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Released Mods / Enhanced maps
« on: December 13, 2019, 01:29:58 am »
A collection of Enhanced maps with 18 new maps. 17 on the wilderness and  1 a new terror on a refinery

Minimap scan G now compatible with vanilla and 40k

This mod works as standalone, and like all my other stuff, all the resources are free and can be used on other project´s/ megamods, just give the proper credit´s

donwload on

OpenXcom Extended / [Suggestion] Death Tile/ Gravitic death
« on: December 10, 2019, 11:41:54 pm »
Dunno if is talked already, but i´m in a need  :P

is there a way to make "a death tile". So if you step on a tile your unit or Ai units die automatically , i Know there´s a way around like placing prox granades or making a fire , but that way will be simple and without gimmicks, something like:
      - name: DESERT10
        width: 10
        length: 10
            - [7, 7, 0]
            - [7, 8, 0]

Also is it possible to have gravitic fall damage?

To translate to the game i want to give a new angle on map environment

40k / NES Cartridge
« on: April 05, 2019, 08:14:29 pm »
Because, Why not!

OpenXcom Extended / bug´s or changed mechanics
« on: November 08, 2018, 12:02:34 pm »

So i been continuing my campaign and detected some changes
there are new bug´s on the game now, or maybe an change of mechanics, i want to reverse
1- The hk don´t spawn on base , now the spawn km away
2- when applying pain killer with med kit, units don´t get stun back

40k / 40k Tech Tree 13/12/2018
« on: September 14, 2018, 06:53:12 pm »
40k mod Tech tree 13/12/2018

Playthroughs / Eldar webway assault
« on: August 14, 2018, 11:11:16 pm »

So, i just made my first Eldar mission during campaign and decided to share,
Since i´m trying to "promote" the mod on youtube

OpenXcom Extended / [Sugestion] Ufopedia window bigger
« on: August 13, 2018, 07:11:19 pm »
Since the Ufopedia allow several new category´s, is it possible to expand the window as you add categories?

OpenXcom Extended / [suggestion] Recruting Soldier pool
« on: August 07, 2018, 12:09:24 pm »
Is there a way you can only recruit x number of soldier type x in one month (next month more available)
meaning for hire
EX you can recrute on max per month:
type A 10 guys ,       (Only next month another 5 are available)
tybe B 20 guys and   (Only next month another 10 are available)
type C 30 guys        (Only next month another 30 are available)

I remember xcom apocalypse having that mechanics for armor´s on market, and having to wait next month for that piece
also some mechanics for the value of stuff. It start´s going down when you sell a bunch but that´s other topic

40k / 40k changelog and download / Version 023
« on: July 25, 2018, 01:21:13 am »
Current Version 023

Download mod from:

Video Installation Instructions:

Latest OXCE is required to install prior to play the mod
LP  with mod

Update 11-10-2019
  - Added unit response sounds, requires OXCE 5.6.3
  - Included Russian translation by Omich0629 and RamoZ-101
  - Map fixes and updates

Marine Content:
  - Minor updates to chapter change mods

Guard Content:
  - Fixed Sentinel Autocannon range being too short
  - Fixed craft turrets failing to spawn when too close to an exploded power source

Update 03-09-2019
  - Fixed missing traitor guard flamer and cultists sometimes having no weapons
  - Fixed certain IG missions crashing due to bad regions definitions
  - Fixed stray pixels on stubber hand sprites
  - Fixed crash in basescape due to missing single Droppod sprites in Blood Angels and Imperial Fists mods
  - Fixed Commissar's inspire ability damaging armor
  - Codex cleanup for craft weapons and auxiliary units
  - Added labels to all craft weapon slots
  - Chaos weapons don't prevent base facility pieces from exploding in base defenses
  - Orks have Killa Kans to defend their bases
  - Orbital Bombardment manufacturing now requires Naval Communications to be unlocked
  - Updated minimap sprites for all terrains to better match the tile sprites
  - Removed some pillars in hangar facility's maps to make them more accessible to large units in base defense
  - Re-translated altitude strings for craft to match both air and ground craft
  - Ground-based player craft cannot directly attack high-altitude enemy craft, but doesn't affect hunter-killer interceptions
  - Updated Chaos Dreadnought/Plasma sprite

