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Well done on the blinking HP-bar when having wounded soldiers.

I have found one problem though.

Don't know if it's just TFTD that is affected.

Seems however that if you switch from a wounded alien to a soldier when HP-bar is blinking and switch when the bar is not solid the new selected unit keeps the non solid HP-bar.

see attached screenshot.

steps to reproduce.
* load attached save
* select wounded lobsterman
* press tab when hp-bar is non-solid


I was testing your Terror from the deep support and it works nice.

However I was hoping to be able to continue my old struggle from a few years back now in OpenXcom.

I'm running this version of OpenXcom

and when I try to load any of my old saves I just get crashed to desktop.

No error message or anything.

I have some battlescape saves but they seem to be not supported, but that's okay.

Test for example GAME_1 in the attached zip.

Keep up the good work guys!

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