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Translations / Italian translation for TFTD
« on: November 18, 2015, 03:32:22 pm »
since the Italian TFTD translation seems to be kinda dead, I reckoned I could give a hand.

I made what I think is a rough draft. It's complete, but I want to hear some opinions. Stuff like formatting, grammar, wrong accents and especially how it compares to the existent TFTD translation I think already exists. There are some terms that I felt weren't really correct in the old one (stuff like 'torpedo' when 'siluro' already exists as a word) but I don't really want to overdo it. Mostly, it's because how the original translated file is formatted that makes it a pain to compare, at least for me, but again, I don't want to take too many liberties.

I'm attaching it, in the meanwhile. If you want/prefer, I can already post it on Transifex.

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