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Work In Progress / [UFO] [INTERFACE] New interface.
« on: April 06, 2021, 01:32:18 pm »
Interface for the UFO, close to TFTD interface.

Work In Progress / [SOUND][UFO][OXCE] Voices Red Alert
« on: March 01, 2021, 08:59:09 pm »
A small mod for voice acting in game events. OpenXcom Extended is required. Made exclusively for variety as an experiment. Use at your own discretion.

OpenXcom Extended / What do I expect from OXCE in the future.
« on: October 24, 2020, 10:56:04 pm »
What do I expect from OXCE in the future.
1 - Items: ReactionFire: true / falce
2 - Items: Soldiers: - a list of soldiers that can use.
3 - Sorting ships. Ability to move through the list.
4 - units: allowControl :, allowPanic :, allowBerserk: true / falce.
5 - crafts: CanCarryItems: list.
6 - More than 8 bases. Quantity adjustable by option.

OpenXcom Extended / AI Behavior and Reaction
« on: December 10, 2019, 08:50:14 pm »
1) Aliens have too small a range for Auto firing. In fact, they only use the auto-shot for firing a close rang. It would be necessary to increase the distance to at least 9-10 cells.

2) Urgently need an option for weapons, which would completely block firing on the reaction for all shooting modes. The fact is that the aiming mode of shooting is used by aliens almost exclusively at the limit of visibility. At an average distance, aliens do not use it, which means that weapons that have only an aiming mode are rarely used by aliens. At the moment, to deprive the weapon of the ability to shoot on the reaction - to deprive him of the “Snap” shooting mode, and this is the only mode of shooting at medium distance from aliens.

I believe that heavy rocket launchers, mortars, and some other types of heavy weapons should not be able to fire at reactions, but should at the same time have a "Snap" firing mode. It is impossible to do so far.

I suggest that the soldiers make bonuses to clad armor. To the most armor, resistance, visibility, camouflage, in General to any parameter. And with a plus sign and a minus sign. I wish the types of soldiers had more differences.

Looks like this mess has about as:

Code: [Select]
    frontArmorBonus: -10
    frontArmorBonus: -10
    frontArmorBonus: -10
    frontArmorBonus: -10
    visibilityAtDayBonus: 2
    visibilityAtDarkBonus: 2
    camouflageAtDayBonus: 3 # Add to armor camouflage, if camouflageAtDay: 5 = camouflageAtDay: 2
    camouflageAtDarkBonus: 3 # Add to armor camouflage, if camouflageAtDay: -5 = camouflageAtDay: -8

    frontArmorBonus: 10
    frontArmorBonus: 10
    frontArmorBonus: 10
    frontArmorBonus: 10
      - 1: 0.1  #none. 
      - 2: 0.1  #AP. It was in the armor resistance tu AP 1.0,  Become 0.9. And so on...
      - 3: 0.1  #FLAMES.
      - 4: 0.1  #HE.
      - 5: 0.1  #LASER.
      - 6: 0.1  #PLASMA.
      - 7: 0.1  #STUN.
      - 8: 0.1  #MELEE.
      - 9: 0.1  #ACID.
      - 10: 0.1  #SMOKE.
      - 11: 0.1  #GAUSS.
      - 12: 0.1  #SONIC.
    visibilityAtDayBonus: -2
    visibilityAtDarkBonus: -2
    camouflageAtDayBonus: -3 # Add to armor camouflage, if camouflageAtDay: 5 = camouflageAtDay: 8
    camouflageAtDarkBonus: -3 # Add to armor camouflage, if camouflageAtDay: -5 = camouflageAtDay: -2

      - 1: -0.1  #none. 
      - 2: -0.1  #AP. It was in the armor resistance tu AP 1.0,  Become 1.1. And so on...
      - 3: -0.1  #FLAMES.
      - 4: -0.1  #HE.
      - 5: -0.1  #LASER.
      - 6: -0.1  #PLASMA.
      - 7: -0.1  #STUN.
      - 8: -0.1  #MELEE.
      - 9: -0.1  #ACID.
      - 10: -0.1  #SMOKE.
      - 11: -0.1  #GAUSS.
      - 12: -0.1  #SONIC.
    psiVisionBonus: 6
      psiStrength: 0.5 # Been psiStrength: 1.0, Become psiStrength: 1.5.
      melee: -0.1 # Been melee: 0.5, Become melee: 0.4.