Guard Content:
  - Added Advanced Sentinel variants with extra armor
  - Standard Sentinels now have an open-top sprite and other graphics

Update 02-07-2019
  - Added an article that explains Strategy choice that pops up at beginning of the game
  - New, harder final mission
  - Separate final mission for the Marines' Chaos Path
  - Added a "Hangar" mission to test out crafts' deployment
  - Autopistols, Autoguns, and Heavy Stubbers now damage a small amount of armor
  - Added a stomp melee attack for Sentinels
  - Enemy turrets and some heavy weapons soldiers can now shoot at targets spotted by other enemies
  - Enemy armor no longer scales with difficulty
  - Traitor Guard and Chaos Cultists no longer spawn on typical Chaos Craft
  - Traitor Guard and Chaos Cultists have their own separate sets of weapons
  - Added a flamer and grenade launcher for the Traitor Guard
  - Added Chaos heavy stubbers, shotguns, and sniper rifles
  - Changed the Chaos Priest to be an assassin (sprites to come later maybe?). High Priest remains as-is.
  - Map for Razorback in the battlescape
  - New sprites for some terror unit weapons
  - More ambient sounds
  - Minor cosmetic and terrain fixes
  - Fixed smoke grenades being counted as tainted artifacts
  - Fixed crash on wrong sprites for base facilities
  - Fixed typo on IG missions causing crash
  - Fixed some crashes and 0-cost new bases related to the globe rework
Marine Content:
  - Blood Angels chapter change mod now available
  - Updates to Imperial Fists mod

Update 12-04-2019
  - Updated text colors for New Research and New Manufacturing menus
  - Changed bolts and heavy auto shells to do less armor damage but have some armor piercing
  - Fixed bolts having too low stun damage
  - Increased damage and range on Heavy Bolters to better match lore
  - Bumped up damage on Assault Cannons and Autocannons to match Heavy Bolter changes
  - Changed Storm Bolters and Assault Bike Bollters to use the (0-100% roll)x2 damage model instead of (0-200% roll) to better represent firing two bolts to the same location
  - Increased armor damage of lasgun/laspistol power cells, but still less than version 012-017 levels
  - Enemies should make the aimed/snap/auto decision better based on the weapon they're using
  - Enemies with weapons that have a max range should prefer to move closer now
  - Added max ranges to Meltaguns and Multimeltas to help the AI use it better
  - Fixed the INFO section for Blight Rockets causing a crash
  - New campaigns now actually start in the year 40k
  - Traitor Guard soldiers no longer deploy with laspistols
  - Added Traitor Guard Outposts as a new kind of enemy base
  - Added a Chimera for the Traitor Guard
  - Added an Ork Encampment as a new kind of enemy base
  - Added Grots to the Orks' deployments, sprites by b
  - Added the Grot Blasta as an Ork weapon
  - Fixed Stormravens, Dreadnoughts, and Centurion Warsuits being researchable/manufacturable for the Imperial Guard
  - Edited the globe to make it look less like Earth
  - Added Codex articles for the rare Bolters, Boltpistols, and Lasguns
  - Added a Master Crafted Grav-Gun
  - Added some missing Codex strings
  - Improved some Codex images
  - Fixes for Imperial Fist armors and sprites
  - Added a map in the Codex help section for the new globe
Marine Content
  - Removed manufacturing of HWP-type dreadnoughts
  - Chapter Corruption now grants corrupted marines as a new soldier type, but prevents recruiting loyalist marines and manufacture of loyalist armors
  - Added a transformation from loyalist marine to corrupted marine
  - Added armors for corrupted marines to correspond to the loyalist variants
  - Added a Chaos Thunderhawk Transport
  - Added a Chaos Shrine as a base facility
  - Added new base sprites for each type of Thunderhawk Transport
IG Content
  - Increased cost of Psykers and Stormtroopers to 2 honor badges
  - Increased number of badges granted by Psyker and Stormtrooper research from 3 to 4
  - Fixed Veteran Guardsmen losing their rank after being promoted to veteran
  - Fixed not being able to research Autocannons for the battlescape
  - Fixed Sentinel/Missile being too weak against lasers and incendiary weapons
  - Fixed Mounted Weapons being too weak against lasers while taking no stun or smoke damage
  - Added Chaos Autopistols and Autoguns
  - Added Stubbers and Chaos Stubbers
  - Changed Riot missions to use Stubbers and Chaos Autoguns instead of Imperial Autoguns
  - Fixed one standing direction of Commissar not having black boots
  - Added boots to Ogryn battlescape sprites, fixed arms clipping over arms for Ogryn Carapace and Bullgryn armors
  - Hellguns and Hotshot Volley Guns now have infinite instead of recharging ammo
  - Added cosmetic variants of Advanced Carapace armors for Storm Troopers, sprites by Bait4Fate
  - Added new missions for supporting the PDF or Space Marines assaulting a Chaos Outpost

