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Tools / Clip Studio palette for UFO battlescape
« on: April 27, 2021, 03:53:12 am »
prbly not many uses clip studio for drawing assets but anyway here's pre-constructed color palettes for x-com ufo defense battlescape.

I've also uploaded it on assets store. since clip studio does not support 8bit png export, you'll have to downscale it (and preserve palette information) via falko's palette converter

Released Mods / [OXCE][WIP] OpenScarfCom
« on: April 24, 2021, 07:13:14 pm »

*latest OpenXcom Extended Needed*

Download/More info/Credits Available at page
github repo

A total conversion mod that focuses on replayability and QOL.

some of the main features:

  • sprite changing based on loaded clips (currently on rifles)
  • integrated Hyper & Trajectory
  • integrated powered exoskeletons
  • increased smoke and fire damages (incendiary now deadly against no resistances)
  • fire inflicts morale loss & fatal wounds
  • alien uses spotter & sniper tactic
  • alien carries multiple primed grenades
  • alien can be stunned from smokes
  • aliens can surrender if you make them panic enough
  • rifle and auto-cannon merged into automatic rifle and marksman's rifle that uses same ammo; AR has 3-shot burst for snap, MR aimed shot for snap (for reaction fires)
  • heavy cannon is now an actual multiple grenade launcher with arcing shot
  • small launcher can fire alien grenades
  • hwp replaced by UGV. with dual-weapons and operator getting XP as well (buggy atm)

  • surface radar replaced with AWACS (thanks to redv)
  • all crafts can now auto-patrol
  • UFOs have chance to become Hunter Killers that could try to disengaged when damaged enough
  • Built-in Cannon for interceptor & skyranger
  • Dogfight projectile speed doubled
  • Cannon all stats doubled (dmg, range, rof)

for full list of milestones & planned features please check page or github repo link above.


> i have no rights to any of the mods included below. scarfcom could not have been developed without help from these mods. mod assets are in seperate folders. these mods included are out of my bounds all rights goes to their respective owners.
if you are the author of these mods and do not wish these mods to be used, please let me know, or PM me on openxcom forums, or contact me with it will be removed immediately.
Community Map Pack by CMP admin and various contributers
Extra Explosions by Arathanor, Strarvingpoet
HQ sounds by daedalus, hellrazor
Combat Armor by Warboy1982, Ryskeliini recolor by Solarius Scorch
please be notified that it is on active development and is VERY BUGGY and VERY UNBALANCED.

please tell me freely if you find any bugs/ideas/opinions. or you could put a pull request yourself! also
if you need anything steal any codes and assets I've done (in OpenScarfCom folder) freely!

Released Mods / [ARMOR] Powered Exoskeletons
« on: April 21, 2021, 04:22:18 pm »

X-COM recently had contract with powered exoskeleton suppliers. While  a bit cumbersome, it grants extra mobility and assists soldier's load. You can also manufacture enchanced version powered by elerium after researching alien alloys and elerium-115.

it uses OXCE features to simulate better stamina regeneration (vanilla: 0.33 x TU, this: 0.5 x TU, 0.6 x TU) so OXCE version exoskeleton would work better than OXCE version.
the elerium exoskeleton is intended to be same tier as personal armour, so you could choose between mobility and heavier loadout or decent protection from all directions (notably explosives).

downloads are at the bottom of the post.

Credits: combat armor mod
by Warboy1982, Ryskeliini
recolor by Solarius Scorch

Use the mod freely; all my works are released under CC-BY.

OXCE Suggestions WIP / base x-com craft positioning
« on: September 21, 2019, 01:52:58 am »
I have made a mod about big fighter craft, but the position gets moved (because of the bigger image size). Is there a ruleset reference to change the position of baseview image?

Help / image color gets crashed
« on: September 20, 2019, 03:35:36 pm »
So I was creating a mod that adds a new x-com craft, and the color pallete gets crashed. I think I must use some correct color pallete to prevent this to happen. Could you please tell me the appropriate color pallete to use?

I've attatched mod(with image files), save file and screenshots of how the error happens.

In TFTD, projectiles that are fired underwater leaves traces of bubble, or bullet trajectory (couldn't figure out the exact name to call it). I am wondering which part of the ruleset causes it. Also, I'd like to know if the 'trajectory' can be implemented on surface shooting/ xcom 1. I think it would be a great missile smoke trails.

Work In Progress / BlastRadius won't work!
« on: January 20, 2016, 03:34:20 am »
Hello, I'm just new in here and I wanted to make a mod that adjusts blastRadius of AC/HE and HC/HE.
But when I change it, it really does not work.
When I set the blastRadius big, only one tile gets smoke/scorched ground. It does same when I set it -1.
But somehow  HWP cannon shell works normally. (It explodes 3x3)

P.s - HWP ammos are able to carry in custom battles... What the?)
P.p.s- Can you make "HWP cannon shell box magazine" So you can load 30 shots in a single item like "Cannon x50"? (the craft weapon)

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