      melee: 0.1 # Been melee: 0.5, Become melee: 0.6.
    camouflageAtDayBonus: 3 # Add to armor camouflage, if camouflageAtDay: 5 = camouflageAtDay: 2
    camouflageAtDarkBonus: 3 # Add to armor camouflage, if camouflageAtDay: -5 = camouflageAtDay: -8
      psiStrength: -0.5 # Been psiStrength: 1.0, Become psiStrength: 0.5.
    psiVisionBonus: -6

If not, the parameter with the bonus value is added. If there was a parameter, but the penalty exceeds it-the parameter is canceled.

If anyone has an interest to implement it?

OpenXcom Extended / [Question] [Solved] Meaning of "genMissionLimit"
« on: August 03, 2018, 12:32:11 am »
The question arose of selecting "genMissionLimit:". This parameter specifies the limit of simultaneous "genMission:" or is it the maximum number of missions available for generation and if the limit is reached, then the missions are never generated again? If the latter, is it possible to remove the  limitation?

OpenXcom Extended / [DONE] [Suggestion] 50-200% damage spread option
« on: July 27, 2018, 06:43:53 pm »
Somewhere I briefly saw something about the damage Range. After playing "damageRange: 75" I realized that the ideal spread of damage would be = 50% -200%. Is it possible?

Help / Map with water emitter
« on: October 16, 2017, 06:46:54 pm »
I do not even know how to explain it ... I need that all the water on the global map become land. With that, without changing the color. For it it is necessary to release (globe: textures: - id: 11) And where there was (- id: 11) to install (- id: 10).

Actually the idea is that water would become virtual and it would be possible to make conditionally underwater missions. For UFO.

I long and persistently tormented the Online World Editor, but I did not succeed.

I will correct the file (.rul) myself later. The most important thing is to set the boundaries of new territories, which I can not yet do.

I attach the file. Can anyone help?

Work In Progress / [TFTD] [CRAFTS] Triton - Overtransport
« on: October 12, 2017, 01:23:37 pm »
I present to your attention several variations of the ship Triton, with increased capacity. An analogue of the mod "CraftMod_SkyCrafts", but for TFTD. Problems with these ships can arise on the map "LINER" - the first level of a passenger liner. This map has long needed to remove the placement of a transport ship from it. In converting this map under UFO, it's done. I do not think that this will raise the problem in TFTD.

Here, just maps and deployment. How to manage them - decide for yourself.

Released Mods / [WIP][OXCE][UFO] X-Com: Terror From the Unknown (TFTU)
« on: September 24, 2017, 10:03:29 pm »
Build mods from Ethereal.