Update 08-02-2019
  - More string cleanup and editing by TheDeparted
  - Spellcheck by IvanDogovich
  - New sprites for lasgun/laspistol power cells
  - Added Lucius, Voss, and Vostroya Pattern Lasguns to the list of randomized weapons in ruins maps
  - Separated rare lasgun map blocks from rare bolter/boltpistol map blocks
  - Fixed the auto-equip function breaking how "charge" deployments like droppods or grav drops work
  - Fixed the craft tilesets being set on fire too easily
  - Fixed race appearances by mission type
  - Fixed mission scripts that would generate an extra mission per month
  - Fixed LOFTemps in the Grav Drop deployments that would allow spotting of units
  - Armor repair (Support Servitor and Techmarine Servo Arms) now automatically repairs the side with the most armor missing by percentage, no matter the side you use the ability from
  - Built-in/special weapons should now show properly on the INFO screen for armors
  - Added codex text for the Lascannon and made it exclusive to Marines Strategies
  - Added a script for crewed weapons emplacements and a codex article to explain it
  - Warmap tileset more real
  - Fuel map depot more real
General balance changes:
  - Reduced the armor damage for standard lasgun and laspistol clips
  - Rebalanced plasma weapons to fill more of an anti-heavy infantry role
  - Plasma pistols have reduced range and clip size but much more power
  - Plasma rifles have increased power but reduced clip size
  - Heavy plasma now has a small AoE radius that drops off quickly, and increased range and clip size
  - All plasma weapons are more rare and expensive
  - Added Chaos Boltpistols, and replaced some equips that had plasma pistols with them
  - Heavy Bolter has increased clip sizes, faster auto and snap shots, and an increased kneeling bonus
  - Increased the cost of heavy bolter ammo and missiles
  - Reduced the cost of krak grenades slightly
  - Reduced incendiary damage modifiers for large (2x2) units all-around
  - Reduced dreadnought susceptibility to laser weapons
  - Set resource costs of MC Bolter Ammo to match the clipSize
  - Increased the adamantium cost of lascannon manufacturing
  - Added an adamantium cost to manufacturing meltaguns
  - Added adamantium costs to manufacturing craft weapons
  - Reduced the points penalty for losing Guardsmen
Marine Content
  - Techmarine now has both hands free
  - Crozius Arcanum now can melee attack
  - Sorcerer staff with snap shot
  - Eldar light with snap shot
  - Apothecary narthecium with melee attack
  - Support Stormtalon weapons have fixed movement and more TUs/energy
  - Stormeagle map, comes with 10 crew and 2 pilots
  - Chapter Heraldry in Codex (simple yet)
Guard Content
  - The Long-Las now changes color slightly when loaded with the hotshot ammunition
  - The Marauder now requires researching Warp Drives and Power Sources
  - Psykers now require High-tier Requisitions
  - Updated Commissar sprites
  - Added a High-tier Requistion research for the IG endgame
  - Added the Gorgon superheavy APC
  - Added stims to guard medics
  - Added missing storage size and sell price to handheld autocannon
  - Added a guard variant of the handheld lascannon, changed the mounted variant to use the new ammunition but with lower reload cost
  - Removed ability for sentinels and mounted weapons to kneel

