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Offtopic / Recommendations starting out with OpenXcom?
« on: March 06, 2016, 07:04:01 am »
I have successfully installed OpenXcom and the game data files. I also understand how the mod system works. I am looking to setup my first run through and wanted to ask for any recommendations. I like the mods that add in new maps and terrain detail. Although it appears the terrain mod has merged with the redux mod. Redux and FMP change a lot. I don't know if all those changes will be overwhelming as I get back into the game. So I guess I am really looking to play around with the built in mods and advanced features plus add in map variety.

EDIT: OK based on recommendations and investigating myself here is my list.

+ = add
~ = maybe

+Changed out the music with Cydonia Falls tracks.
+Using the HQSounds. I love the original but the HQ mod sounds better with headphone.
+Matching Vanilla weapon colors. Totally love this.
+Moriarty Power armor reskin. I dig the fins on the flying suit. Plus it's easier to tell them apart now and the soldiers faces during inventory are a win.
+Darkened Vanilla UFO variants
+Terror and Alien Base reworks for something new
+Added shotgun and sniper rifle. Just for fun.
+Retaliator. Definitely need this.
+Set explosions = 2 Really changes the game but I like it. Especially how I use smoke. More realistic IMO.
+Since grenades are more effective in buildings now I felt instant grenades were worth a try over grenade chains. Plus I always felt playing hot potato was strange.
+LOS psi and improved psi stats through missions. Not having infinite range is cool by me.
+Alien bleeding. I imagine this will make capturing aliens harder. Can you stabilize aliens with medkit?
+Increase high explosive  dmg 200. I love breaking things. Plus with all the new UFO maps would be nice if I want to make a hole.
+Force craft launch. Anything that gives me more options is great.
+Some other random stuff to make the game faster by skipping screens and such. Needless clicking bothers me.
+Enabled stat strings. Customized .rul to my liking.
+Commendations. Really cool!!
+UFO extender accuracy. Love this after testing in Battle Mode.
+Initial base design. Yes for better base defense.
+Limited mission loadout to 80. Can't just take everything. Forces me to tactically choose what I think I need.
+Enforce storage rules for general stores and alien containment.
+Sell live aliens.
+Grenade armor mod. I want big explosions. I think I might have to set a limit on how many grenades I can take.
+Item Levels. I like varied armaments.
~Stealth suit mod. It sounded cool. The design has interesting ideas. Maybe add the interceptor troop carry mod with two stealth units for small ufos. Shoot down, plant explosive. Kaboom!!!

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