- Several new missions without UFO.
- 2 additional types of damage Gauss and sonic, with the corresponding technological branches.
- Locations and ships from TFTD ADDED, and do not supersede the original locations and ships.
- A huge number of aviation, aviation weapons modules, UFO and armored vehicles.
- Ship weapons gives bonus aviation. In the description in Ufopedia is indicated that it increases.
- Lots of new weapons, equipment and armor. Additional modules for bases.
- Different types of soldiers with different specializations, not titles and experience.
- All UFOs have energy shields. On missions, the Commanders and some of the terrorists - the same...
- The quantity and quality of enemies on missions greatly increased.
- Do not attack a large UFO with a single interceptor. A large UFO can and Avenger to destroy, not to mention a trifle.
- All aircraft require fuel. Regular - sale from the start.
- All ships and demand money for the contents, including Eleriums. The stronger the ship, the more expensive to maintain.
- Technology speed up production with the help of special modules.
- Transports with a capacity of fewer than 20 in fashion and never will be.
- Installed OXCE+ 7.0.
- Added Hunter-Killer options. Some UFOs themselves are trying to attack transports and interceptors.
- Some UFOs have escorts.
- Sniper weapons are highly dependent on the accuracy of the soldier's shooting accuracy, both in accuracy and in damage.
- The most powerful explosive devices, depending on the accuracy of the Throwing of the soldier, both in accuracy and in damage.
- Сan shoot from a mortar only while sitting. Standing, getting into the goal is incredibly difficult.
 - Fixed insane amounts of fuel in ships.
 - Lobstermans transferred from the category of terrorists in a separate race.
 - Added 7, not typical for the series, terrorist.
 - Increased bonus aliens for the level of difficulty.
 - A lot of small changes aimed at complicating the game.
 - Infiltration mission activated. Upon Infiltration, a special base will appear, which is different from the others. If it is destroyed, the country will be returned.
 - There's a 50% chance to prevent the construction of alien bases and infiltration. We need to intercept a special ship-Builder of Bases.
 - The action of psionic is very difficult. Distance is limited. All aliens have increased psionic defense.
 - Fixed some game settings.
 - Added additional modules for base. Maps-duplicates of existing modules.
 - Changed the starting base. Reduced the amount of gold at the start.
- Added multiple studies for profit in the form of items (so that scientists can pay for themselves, and to stimulate the creation of a second base with laboratories).
- We need spaceships to attack the Infiltration Bases.
- Added 8 transports such as TRITON, thank you "Precentor Apollyon" for terrains.
- A new type of soldier - Tank operator. For them there is armor imitating 2x2 tanks.
- "Terrain Pack" is removed and is no longer used.
- Used "Hybrid Globe - Vanilla" from luke83, for which many thanks to him!
- For underwater (conditionally) missions, all TFTD territories are used. (Thanks to luke83 and Precentor Apollyon)
- Missions can be performed anywhere, both on land and in water, without restrictions on ships, weapons and ammunition. I do not consider it necessary to introduce these restrictions, so as not to confuse the player (and himself) with unnecessary management.
- Added landscape sounds.
- Slightly reduced the effectiveness of infantry armor.
- Added 4 new TFTD style UFOs.
- Added Aquatoid race. Now there are all races of UFO and TFTD.
- Mixed crews are now really mixed. "membersRandom" in all respects.
- Added mana, in the form of a new parameter "Concentration". The parameter is static, does not grow with experience and does not regenerate automatically. Concentration is consumed by all actions in battle, except for the use of hand-to-hand weapons. Some weapons deal damage to concentration. Some types of armor regenerate Concentration, but basically it is restored only at the base. There are chemicals too.
- Psi radar, in a mental shield and a large psi laboratory, can pinpoint alien bases at a short distance.
 - Heavy low-tech armor requires 2 AP to rotation. Disk-shaped units and some terrorists do not spend AP on rotation.
- Personal shield generator.
- Some terrorists and alien sword got vampiric attack.
- New building - Supply Center. Required for buy standard equipment.
- A new type of ships - cargo ships. Needed for fast transportation of goods and personnel between bases.
- Base defense facility requires ammo.
- Added dependence of the starting base equipment on the difficulty level.
- Reconnaissance ships have auto patrol.
- More alien missions from the first month. RETALIATION missions - not earlier than the second month.
- Psi control is useless against mechanical creatures, zombies, Tentaculats and Ethereal.
- Reduced weapon accuracy.
- New ship from the SKYLANDER series with increased capacity.
- Improved UCITY script. Now the building is not so dense.
- UFOs from TFTD land in the sea. Alien colonies are being built at sea.
- Full transition to "fakeUnderwater", with underwater suits, missions and some animation replacement.
- ammunition for armored vehicles is packed in clips, which are much less needed to fully weapons charges armored vehicles.
- Disabled highlighting for new themes. Disabled display of unnecessary characteristics in the inventory.

Additional music modifications -

Mod added only what I thought was appropriate. That is consistent with the logic and atmosphere of UFOs and TFTD. None of the paraphernalia of other games tried to add. Used a variety of mods to extract useful information. To list them will not undertake, because they do not remember where took. Because the authorship of build mods can be considered collective.

