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Released Mods / [UFO] [TFTD] PSX Music, SFX and Cinematics
« on: February 24, 2018, 09:35:13 pm »
These are the mods I previously uploaded on the mod portal. Since using it is discouraged now, I'm uploading them here for posterity.

These were extracted and recoded from the original PlayStation versions of UFO Defense and Terror from the Deep. They are quite large so I've uploaded them to MEGA so they fit.

- PlayStation UFO and TFTD Music!MVJxWCKI!vlqHmSVvoN2QM_oj3JvyFf0f21_4UCLdMA-wetTyOJg!JIoEkAbJ!odnWOe9av216YQD1o_ct9xWqoFZjvccEJK0-0169Rko

- PlayStation UFO and TFTD Sound Effects!5cpFlazb!NRiwwbPWpvfAXzIkTHHRR2axqLDxAwWf3fbQeCEDmh4!BAglEKKI!FQdL36Mj6GMmnUyUfktHA4BHSSYAkjlTZH7lKxI0YFs

- Playstation UFO and TFTD Cinematics!8IYxkQ7Y!2tmQHqsx0Aic25BHXP1X82BHLE1Q6WD29ByjeAymiFQ!RAZAkYDY!Yqq00SXRb7qN-ZcpkuGBTJ1vIhp28issbuX8pQ4QnTI

* TFTD cinematics tends to be buggy, probably due to the weird resolution they have. They are the same as the PC version ones, but contain weird bars on top and bottom, so you're probably not missing much.

Troubleshooting / Need help compiling under Windows/VS2015
« on: August 31, 2015, 08:32:45 am »
I'm having problems compiling under Visual Studio 2015. I downloaded the dependencies from the wiki and added them to the deps folder, but I get the following error while the build process is linking:

Code: [Select]
Error LNK2001 unresolved external symbol __imp____iob_func OpenXcom G:\Documentos\Workspace\Git\openxcom\src\SDLmain.lib(SDL_win32_main.obj) 1
What am I doing wrong?

Open Feedback / Can't change ambient sound in terrains.rul?
« on: August 22, 2015, 04:29:11 am »
I'm trying to make new ambient sounds for missions, but when I specify a soundId that is outside the normal range in terrains.rul, the game crashes as soon as it's loaded.

This is an example of my custom ruleset:

Code: [Select]
  - type: BATTLE.CAT
      126: Resources/PSXSFX/0122_2.WAV
  - type: BATTLE2.CAT
      126: Resources/PSXSFX/0122_2.WAV

  - name: SEABED
    ambience: 126

Support for a feature like this would be very favorable for modding!

Hi, I've ripped the sound effects from the PSX version of Terror from the Deep, in order to make a mod that replaces the vanilla sounds (like the already existing one for UFO).

However, i've noticed that the PSX sounds are very different from the original and thus very hard to match unless you're very familiar with the PSX version, which i'm not.

If someone is up to the challenge of creating a ruleset that replaces the original sounds, i'm uploading the sound files I ripped:

PSX TFTD sound effects:

PSX TFTD ambient effects:

PC Original sounds:

The only sound i've been able to map so far is #120 (popup) for GEOSEQ_00010.

And this is some info I could find in vars.rul:

Code: [Select]
soundDefs: #done: double check explosions.
  - type: GEO.CAT
    file: SAMPLE.CAT
    # UI sounds: press and popup
      - 120
      - 98
    # ufo hit interceptor/ufo crash/interceptor crash, ufo explode, interceptor hit ufo, ufo fire
      - 27
      - 28
      - 31
      - 37
    # craft weapon sounds: ajax, dup, cannon, pwt, gauss, plasma
      - 14
      - 15
      - 33
      - 97
      - 37
      - 18
    # base defenses: torpedo, gauss, sonic, pwt
      - 13
      - 14
      - 15
      - 24
  - type: BATTLE.CAT
    file: SAMPLE.CAT
      - [49, 96]
      - [99, 117]
    sounds: [122]
  - type: BATTLE2.CAT
    file: SAMPLE.CAT
      - [0, 47]
      - [99, 117]
    sounds: [48]

PS: I might complete this one day, but i'm releasing the sound files in case someone finds this easier to make.

Suggestions / Add abortCutscene to alienDeployments ruleset
« on: August 14, 2015, 04:55:03 am »
As you might know, the PlayStation version of UFO plays some FMVs that weren't present on the PC version. They are triggered during following events:

- ending
- game over
- trip to cydonia
- mission is won
- mission is lost
- mission is aborted

Right now, I can map each event by modding the appropriate rulesets except for "mission is aborted" event.

I'd be great if this was supported inside the alienDeployments ruleset, the same way winCutscene and loseCutscene are. That way, mapping the PSX videos could be possible in a mod (aside from some encoding issues).

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