Update 17-01-2019
  -  Changed Chimera on outpost map
  - Added Accatran Pattern Lasguns to the list of randomized weapons in ruins maps
  - Fixed explosions being able to propagate through the front of Chimeras
Marine Content
  -  Signal Armor Correction
  -  keepCraftAfterFailedMission for Thunderhawk transport
  -  Imperial Fist sub mod
IG Content
  - New sprites for Tauros Lascannon Turret, corpse sprite for Tauros Grenade Launcher Turret
  - Added a new recurring mission to rescue stranded PDF Forces from their downed Valkyrie
  - Added a new map for the PDF Outpost Defense to give the mission some variety
  - Small tweaks to the first PDF Outpost Defense Map
  - Pushed back appearance of Raptors and Traitor Marines on PDF Outpost defense

Update 10-01-2019
  - Statstrings moved to auxiliary mod, turn on and off by activating/deactivating the mod from the options menu
  - Testing new script to change overweight penalty to remove energy instead of TUs
  - Added an assistance article to provide a short explanation of the new mechanics
  - Terminator weapons retain the TU penalty in addition to the new energy penalty when overweight
  - Guard Heavy Bolter no longer removes energy on kneeling
  - Corrected and edited many of the mod's strings (credit to TheDeparted)
Marine Content
  -  Updating GEO for stormraven
  -  Updating Craft image stormraven
  -  Inquisition Full arc
  -  Grey Knight´s
  -  Scout Armor color corrections
  -  Small fixes
IG Content
  - Fixed morale gain from executing traitors, broken due to last version's update
  - Changed Craft Quad Autocannon again to differentiate it from the (renamed) Marine's Craft Assault Cannon
  - Added the Marauder Destroyer as a mid-tier fire support interceptor.
  - Added Sanctioned Psykers as a late-game soldier type, with a number of different disciplines and abilities based on choice of armor.
  - Added hand-held autocannons.
  - Added the first of a set of monthly missions, an outpost defense after you've completed training.
  - Added the script that forces hits on the front armor as long as the shooter is in within diagonally in front of the target to the mounted weapon armors.
  - Added an article to explain how to execute traitors with Commissars.
  - Added articles to explain Officer and Veteran promotions.
  - Added deployed bipod sprites for Heavy Stubber when kneeling
  - New article images for Craft Multilaser, Quad Lascannon, and Quad Autocannon

Update 28-12-2018
- Ork Strings Fix
- LOS for chaos psi
Marine Content
- Bike armor Fix
- Honor Assault armor Fix
- Stormraven turret
- GK Stormraven
- Goggles by layer
- Centurion face fix
- Ufopedia fixes
- Mission 7 fix
IG Content
- Added photon flash grenade as a mid-tier tool for assaults
- Added Carapace medic armor
- Updated medic inventory image, battlescape sprites, and armor preview
- Updated Taurox map and turret images
- Updated how the Commissar's traitor execution functions, limited to only IG units
- Fixed drawing routines for IG armors

Update 11-12-2018
- Guard merged (now available on this download)
- Removed requirement of using a corpse for the dreadnought transformation
- Krak missiles for missile launcher now have a small AoE radius and do explosive damage, but reduced power
- Added krak grenades
- Removed non-soldier versions of assault bike and dreadnoughts
- Rebalanced unit vision
- Some string cleanup
- Mission 7
For Guard:
- Increased quad-linked autocannon damage to match the airborne version, reduced range to compensate
For Marines:
- 3 new armors for each strategy
- Armors are by layers now (so everyone can mod and create their own chapter)
- Resources are linked by chapter (so everyone can mod and create their own chapter)
warning sideoperations mission 8 is WIP (so if you get there hold the horses)

