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The X-Com Files / Cyberweb Lair ?
« on: October 23, 2021, 09:35:13 pm »
Hello again,

Trying to do my first Cyberweb Lair mission, i cannot find my way.

The briefing said to bring explosive, so i took my best boom tools.
I tried to go on the marked doors (screenshot) but nothing behind, so i tried to use my "High Explosive" i think it’s the name.
I dug 1 tile but that’s it. Same with the 3 doors.

Do i really need "a lot" of explosive, or am i missing something here ?


Screenshot :

The X-Com Files / Attacking a Cult HQ : confused i am
« on: October 20, 2021, 11:11:59 pm »

I’m doing my first HQ attack, and it starts with my team of 8 split into two groups in different small rooms.
I cannot go anywhere but inside a kind of elevator ? So i go there, with group 1 and group 2, as the layouts are the same but i cannot regroup my team.

Then i have no idea what to do, so i end turn, and... Crazy, many Hidden IA movements, some melee seem to happen, but when it’s my turn again, beside some armor hit, i see nothing new.

Another turn goes just the same, so i quit until i understand what i am missing.

No idea what to do, where to go... I searched the forum for "HQ" related stuff, but only find questions about the geoscape locations of these HQ.



It seems YouTube is blocking my video because of "Strategist, Kensuke Ushio" music.
Not a "green" block, but a "yellow" one : cannot watch in 82% countries...

As a comment my videos, i have to redo a large part of it without the ingame music.

Is it "normal", expected, known ?

The X-Com Files / A way to remove all inventory from everyone ?
« on: October 11, 2021, 02:58:00 pm »

I play with the last version of OXCE + XFiles + Additions. I’m in september 1997.

Is there a way to remove everything from everyone ?
I want all my stuff back in my base so i can count and share better between the different teams.
Only way i found is to set crew to a car/van then go to inventory and manually remove everything from the trunck of the van, and repeat with other soldiers.
The van because my other vehicles so far have only 2 crew so it’s faster with the 4 van crew.

Bonus question : when will i have better than the Public and Private cars, and the Van ?


The X-Com Files / Tech Tree ?
« on: April 15, 2021, 08:03:08 pm »

I’m trying to find a tech tree for this mod, but i can’t find any.
Like, some kind of a infograph visual with arrows going all ways.
Given how popular seems to be this Xcom-Files, i surely simply missed it.
Could you point me to the right direction ?


Troubleshooting / Linux, error : "undefined symbol"
« on: May 28, 2017, 08:55:49 pm »

I wanted to try again this game, but i have trouble installing it. I have the game's data from Steam, so i use PlayOnLinux to install X-COM with Steam Windows, then make a copy the folder.

I had a working version before, it was "1.0.518a651-dirty". I didn't really play it, it was just a test, and it was about one year ago i think, but i could launch a game and all was fine.

So i tried to remove it to installed the latest Nightly :

Code: [Select]
sudo remove openxcom

I follow the steps on the webpage for Linux Ubuntu (i'm on Mint but it's more or less the same) :

Code: [Select]
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:knapsu/openxcom-beta
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openxcom

Then i go to /home/tchey/.local/share/openxcom/UFO/

and i copy the files from my X-COM vanilla into it and replace the previous ones.

Then i open a terminal like i used to do for the "dirty" version :

Code: [Select]
 Now i have this error :

Code: [Select]
~ $ openxcom
openxcom: symbol lookup error: openxcom: undefined symbol: _ZN4YAML6detail9node_data12empty_scalarB5cxx11E

What did i do wrong ? Thanks for reading.


I'm on Linux Mint

I've installed openxcom with the game from Steam.

I install the ppa -beta, update, installe with sudo apt-get install openxcom
Then i go to  /home/tchey/.local/share/openxcom/UFO
I copy the original folders from Steam to UFO folders

In a Terminal i do openxcom

Game launchs, it works, sounds and all, but then i can read "OpenXcom 1.0"  on the main menu screen. It should not be "Beta" or "Nighty" or something ?

Am i playing the last version ? What did i miss ?


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