Language - Russian ru, English en-US (bad translation)
Because I speak English bad, I used machine translation So the responsibility for grammar and English mistakes, I do not carry.

Suggestions / Statistics soldiers
« on: September 16, 2017, 10:55:50 am »
I propose to alter the statistics of soldiers. Who can a bild miniature version of the statistics of soldiers, a separate option, with the excision of the memory of each specific mission? To just how many killed, who and what weapons.
Example -

            - STR_FLOATER_SOLDIER: 4
            - STR_GILLMAN_NAVIGATOR: 2
            - STR_SECTOID_COMMANDER: 1
            - STR_GRENADE: 3
            - STR_PROXIMITY_GRENADE: 1
            - STR_SHOTGUN: 3

Ie - without indicating which specific mission and when each enemy was killed. And any successful action against the opponent, whether psionic, murder, stunning, or killing "improvisation", is saved only for the current battle and until its end, and then recorded in a common heap, as indicated above.

Simply, the current system very slows down the Save / Load process. When you have 250-300 soldiers who have committed 7-10 missions and killed 20-30 opponents each, the Save or Load process can take up to a minute.

Simply put, I propose also clear the memory of each destroyed unit. And you can write them down after the fight with a list in a common heap. This will also free up the memory and the size of the file "sav" will decrease.

Troubleshooting / Strange glitches.
« on: June 10, 2017, 10:17:41 am »
I do not know from what and where it would be necessary to write, but in the latest updates something is not right. At first it became possible to study one captive to infinity (Manipulation of the function "Leave alive aliens" did not give anything), now killed by mines does not count.

OpenXcom Extended / [REJECTED] [Suggestion] Turning off Berserk
« on: June 02, 2017, 11:15:07 pm »
Comrade, help out - there is an urgent need to blocker berserk from the aliens. It's simply impossible to play - hundreds of thousands of loads only because crazy aliens commit brutal suicide in unreachable places on the map, depriving me of valuable captives and frags.

In view of the fact that I do not understand the scripts, I see only one way out for myself - to all aliens (bravery: 110). But this is too radical and completely turns off the game of panic targeting the aliens. It is even more desirable to have a management tool, in the form of options in the armor settings (noBerserk: true), that would disable the berserker from those aliens who are armed with weapons striking the square.

Work In Progress / My experiments.
« on: May 11, 2017, 11:44:59 pm »
A lot of mods. I do not even remember which ones. In order not to offend their authors, fashion is a collective mode. Mod for UFO and TFTD at the same time.

For all the mistakes - Comrades, I myself do not understand how I did it. But it turned out! The very fact of that, causes me to sweep. Write of course, but not the fact that I will react quickly.

- Language - only Russian.
- In stock [OXCE +] 2017-05-10
- In the beginning, intercept the UFO as a link of interceptors. Alone - they can bring down.
- All the crafts requires fuel. Ordinary on sale from the start.
- Pilots - only for interceptors.
- Infiltration is disabled.
- UFO - started with the third month - at the beginning of the terror. As in TFTD, saving \ loading does not help.

Those who know Russian and English - I think the public will be grateful for the translation. I myself will not dare. After the ridiculous translation of Fallout 2, I was urged to do it no longer. Especially translate from Russian into English.

Officially I authorize the use of these resources in your modifications. Any of my ideas are yours.

Open Feedback / Questions on the latest updates
« on: April 30, 2017, 03:13:48 pm »
Problems with the old mods.

1) It is interesting to know what was done with the statistics that when the window is activated at the end of the month, the game flies out to the "windows". There are no error messages.
On earlier versions this was not. Appeared only with the update. I would like to know - what kind of changes should be made to which ".rul" files, what would improve the situation?

2) At the start of the game, we given random soldiers. In earlier versions, only "STR_SOLDIER" was given, and now regenerates from all available in "soldiers.rul", and from all mods into the bargain where there are additional types of soldiers. Is it possible to fix this?

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