Update 16-11-2018
- behemont recover fix
- nerfed nurglespit
- tyranid now spit
- helmet´s for missions to come
- cyclone mortar buff
- New geoscape sprites
warning sideoperations mission 7 is WIP (so if you get there hold the horses)

Update 31-10-2018
- New Enemy

Update 17-10-2018
- Fix on craft addon research
- Other Fixes

Update 28-9-2018
- Marines Corpses no longer recover (legacy mechanic for dread)
- List order for corpse and live
- New Base Tiles
- New Base defense Mechanic

Update 19-9-2018
- 2 new Dreadnought Armors
- Distinct UI sprites For All Dreadnought  Armors
- Small fixes
- Major fix on Master Crafted Plasma Cannon
- Major fix on Terror map generation script

Update 14-9-2018
- Strategic choices (now enforced)
- Thunderhawk Variant´s for the Strategic choices
- Map fixes
- Small fixes

Update 07-9-2018
- More assistance UFOPEDIA(with FAQ)
- Tank units spawns with OCXE+ new system
- Support Stromtalon now get´s all wrecked in missions( )
- New facility for training

Update 24-8-2018
- Orks race
- No one hand penalty for terminator weapons
- Eldar granades
- Small fixes

Update 14-8-2018
- Fix Craft weapon disable color
- Fix war map won´t spawn Transport thunderhawk
- Fix all Drawing routing 10 to 0
- Fix dreadnought useless soldier armor 0
- HandInv now more up
- Fix predator paperdool
- Shorter ufopedia text when needed

Update 10-8-2018
-1 New Craft weapon
-1 New Craft Systems
-Platform corpse fixes
-Statstring correct
-New base generic banner replacing ultra (for guard and other chapters)

Update 27-7-2018
-5 New Craft Systems
-Minor fixes
-Nerfed Craftweapons acc for systems balance

Update 24-7-2018
-New Craft (Stormraven)
-New Facility (corridor)
-Ranks for adeptas seroritas
-Ranks for guard (basic 4 ranks guardop mod)
-fix ruins bug map
-Some Ufopedia facility text
-Chimera on Urban Maps
-Tractor on refinery maps
-Small fixes on some MCD

Fix 16-07-2018
- Valkyrie Map
- Land speeder map (sound on top)
- Belt expanded, now can carry´s knif´s

Update 13-07-2018
- Thunderhawk
- Thunderhawk transport
- Small fixes ( sniper dosen´t damage tiles/ armor animation)
- remove dreadnought promotions by manufacture (now done in soldier panel)

Update 29-06-2018
- Eldar (new unit´s/weapons/map)
- Chaos Armor values now same as marine (hope balance works)
- Sonic Cannon
- Several Fixes

Fix 07-06-2018
- New Facility (forge required to produce adamantium)
- Several Small Fixes

Fix 18-05-2018
- Several Small Fixes

Update 24-05-2018
- Special scan for techmarine armor
- Merged maps from terrainpack and made a new one
- New Inv´s
- Bike Ammo and other bike related
- New chaos Craft
- New Border´s
- More Globe Markers
- 2x2 unit preview
- Lot´s of smal fixes

Update 11-05-2018
- Realist chaos Craft interiors on all craft
- Hunter killer system (escort for supply and sentry for bases)
- Mortar now special weapon
- Rebalance for all craft
- More Globe Markers

Fix 3-05-2018
- Corrected Strings on Chaos craft
- New Chaos craft
- Melta gun now do melta damage
- Critical mission 5 spawn correction

Fix 28-04-2018
- nerf Chaos Dred missel
- corrected Strings
- Help section on codex
- Minor Fixes (sentinel sound, Joan Sprite)
- Critical Refinery and airport mapscript correction

update 24-04-2018
- Chaos guard sentinel
- hellfire rockets now objects
- Several Fixes

update 18-04-2018
- Sprite Correction on several units
- % on ufopedia Correction
- item categories for weapons
- New Pilot´s Armor (useless yet)
- Ufopedia corrected
- Small fixes´s all around

Help / MIssion count don´t apear on soldier screen
« on: July 16, 2018, 02:37:30 am »
Was reported, i checked and is true mission numbers don´t appear anymore does anyone know why?

