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XPiratez / Couple of mods for X-PIRATEZ: OPENXCOM EXTENDED
« on: November 19, 2015, 11:15:40 pm »
Hello, everybody!
I finally decided to join this great community.
Took me some time to understand how to draw sprites, but now I'd like to share some of new items I created for myself.

First of all, I would like to share the music pack I collected.
It consists of Laurent "Lorcan" Horsch's Cydonia's Fall OST and DOOM TNT Remastered OST. Hope you like it as I do. It was created, bacause the atmosphere of Piratez is similar to original, but still different. And piratez gaining concioussness of freedomfighters should have a different accompaniment, even if not tottally different. :)
Then, the items. The mastermod is Dioxine's Piratez, of course, and the original sprites were taken from there too.
But the ruleset is my work, so I present Smoke bombs and Lightbulbs.

Smoke bombs work like stick grenades, but produce small smoke cloud.
Lightbulbs are like Molotovs, but smaller and there is more than one in the bunch.
Just try them in-game, they're useful!

Also, I've implemented (how I could) the Breaching Charge and Tranquilizer by Civilian.
I could post them if anybody needs them.

Also, I'm working on some imbish armor for gals, with good stats and healing properties, just have to finish the sprites

now. The sprites are simple fuse and recolouring of two already existent armors.
I haven't researched the Annihilator or Crystallisk armor yet, so the new armor is more like a quill test.
Could post it too, if anybody is interested.

Have plans to implement the disruptor cannon from OTFTD mod by tyran_nick, to be available after the research of gauss weaponry production. I need to research it first :) I just love the looks of that gun.

And I have a request. I'm trying to implement the Dart Launcher by Jstank. But I encounter crashes every time I try to open Bootypedia, and the Battlescape sprite shows plasma pistol instead of the new gun. I suppose the problem is with the listOrder, but I don't get it. Please, help, it's been bugging me several days already, I can't go on like this! :) I want to try it in-game!

By the way, I would be much obliged if some one answers me: do the orderLists from mastermod and activated mod / activated mod and other activated mod conflict/rewrite one another or they just follow each other like different order lists?

Eagerly waiting for answers!
Hope to learn much and have great time! :)

Моды "Дымовые бомбы" и "Лампочки"
Еcли необходимо, скажите, и я переведу моды на русский язык.

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