per changes to master-mod.
- Bugfixes, adjustments, etc.

-Update 8-
- 4 new tanks for each codex.
- Updated graphics for cars, added a new one.
- Bugfixes, adjustments, etc.

-Update 8.0.2-
- Sprayfire, minor changes to machinegun and few bugfixes.

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