40k / 40k future plans and Work in progress / Suggestions
« on: July 13, 2018, 01:21:51 pm »
This thread will have some of the current and future plans for the mod's content, and also some WIP material that is being developed. Feel free to ask questions or give suggestions on anything in this thread!

In the Factory (WIP):
  • New Missions inside a spaceship (homage to chaos gate spaceship missions)
  • Tilesets for Ork encampments

Mid-Term Plans
  • Mission generation rework (see more details below)
  • Update of the research tree based on new mission structure
  • More side missions for the Imperial Guard

Distant/Possible Plans:
  • CQB (i will check if units in melee stay engaged or get bonus, haven't dive deep in it, seen someone play X-files on twitch )
  • More Chapters than Imperial Fists and Ultramarines available as auxiliary mods

Mission Generation Rework:
As the mod expands and we add new races of enemies to fight, we've been finding that the current mission generation method we've been using isn't sufficient. Therefore, we're working on changing on you encounter the various types of enemies. They will be split between two different categories - the forces of chaos drawn by the warp storm, and more traditional military threats like traitors, cultists, and xenos. The forces of chaos will continue to use the "vanilla" X-Com mission generation, where their craft appear out of nowhere and go about their nefarious schemes to corrupt the planet. The more traditional forces are going to be changed to work on an outpost and base system, where any activity outside of creating new bases must come from an already-existing base on the globe. This will mean you have to deal with traitor guard outposts, cathedrals built by Cultists of Chaos, and Ork encampments that grow and expand over time! While this won't necessarily be done by the next version (019), we're excited to announce this upcoming rework as it'll allow us to continue expanding the variety of threats you have to fight in the grimdark future of 40k!

40k / 40k Bug/crashes/problem´s report
« on: July 12, 2018, 04:47:11 pm »
Use this thread to report bug´s/crashes/problem's on 40k mod´s and we will try to work it out
Remember no other mod´s are required and must be running in OCXE+

Help / Question about hiting
« on: May 28, 2018, 06:01:16 pm »
if a unit is within a the blast radius is considered always a hit?
Sometimes i see a projectile weapon with a bulletsprite hiting the unit and not count as hit! or does it count as a hit and the roll as 0 (on the 0-200% mark?)

why the question ? to be sure the explosion always destroy tiles always 100% of the time if i put the roll at 100%-100%

OpenXcom Extended / [Question] [Solved] Animated armor
« on: May 18, 2018, 06:26:13 pm »
Yankes a while ago posted something about animating armor´s , a script with a image A and B on torso,
does this still works?, i tried it does nothing :P ps: im testing in UFO not TFTD

  - type: STR_NONE_UC
    spriteSheet: TEST.PCK
    spriteScript: |
      #remember about proper indent! Because of symbol `|` all things that are currently 6 spaces indented will be treated as text
      if eq blit_part BODYPART_TORSO; #do we currently draw torso?
        set r0 anim_frame; #we set to register0 value of current frame (its start from 0 to infinity or more accurate MAX_INT)
        unit.getId r1; #get id of current unit to register1, used to difference animation offset
        add r0 r1; #we add id to animation frame
        div r0 4; #reduce animation speed by dividing
        mod r0 2; #warp it to have only {0, 1} values
        offset r0 8 272; #272 is position of new torsos, this operation change possible values {0, 1} to {272, 280}
        add r0 i1; #we add rotation of body from input1 arg
        ret r0; #we return offset that will be used for `spriteSheet`
      add i0 i1; #default behavior
      ret i0;

can someone provide more information on both subjects

I geting a crash ->segmention fault when i give the atribute  markerIcon: 12 in alien deployment (i have the image of the globe markers in the extrasprites)
So what i´m a missing, marker works fine in the craft and UFO section

about the special weapons( the one that dosent apear in hands), can we custom make the box sprite? how does it works

Thks in advanced

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