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Just a simple flavor request for my alien missiles strikes do have a different background image when some damage is done to the base (like and explosion or the data), and if it possible to vary the background from the ufo that caused the damage ex:
 missilePower: 10
 hitimage: nukeexplosion.SPK

Extra Bonus if an sound is also added.... cabuumm when the image appear

 hitmissilesound: 155

Fan-Stuff / XCOM TFTD Clear logo and some fanart by me with AI
« on: July 14, 2023, 10:08:50 pm »
I love the Xcom tftd logo, searched for it and didn't find, so i made it vectorial on top of old intro. it´s a shame isn't more present nowadays. Anyway i shared with you good people.
Also tried to draw an aquanaut , didn't work as planned so i heavy Photoshop my way, and together with leo we made something. Also upload the original so you can compare the results

OXCE Suggestions WIP / [Suggestion] Spawn Craft on Research
« on: March 31, 2023, 01:10:14 pm »
Research can give several items, is it possible to give a craft? I know it can spawn events but those also only give items and not craft´s. This will help since sometimes we want to give craft´s  and need to create an item then make players manufacture it, to transform it into a craft.

Basically just introduce the requiresBuyCountry for soldiers as you got for item's. (isn't listed in the ruleset reference if it already exist)

Why? to clear the list of the outpost and other bases that don´t have manufacture or research, and also to not show in other "factions base". Currently can do it for all the rest , this two are a sore thumb in the list

something like this for exemple
costEngineer: 25000
 requiresBuyEngineerBaseFunc: [manufacture]
costScientist: 30000   
 requiresBuyScientistBaseFunc: [research]

OXCE Suggestions WIP / [Suggestion] Craft Item add outisde craft block
« on: August 10, 2022, 04:07:13 pm »
So it´s basically to simulate stuff happening outside the craft block ( like bombardments, paratroopers, supply caches)
  - type: STR_TEST
        - name: TEST
          width: 10
          length: 20
              - [x, x, x]
          items SCATTER (randomize) outside map block:
            STR_BOMB: [0, 0]

Is this possible or too hard to do?

OXCE Suggestions OK / [Suggestion] Unit Teleport
« on: July 12, 2022, 06:03:34 pm »
Since is easy and possible to teleport in craft preview, isn´t possible to add that variable to armor. Note that i don´t mind pressing the crtl+H for it

  - type: Exemple
    Canteleport: True
    teleportmaxperturn: 1 (mandatory for balance)

Also i understand all map´s will be able to teleport and most armor have Canteleport: False

if this is a feature to consider, the teleport sound and hitanimations is also a request :P

OXCE Suggestions DONE / [DONE][Suggestion] More GEO Sounds
« on: October 12, 2021, 12:28:49 pm »
So, i´ve been playing high fleet a lot, and the grand emersion comes from the talking and sound´s in "geoscape". Meaning when we launch craft the engine roar, when we launch missiles the guy says something in French 8). I know that we have the custom sounds for alerts (i´m now starting to create), but more stuff needs custom sounds where the generic swish is.

  - type: STR_AVENGER
    launchsound: 12
    picksound: 16

basepicksound: 13
startinterceptionsound: 20

when we launch craft engine sound 12
when we pick the craft in geo some guy reporting 16
when we pick a base some basie sound 13
when a interception start some alert sound 20

This sounds will give much height to the game, making launching a craft or an interception with more impact

With the new soldier transformations is possible to give promotions and rank with it, giving the possibility of distinct armor´s. However the issue is the clog up of the transformation list and the chore of making a list and name of the soldiers you want to get the promotion and deserves it
A good way to solve the problem is to make the promotion more direct, in the soldier screen clicking a button and going for the available transformations for that soldier direct.
The images show the issue and a way to solve

OXCE Suggestions Rejected / [Rejected] Dynamic prices
« on: April 08, 2021, 01:26:22 pm »
Rejection reason: this is beyond/outside the scope of OXCE

So basically a request that building affect the buy and sell price of items.

  - type: STR_MARKET
    provideBaseFunc: [MARKET]

  - type: STR_RIFLE
    costBuy: 5000
    costSell: 2750
    PRICEBaseFunc: [MARKET]
    costBuyBaseFunc: 4500
    costSellBaseFunc: 3000

By this we can get like a new maket building, or a new reciclatron that can sell specific itens  for a new price crazy price.
Hope is note a great deal of work to insert this options.

A request for the bonus of a armor affect the piloting of a craft!
 ;D well for a time now he a have a pilot armor that don't affect piloting conditions, by changing this, people will choose the pilot more carefully also the armor to wear

OXCE Suggestions DONE / [DONE][Suggestion]craft built-in weapon
« on: January 13, 2021, 12:58:18 pm »
Can it be possible to buy or manufacture a craft and it comes with a fixed craft weapon that can´t be changed.
This can add specific roles to craft, also lock the craft with the battlespace look

OXCE Suggestions DONE / [DONE][Suggestion] Changing Craft Skin
« on: May 22, 2020, 11:14:39 pm »
Is there any way to make the skin of a craft change in the equip craft screen, instead of the having dozens of different crafts , having only one that player can change the MCD ingame
i Provide screen exemple.

OXCE Suggestions DONE / [DONE][Suggestion] Several Types of Air lock
« on: March 18, 2020, 02:17:00 pm »
Trowing this into the mix i don´t know if its hard or easy to do.
But creating several types of airlock, will give an kool advantage is to have several bases type
Using the ProvideFunc on that facility,  we can have a base underground and other overground for ex.
Or have bases by races, or limiting construction making some bases only small.

Released Mods / Enhanced maps
« on: December 13, 2019, 01:29:58 am »
A collection of Enhanced maps with 18 new maps. 17 on the wilderness and  1 a new terror on a refinery

Minimap scan G now compatible with vanilla and 40k

This mod works as standalone, and like all my other stuff, all the resources are free and can be used on other project´s/ megamods, just give the proper credit´s

donwload on

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